Do you Want to Enhance Your Truck Ownership Experience? Move Beyond an American Tonneau and Get DECKED

Do you Want to Enhance Your Truck Ownership Experience? Move Beyond an American Tonneau and Get DECKED

If you are a truck guy or gal, you definitely want to get the most out of your truck and enhance its practicality, capability, and versatility. The American Tonneau Company has remained on the frontlines in creating quality and durable tonneaus that have made excellent sales in the US market. An American tonneau is quite a bargain considering you may get one for as low as $239.

Don’t get too comfortable with your tonneau cover. You definitely need a truck bed cover that looks like it came from this century. At DECKED, we value your trucking experience. This is why we created a product crafted using industry-leading materials and the finest American craftsmanship. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the DECKED Drawer System.

The DECKED Drawers are the ultimate truck bed covers that will  outdo any tonneau cover.

We know and appreciate the obvious reasons you hold an American tonneau so dear. You want to secure your truck bed and all its contents, enjoy better fuel economy, and protect your gear from the elements. A tonneau cover is aesthetically appealing and will add that extra touch of class to your truck.

The DECKED Drawers outdo the conventional American tonneau. The sweetest part is that it is compatible with DECKED’s newest innovation – the DECKED Tool Box. Our Drawer System is also fully compatible with any tonneau cover. Let’s see what the DECKED Drawers offer that an American tonneau can’t.


The DECKED Drawers are a low-profile truck bed cover that will become your favorite truck upgrade. The Drawer System is not made with the ordinary materials you come across in conventional truck bed covers. It isn’t made of wood, steel, vinyl, or aluminum. The DECKED Drawers are a product of pure science and engineering. They are made using high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

DECKED Drawers are made using HDPE with steel and aluminum reinforcements. The Drawers are designed to take a beating and will last a lifetime.

Proudly crafted in Defiance, Ohio, right here in the US, the DECKED Drawer System defies the norm. Our products won’t ding, dent, or bend. The HDPE also has steel and aluminum reinforcements. You get a truck bed cover that can take the long haul and withstand everyday use and abuse.

An American tonneau is great. One downside is that American tonneaus are made using vinyl. You can’t compare vinyl with HDPE, just the same way you cannot compare apples with oranges. You may get to enjoy greater durability if you opt for the American tonneau hard tri-fold cover. The lower end one – the soft-rolling and soft tri-fold may not be that durable.

Go for a product that won’t bug you with frequent repair and replacement costs. Simply get DECKED.

Payload Capacity

We did not forget about hikers, bikers, and construction workers who carry stuff like motorbikes, ATVs, concrete, concrete blocks, and timber on their truck beds. This is why we crafted a truck bed cover with a payload capacity of up to 2000 pounds.

The Drawer System has a payload capacity of up to 2000 pounds. You can haul ATVs, timber, bikes, and practically anything.

You can carry whatever you want on your truck bed without removing the Drawer System. You get to enjoy full truck bed use while also keeping other items organized in the Drawer System. You don’t have to worry if you need to carry that extra load on your truck bed. The DECKED Drawers survive the payload torture test.

You can’t boast of such a payload capacity if you opt for an American tonneau. Even the American hard tri-fold tonneau cover doesn’t offer such a convenience. You will have to roll up or fold your American tonneau if you want to enjoy full truck bed use.

The hard tri-fold American tonneau may get a plus because you can carry certain light items on them without necessarily installing a rack. You can set up racks to haul you hiking, camping, or beach items like skateboards.

You can save yourself a lot of brain cramps by simply purchasing the DECKED Drawer System.


You can purchase the optional Drawer System Locks as an extra layer of security.

Security is one of the main reasons you will opt to purchase a tonneau cover. As the old adage goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” An American tonneau does a great job keeping all your gear safe from prying eyes. There’s this tendency of peeking inside truck beds that most people have. It is pure curiosity, but it may lead to the loss of your precious tools.

American tonneau covers are secure, to say the least. No one can access your bed contents unless your tonneau cover isn’t in place or your tailgate is open. The covers have a pull cord for opening them only through an open tailgate.

The American Tonneau hard tri-fold cover seems more secure since it looks tough on the outside. You can’t say the same for the American tonneau soft rolling and soft trifold covers. They appear as if someone can easily cut through them with a knife.

The DECKED Drawers are simple to the eye but tough on thieves. The Drawer System is a mobile Fort Knox that no one would dare break into. One can only access your bed content through an open tailgate.

You can beef your bed security even more by purchasing the optional Drawer System Locks. They are easy to install and will add an extra layer of protection to your already existent lockable tailgate. If your tailgate doesn’t lock, then the Drawer System Locks are a must-have.

Protection from the Elements

 The DECKED Drawers are weatherproof. No water, snow, or dust can access the contents within your Drawers.

You not only want to keep your tools safe from prying eyes and thugs but also from harsh weather elements. You don’t want to crawl into your truck bed to find your tools and gear are soggy. Water may even damage some sensitive equipment and gear on your truck bed.

The DECKED Drawer System is weatherproof. You don’t have to stay indoors during bad weather. You can still achieve all your tasks and go out for recreation, whether it’s shining, snowing, or raining. The DECKED Drawers keep away dust, snow, and rain.

The HDPE material used to make the DECKED Drawers is also UV resistant. You Drawer System won’t crack or fade after several years of use. Your Drawers retain their bold and sharp look for a lifetime.

American-made tonneau covers do a great job in keeping your gear safe from the elements. They will keep water, dust, and snow away from your tools almost 100% of the time. The only problem comes in when you have openings around your tailgate hinges. You would have to purchase tailgate seals.

You can simply get DECKED and save yourself the worry of dirt and moisture reaching your bed contents.

Can an American Made Tonneau Cover Survive the Carwash?

 You can go to a carwash with your DECKED Drawers on. Water can't damage your Drawers and their contents.

This is an essential question to address now that we are talking about how well an American tonneau withstands the elements. If you want to get the most of your tonneau, never go through the carwash with the cover on. High-pressure jets can damage your tonneau, and automatic car washes with wax treatments can destroy the vinyl.

Regular car washes will slowly damage your tonneau. The worst news is that the warranty won’t cover the damages if your American tonneau gets damaged in this manner.

How well does the DECKED Drawer withstand high-pressure car washes? Trust us that not a single drop of water will touch the items in the DECKED Drawers. You can simply get off work or your favorite adventure and take your truck for a carwash. Your Drawers won’t get damaged, and your gear won’t get wet.

The DECKED Drawers are ready for anything mother nature throws at them, including that high-pressure car wash.

Excellent Organization

The DECKED Drawers allow for modular storage. It comes standard with a D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers for maximum storage efficiency.

A tonneau cover is just a tonneau cover. It will simply cover your bed but won’t offer any form of modular organization whatsoever. A tonneau cover can stop the wind from blowing your items away, especially when you are speeding. You will often find your items disorganized, and you will have to bear the noises made by tools and gear running across your truck bed.

Tools may also damage your truck bed paint. You might decide to install tie-downs and use them to secure your items, but they will still move.

The DECKED Drawers offer excellent organization. You don’t have to crawl into your truck bed and scavenge through a heap of gear to retrieve an item. DECKED has some clever accessories that you will definitely drool over.

Each Drawer System comes standard with a D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers. Let’s see what they offer.


The DECKED D-Box is a grab-and-go segmented storage system. It has a watertight ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) gasket, is durable and lockable. It will protect all your gear from the elements and low-life thugs. The D-Box fits snugly in the DECKED Drawers, and you can use it to carry whatever tools you wish.

The Crossbox

The D-Box and Crossbox are water-resistant, durable, and secure. They have easy-to-grab handles for easy mobility when you want to carry tools to a job or recreational site.

The Crossbox is the younger brother to the D-Box. It is durable, lockable, watertight, and has grab-and-go handles. You can use the Crossbox and D-Box to carry tools in tight spaces or recreational sites that your truck may not reach.

The Crossbox fits lengthwise or crosswise within the DECKED Drawers. It wholly depends on the size of your truck. Paramedics, contractors, DIY warriors, and hobbyists will surely love the Crossbox.


The Drawerganizer is a pretty handy accessory. It conveniently carries all your small bits and helps to minimize clutter within your truck bed storage system. It also enables you to make the most of the space near your Drawer System handles. You might also opt to purchase the optional Double Drawerganizer that comes equipped with handles.

Drawer Dividers

The DECKED Drawer Dividers fit into mounting positions within the DECKED Drawers. You can easily adjust or totally remove to meet your storage needs in different situations.

More Accessories

DECKED offers more accessories that you should definitely consider purchasing. You can buy the D-Bag. It is durable and versatile. It is fully compatible with the DECKED Drawers. You can load your tools and gear in your D-Bag and go to work or a recreational venture.

Piecekeepers are the safest and most convenient way for transporting your firearms. It is a must-have for people who enjoy hunting and other shooting range games.

You can also purchase the DECKED Piecekeepers. Piecekeepers are a safe and convenient way for carrying your firearms within your truck bed. The Piecekeepers are a must-have if you enjoy hunting and shooting range games.

Ease of Use

Besides excellent organization, The DECKED Drawer System is easy to use and ergonomic. You can summon all your tools through one pull. All your tools and gear roll out at waist height.

The DECKED Drawers pull out at waist height. They give you instant access to all your needs. The Drawers limit unnecessary stretching and straining that may injure your body.

An American tonneau is excellent, but it predisposes you to awkward and unergonomic postures. The only way you can retrieve items when you open your tonneau cover is through twisting torsos, tiptoeing, bending/reaching too far, stepping onto tires, crawling into your bed, and jumping into your bed.

Such awkward postures will slowly but surely harm your back, shoulders, knees, waits, and ankles. Say goodbye to these unergonomic working conditions and save yourself from workplace injuries and time wasted crawling into and out of your truck bed by getting the DECKED Drawers.

What’s All the Fuss About the DECKED Tool Box?

The DECKED Tool Box is the newest product from DECKED. It is compatible with the DECKED Drawer System. You should consider installing both the Drawers and the Tool Box, especially if you carry many tools in your truck.

The DECKED Tool Box isn’t your grandad’s toolbox. It is an excellent addition to the DECKED Drawers. It is made using high-impact resin and has steel and aluminum reinforcement, making it durable. It is made through the injection modeling process, and it has no welds or joins. This implies that it is secure due to minimal pry bar entry points.

The DECKED Tool Box also has a lock. Besides, no one can remove the Tool Box from your truck unless the lid is open. The DECKED Tool Box is weatherproof, looks good like your truck, and has an optional easy access ladder. You should definitely check it out.

To Wrap it Up…

The DECKED Drawers outperform an American tonneau in all respects. The Drawer system is secure, durable, weatherproof, ergonomic, and allows for modular storage. You can’t compare it with a tonneau simply because it isn’t a tonneau.

You should know that the DECKED Drawers are easy to install, and we have a dedicated support team that can guide you if you have any problems. There’s also a ton of videos on our YouTube channel that can guide you.

All our products ship for free in the US and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Order your Drawer System today and purchase any other accessories you find useful in your daily adventures.