The 21 Best 2021 F150 Accessories for Your New Ford Pickup

The 21 Best 2021 F150 Accessories for Your New Ford Pickup


A black Ford truck with FORD written in red on the front grille.


Holy crap. You got the 2021 Ford F-150. Con-freakin’-grats, buddy. We aren’t the only ones who are insanely jealous. This fine specimen of beauty, with its sleek, yet rugged lines, fancy paint job, and all-new interior—well, friend, you’ve arrived. We know what you’re thinking: now you need a few accessories that match the badassery of your new pickup. Accessories that help you work hard and play harder. We know the ones, and at DECKED, we’re throwin’ them down here for you today, the 21 best 2021 F150 accessories that will make your engine purr.


2021 F150 Truck Bed Accessories


The 2021 F150 boasts the connectivity of the new SYNC 4, and it’s all smartly organized from the command center of the 8 to 12-inch touch screen. Ford has done a great job organizing all of the bells and whistles inside the truck and under the hood, but what about the truck bed? At DECKED, our primary goal is to improve the everyday lives of working men and women, and we do that by improving workflow and giving you more of your life back by helping you save time. It’s time we end the junk show, folks.


Close-up of DECKED Tool Box with water cascading off of it.




The DECKED Tool Box is among the most rugged, durable, secure, and fully-waterproof truck bed toolboxes available on the market. Our toolbox is molded, not welded, and this lack of fabrication is an important distinction, especially when it comes to waterproofing.


Made from high-density polyethylene, high-impact polymer resin, and steel and aluminum reinforcements, our toolbox is so damn tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry and a pry bar weep. One thing’s for certain: this ain’t your granddad’s toolbox. This is the toolbox of the future.


Our Tool Box is 100% waterproof. You heard that right, we said WATERPROOF! And yeah, we’re shouting out about it, because, wouldn’t you? Well, you will once you get your hands on your bone-dry tools and shrug off your worries faster than a high schooler at a Friday night football game.


The tub and the lid are each one piece and seals in smart places keep water out, and your assets in. We’ve engineered the Tool Box with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid, acting as a rain gutter.


A rugged looking black toolbox is shut. Says DECKED in the front and on the aluminum handles.


That same lip is pivotal in combatting theft, because it minimizes prybar points and our unique materials won’t be damaged even if some idiot tries.


Everything is reinforced with extra steel for stability and security, and a robust steel-armored locking mechanism, combined with a driver’s side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible. We provide two keys, and the toolbox must be open to be removed from the truck bed.


We’ve improved access to your tools with a revolutionary new component: an optional, integrated access ladder that nests within the toolbox. It’s made from 6,000-series aluminum and is designed to fold out from the toolbox and telescope down to the ground, even on lifted rigs. How’s that for making your friends and coworkers jealous? With a new Ford and 2021 F150 must-have accessories, it was bound to happen…




If you’ve got an eight-foot bed, go right ahead and add a DECKED Drawer System to your truck bed to go along with the Tool Box. It’s the perfect complement, and an absolute boss when it comes to truck bed organization.


A white pickup parked in front of an industrial windmill has a Drawer System and Tool Box mounted in the bed.


How do two fully-extendable, durable, and lockable rolling drawers the length of your truck bed sound? We thought so. (Please direct your love letters to us in the form of a review.)


The Drawer System has been torture-tested by nearly every trade, (even entire fire departments use them), and outdoor enthusiasts and overlanders swear by them.


Made from the same great materials as our toolbox they don’t compromise on payload and can bear the brunt of 2,000 pounds, and no space is wasted with additional compartments near the wheel wells.


The Drawer System maximizes efficiency and comes standard with our Crossbox, D-Box, Drawerganizer, and two Drawer Dividers, so you can organize to your heart's content, and can grab the portable toolboxes when you’re on the go.


A Drawer System with one drawer pulled out. A camp stove and other camping gear sits on top and nearby.




Now that the bottom of the bed looks good, a rack atop the bed rails is super useful. These cargo management systems are made from a variety of materials, vary wildly in design, and some are even extendable/retractable. What’s most important when selecting a truck rack is that you get one designed for the usage you have in mind.




These storage containers attach to your truck rack or spare tire, and a handful of other creative places on your rig. They have a whole host of sizes and make a traditional red one for gasoline, and a white one for water. If you plan to be off-road for any length of time or even have mild concerns about preparedness in general, Rotopax or the equivalent should be your first stop.




We’re throwing in the rooftop sleeper just for fun because, dang, is it ever one of the coolest inventions of this century. It’ll turn your truck into a modern-day covered wagon, one that the pioneers would be dazzled by, and depending on the type you get, the unique, slim design doesn’t impact fuel efficiency too much. The hard shell models are by far the best, taking seconds to set up, and fortifying you against water, wind, or whatever hell-fire rains down on you. Opt for a clamshell design. You won’t be sorry.


Two truck are parked in a camp site and have rooftop tents assembled. there's a fire going and camp gear is strewn about.

2021 Ford F150 Aftermarket Accessories




In the grand scheme of things, fender flares are one of the more inexpensive mods you can do to your truck. They can take your rig from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes. The installation is easy, many come with a no-drill design, and choose whatever style steps up your game from flat black to glossy and even stainless. They are one of the best 2021 Ford F150 chrome accessories you can get.




Not only does auxiliary lighting look really cool, but it’s a necessity when it comes to off-roading, overlanding, and truck camping. There are many different types of lighting to choose from, so select one that suits your needs. Lightbars can be attached to the top of your pickup, and some even install within the grille. Then there are boxy-shaped driving lights that usually come in pairs, and Baja Designs has been the tried-and-true maker of some awesome options for a really long time.


Offerings vary between LED and Halogen and make sure you do your homework on the temperature (color) of the lights as well.


Undermount or rock lights are great for rock crawling and do double duty at night setting the mood around the campsite. (Wink, wink.)




A good set of wheels is gonna set you back a chunk of change, but it’s worth it, eh? These 2021 Ford F150 accessories provide the most bang for your buck when it comes to customization. Are you mean, or are you classy? Do you get down and dirty, or like to show off your shiny? Let your wheels decide.




Getting a new set of wheels and then remounting your crappy ol’ tires is kinda embarrassing. You may want to save up until you can buy them both at once. Get friendly with your tire dealer, because, with a multitude of options, you need to pick the best type for the job, and your climate. You may even want to consider a winter set, and an “everything else” set.


A rugged-looking green truck rests on three wheels and the driver is grinning ear-to-ear.




New running boards are a great way to customize the look of your truck, and they often do not impact clearance. It’s likely your new rig has perfectly great running boards, but if not, there are tons of options out there.




A minimalist approach to running boards, these are generally tubular in shape and are a great mod for customization. Just watch the clearance on whatever you select, because these usually hang down a bit more than their running board counterparts. We’ve seen folks bang up their brand new gear on their first trip out because they didn’t consider their new clearances. Don’t be that guy.




Ford really got their shizz together with their grille re-design, and we’ve been impressed with the look of the 2021 grille. If it’s not for you, rest assured that there’s one out there that is, you just have to find it. But be warned, shopping for Ford F150 accessories 2021 (and all other years) can often be a black hole. Try to not get completely sucked in.




These originated in Australia and were designed to protect vital engine components from the rigors of the outback. Rigors, meaning roadkill. They make a truck look mean and fierce, and their durability is no joke. What also isn’t funny is that they can kill a pedestrian at a slovenly 10-miles-per-hour, so if you do plan to go this route, make it a safe one.


A man inspects his fishing gear. Both drawers of the DECKED drawer System are extended and his dog is laying on top.




A DECKED Drawer System with a tonneau cover is a little redundant. The deck of the Drawer System acts as a tonneau cover and the reimagined design performs all of the same functions that a tonneau does. When the tailgate is up, all prying eyes can see is the deck of the Drawer System, and since the drawers are lockable, it’s all super secure. Of course, we think the Drawer System is superior to a tonneau cover, but a quick trip around our social media and nearly 5-Star product reviews will illustrate that others think so too.




A truck cap, or canopy, works great with the DECKED Drawer System. You can make a bed atop the deck and the truck cap will keep you nice and dry, and relatively warm if you get a good one. With windows that flip up or slide side-to-side, caps make for easy access and are a convenient way to turn your truck into a mini RV.




A plug-and-play performance tuner won’t void your warranty and helps you fine-tune your truck’s performance to match your driving conditions. Faster acceleration and better gas mileage are a few of the benefits from these handy little gadgets, and there are certainly more where those came from. Not necessary, but a totally bad-ass tool.

2021 Ford F150 Interior Accessories




It’s unlikely that you’re still pulling the stunts of your younger days, but if you are, you’d best get a dash cam to prove it. No videos—no proof.




If you’ve got fabric seats, you’re going to want to protect your investment with a set of seat covers. They range in material, from a water-resistant neoprene to an ultra durable Carhartt brand. This is a great place to incorporate pink accessories for the 2021 Ford F150 if that’s your jam.




Boring, but also non-negotiable when it comes to Ford 2021 F150 accessories. To keep the mud, pebbles, and pine needles at bay, this is a must-have.


A hunting dog stands on the open tailgate of a truck with a DECKED Drawer System installed. There's a rainbow in the background.




If you get a DECKED product, you don’t really need this, because once you install a DECKED Tool Box or Drawer System, it’s like driving around with a giant safe in the bed of your truck. But if you want something in-cab, this is a great solution.



Ah, the D-Bag. The only one you’re ever gonna like. It’s a hybrid tool bag with a hard shell, yet is soft-sided. It has straps to be carried like a backpack, or handles to be carried like a briefcase. Learn more about it here. It’s designed to integrate with the Drawer System, and also fits in the Tool Box too.


So there you have it! 21 of the best accessories for 2021 Ford F150. We’re certain that you’ll find at least one or all of these useful, and hope you enjoy the ride getting fully DECKED out.