Want An Exciting Truck Accessory?

Want An Exciting Truck Accessory?

Want An Exciting Truck Accessory? DECKED's drawer system on a pick up truck


Your truck is special to you. It doesn’t just help you get where you need to go, but it can be a way for you to get your job done. For people on the frontlines of construction, emergency medicine, and other service industries, a truck is where all your most valuable and necessary cargo is stored. So, when it comes to making a truck even better, there are lots of options to consider that don’t make your truck look like it went into a time machine and landed in the 90s. There are some sleek and handy accessories on the market that can be used to upgrade your truck – whether it be a Chevy or a Dodge RAM – making it even better than it already is.




One serious issue when it comes to choosing an accessory for your truck is simply the problem of abundance. There are literally hundreds of accessory types to choose from. Some are made to enhance protections on your truck, while others are just made to make your truck look super sexy on the inside and outside. Here are some common accessories people buy: Decked drawer system in a van with lights


  • Cameras :  These are useful in helping to keep a truck safe. A dash camera, for example, can help you see if something is behind the truck as you’re backing out, so you don’t end up with an ugly dent on the rear. The camera in this case is especially useful if you’ve attached a wagon to your ride. It could also be useful as a way to record nefarious activity. If someone is trying to break into your truck, they might get caught on video.


  • Lighting : This accessory can be both for vanity and for functionality. A nice set of headlights can really set your truck or jeep apart. Imagine driving into a crowded parking lot or tailgate with big lights on your vehicle. The scene is definitely a showstopper. On the other hand, there are some lighting accessories that could be useful for helping you see through fog or brighten up an off-road trail. If you’re often traveling down the road less taken for some camping, fishing, or extreme sports events, lights could be very useful.


  • Floor mats and seat covers : If you’re prone to being a bit messy (don’t worry, we all are) floor mats and seat covers are really key to keeping your truck spotless. Perhaps your best friend happens to be a labradoodle and it sheds all over your seats and cushions. A cover for your beautiful leather seats just makes sense.


  • Tool boxes : Truck tool boxes can be very important for some people. They are made to help people store precious equipment and tools, which can run hundreds to thousands of dollars. The right toolbox can also help people keep their equipment organized and easily accessible. This accessory is definitely meant to be more functional, but some brands strive to make the tool box look great too.

DODGE RAM 2014 2500



The sky's the limit when it comes to which accessory to purchase. Get one or two, or if you’re really feeling yourself – get them all! What goes into your decision making most likely has to do with factors such as price, how long the item may last, and how it looks on your special vehicle.




Accessories exist to make your truck look good or add some functionality. But, if they don’t fit with your truck, then it’s counterproductive. So, let’s do a little exercise and look at one of the more common trucks on the market – The 2014 Ram 1500.


This pick up truck is fairly affordable, ranging from around $25,000 to $35,000 for a sports model. If you’re a big spender and want a fully-loaded ride, this truck can run up to $50,000. But for even a first-time truck owner, it’s a great entry into the market.


Some advantages of this truck are that it’s the only turbodiesel in class, it’s an eight-speed automatic, and it can be converted from a basic truck into a near luxury vehicle. The eight-speed automatic vehicles boast a hemi fuel economy of 15/22 mpg for rear-drive and 15/21 for four-wheel drive models


DODGE RAM 2014 2500

Via order_242


Also, the truck features new exterior paint colors – blue streak and granite crystal. The truck has a four-star overall safety rating from the The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration.


But of course, all things with advantages also come with disadvantages. Upper trims on this vehicle can get a bit pricey. And, this truck does come with its share of issues. Some buyers of this truck note that the vehicle can have engine problems . For example, some have said that the truck experiences excessive seizing or knocking because of engine issues. Some other concerns are excessive wobbling, which is a shake that comes from the front end of the truck.


So if you plan to buy an accessory with this truck, you might want to think a little strategically.



example of truck grille

Via Drew from Zhrodague


For example, installing stabilizer bars may be the best move for you, because the truck could experience some wobbling. And stabilizers can help reduce that issue. If you have a different truck though, this accessory may be completely unnecessary.


Let’s say you’d like to upgrade your engine or even replace your sound system. In this case, there are also numerous options to choose from. You could buy OEM parts directly from the manufacturer, so they are made specifically for your model of truck. Or you could buy a bit cheaper and get an aftermarket part.


At the end of the day, you probably want to look for some accessories that can elevate the existing features of your vehicle, especially if you don’t have the funds to invest in an entirely new truck.


DECKED's Low-Profile Tool Box


Some accessories don’t require a trip to the car dealer and can help make a good or bad situation better. In the case of your truck, a tool box is probably going to offer a net benefit.


Let’s say you’re riding around in your unfortunately shaky 2014 Ram 1500, look in the crew cab, and all of your most valuable possessions are jostling around. That fishing rod you love or that set of hammers you invested in could be hurtling toward a window. In that case, a truck tool box could be useful. There are numerous types of tool boxes on the market – including ones that are waterproof and have advanced security mechanisms. But, the goal of the tool box is to store your equipment safely.


When shopping for a tool box there are some things to look out for: Is the tool box affordable? Will it last long? And will it store all your cargo?


Brands that regularly come up in stores and are often seen on trucks include Dee-Zee, Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Husky, among others.  Some of these range between a few hundred to close to a thousand dollars.

Husky Tools


While you have the advantage of abundance when it comes to shopping for accessories, it can be hard to wade through all the brands and find one that works well for your truck. There’s shopping online, in-stores, and even on sites like Ebay. So, when it comes to a truck toolbox - or really any accessory - there are some key factors to look out for.



When it comes to popular brands, such as Husky, the products are often made via mass production. Husky is the house brand of Home Depot, which means the retailer supplies their tools all around the country. Subsequently, Husky can be a really popular brand to buy for truck owners, especially because they are cheaper than a lot of other brands.  


But reviews suggest that Husky products may be lacking in some departments. Husky products aren’t even made in the United States. Home Depot works with a manufacturer that actually produces a large chunk of Husky tools and equipment in countries like China and Taiwan.  


Materials on Husky products can seem cheaper and reviewers have said their tool boxes arrive dented, lock systems don’t work, or that the tool box didn’t install well into their trucks.



DECKED accessory D-box


Websites often don’t include tutorials or thorough information on potential issues surrounding their products – naturally! But, some brands like DECKED do try to be more transparent about the quality of their goods. For example, in one video the team literally beats their Tool Box with a hammer.



<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cimOHr8I2b4" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Much like Husky is mass produced, so is the Craftsman line. Craftsman also makes inexpensive toolboxes, which will only set you back a few hundred dollars. And, some of their tool boxes feature nice attributes like aluminum construction, paddle handles, and weather seals.


But, just like with Husky, when you start to dig through the reviews, a different picture shows up. Buyers say they’ve dealt with issues like dented material, rubber seals peeling off, and the tool boxes not fitting the model of truck you have.






Another major concern when it comes to cheaper, mass produced accessories is that they may not be super safe. When we talk about aftermarket engine parts, that concern is pretty obvious. You don’t want your engine to have problems on the highway. When it comes to a truck tool box, there’s a concern about theft. You’d feel pretty silly if you got a tool box to keep your tools safe, but someone ended up breaking in and taking them. So, safety is a key factor to look out for.  

DECKED supply chain in the USA




Husky, Craftsman, and other widespread brands make great products that can be reliable for some time. If you’re looking for a long-lasting buy that leaves you satisfied, DECKED might be the right choice.



DECKED’s supply chain is based entirely in the United States, and the team is most concerned about quality. They’re also happy they can include family run businesses in their manufacturing line, because those small businesses put their heart and soul into the DECKED Tool Box  and Drawer System. American workers also means the quality you get is pretty good. DECKED loves to show that their products are indestructible.

Look at that sexy D-Box



DECKED offers a low-profile Tool Box, which is made with galvanized and aluminum reinforcements. Some of its selling points are that it can handle a 500-pound dynamic payload. And, the Tool Box is also made to be very safe. It includes a lock system that’s very tough to break into, because it uses torsion springs. The Tool Box is also protected against some softer elements, like water and snow. So, your tools will not only be safe, but also dry.




The DECKED Drawer System  is pretty much a self-sufficient tool box machine. The entire system can replace the bed of your truck and act as a new bed, so you can still place cargo on top of it. And it includes a set of rolling drawers that can slide out with all your tools. The top is incredibly resilient and can withstand up to 1000 pounds of payload. The DECKED Drawer System was built with convenience, price, and longevity in mind. One of its shining points is that the drawers live entirely in the truck. So, all you need to do is roll out a drawer, grab what you need, and get the job done. And of course, the drawer system includes a highly reinforced locking and security system.


DECKED's drawer system



DECKED’s products might be slightly more expensive than some of the other brands, but they are still affordable. The Tool Box, for example, is still under $800. And, the Drawer System is around $1500.


If you want something durable and that will last long, the price may not matter. DECKED wanted to create an affordable product that can also last for generations, and that may be exactly what you need too.







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