When DECKED Meets Ford, Great Things Happen

When DECKED Meets Ford, Great Things Happen

When you are a truck enthusiast with a liking for outdoor activities either for a living, recreation, or as part of your cardio routine, you need a toolkit. A pickup can take a hell of a beating than your run-of-the-mill car. You'd haul and tow large cargo, turn it into a makeshift camp-home, and drag along some heavy artillery with a surety that it will outmaneuver the toughest off-road obstacles.  

But for it to pull out an astounding field performance, you'd have to arm it with the right tools and cargo. And the best way to organize said cargo is to use a tool box. A truck bed box should exactly be what you envision it to be—it has to be something hardy enough to resist the kind of tough treatment the truck endures. It has to show the capability to go out of the firing line but still come out stronger and stable.

This could be the first thing you contemplate when you think of the right tool box for your truck. But other things make a tool box truck fit—you could look at the size, materialing, storage capacity, locking, and most importantly, compatibility with your truck's accessories and parts. If you are a Ford F-150 lover, you should consider adding some DECKED to your truck's storage system for the perfect power and strength combo you could ever imagine .

There is a reason the Ford F-150 and the related Accessories  is considered America's best-selling pickup truck. For 40 years straight, this beast has topped its rivals in the heavy-duty truck categorization. Suppose you have used other models before; you'd agree with me that using the Ford F-150 accessories is more like an upgrade. They handle tough outdoor business better, offer a better deal in terms of both off and on-road utility, and the vehicle is one badass of a giant, furious truck. And truckers are responding well to this package, hence why it is a household name.

In the "why pickup trucks are becoming more popular than cars in the USA" cheerleading, pundits have espoused a desire for violent and rugged styling to spice up the already boring SUV utility culture as the primary driver for the increase in truck popularity. But perhaps there is more. I mean, yes, there is a wave sweeping through, and people are increasingly ditching their traditional "closed family vehicles" for open-bodied light trucks. But when such a mammoth crowd abruptly shows a liking for a particular brand, you know there truly is something behind it than a mere egoistic inclination towards the purchase of consumer goods and because everybody else is doing it. Perhaps people are realizing how practical trucks are and that they can do much more with pickups. This means the Ford F-150 is doing it much better than any other model out there. But why, let's face it.

The Ford boasts of unmatched strength, versatility and agility. It's truly a King in the pick up truck industry. Add the DECKED on it and you get pure bliss in your cargo organization and transportation utility.


Whether a yuppie or a countryside-dweller, in one way or the other, you'd find yourself in need of truck services. In the urban environment, it could be an urge for style, a burning desire for something bigger and rugged—something more practical for off-roading and road trips, or the need to join the "truckification of SUVs bandwagon," among others. In the countryside, truck usage is more of a necessity than a luxury. You've got a whole world of things to haul and tow: there are haystacks, trucks, RV trailers, boats, hunting machinery, bikes, farm equipment, the list is endless. But one common thing among truckers is the mutual feeling that a field service vehicle should have a universal bed design to offer a greater leeway for compatibility with a range of accessories, including tool boxes. This could be the only assurance of better performance and increased productivity.

A modular truck bed is embedded with design aspects with standardized dimensions for flexibility to attach a variety of accessories.


The DECKED Drawer System and Ford F-150 offer the Perfect Combo for a range of functionalities:

DECKED works better if your truck is beastly , strong and rugged ; like the Ford F-150


Ford F-150 and Accessories  come with various truck bed length dimensions ranging from 5.5-ft., 6.5-ft., 8- ft for the Regular, SuperCab, and SuperCrew models, respectively; to 5.5-ft., 6.5-ft. for the super crew models. The DECKED Drawer system fits all ford-150 trucks manufactured in 1997 through 2003 with a bed length of (66'6") and all 2004 Series with a bed length of (66'6"). DECKED is further compatible with all Ford F-150 trucks manufactured in 2004 through 2014 with bed lengths (55'6") and those of bed lengths (66'6"). DECKED is not compatible with the F-150 short bed series with beds of length (5''6").

Additionally, the DECKED Drawer system does not fit into a Ford pickup truck with a tailgate assist handle. However, removing the handle will make it work. DECKED is not compatible with bed towing accessories, including the Gooseneck and Wheel packages. DECKED works perfectly with spay-in bed liners but not plastic liners. It also works with Bedrug mats but not Bedrug full liners.

The DECKED Drawer system is compatible with Ford-150 trucks manufactured in 1997 through 2003 with a bed length of (66'6") and all 2004 models with a bed length of (66'6"); it also fits well in trucks manufactured in 2004 through 2014  of bed lengths  (55'6") and  (66'6").

Strength and durability

The Ford F-150 is primarily manufactured from aluminum alloy. Initially, truck makers gave their customers two options: durability and fuel efficiency but not both. Lighter pickup trucks have been known to be fuel-efficient but lack the vitality for hard work and durability. On the other hand, stronger and bulkier trucks have been such fuel imbibers but very hardy to endure the craggy outdoor impact. Ford has since sought a means of putting this issue to rest by devising a material so strong yet so light to strike a balance between the two (fuel efficiency and strength). There could never have been a better materialing than  Aluminum.

Well, you probably are doubting if aluminum can hold up to the strength demands of a heavy-duty truck. You mean those lightweight soda cans, how now? With what Ford has done, yes, it is possible. This kind of aluminum is even stronger than steel. Ford uses a pre-heated and pre-treated aluminum 6000 series alloy. This gives their product better dent and ding resistance capabilities than steel. So the new Ford series is just as rugged for the daily outdoor power demands compared to its steel predecessors. To prove its endurance level, Ford accessories have been tested to the maximum and pushed off-limits but  still emerge stronger and dominant. You'd also worry about the truck’s towing and hauling capacity. Does the decrease in weight affect these high energy demands? Well, in fact, it gets better. With an improved power-to-weight ratio, there is not a thing Ford can't tow around.

Like Ford f150 accessories , DECKED too employs a robust manufacturing process that yields sturdy products proven to be bombproof, resistant to repeated claw hammer blows and some of the roughest fieldwork impacts. Imagine a tool storage solution with a 2000 payload capacity–wait, what? Yea, you heard me right. That's a whole half-ton truck. Yes, the DECKED Tool Storage System can comfortably handle anything as heavy as a light-duty pickup truck and still come out without a gouge or maybe just suffer a little scratch to the extreme. DECKED uses injection molding, a high-strength process that casts metal onto plastic to produce a strong, shatter-resistant thermoplastic, the kind of material used to manufacture vehicles' body parts capable of repulsing crash impacts. By using different materials and heat treatment, the resulting product is as robust as nothing you have seen. Truly the bringing together of the DECKED and the Ford F-150 Accessories is such a perfect combo for indestructible cargo storage and transportation capable of foiling forced entry, keeping off would-be thieves, and guaranteeing security and safety for your tools and cargo.

DECKED on Ford promises more than just strength. There is capacity , volume , space , versatility -you name it. And there is just not a thing you can't do with this robust combination of power.


The DECKED-Ford F-150 combo is a significant versatile body of work for your tool organization and transportation needs. Agreeably, there exist many possible future scenarios, and it is you who determines which of them whose reality you'll become. The merging of DECKED with Ford plays a significant role in helping you discover possibilities, phenomena, and strengths of the coming time. With better organization, more security and durability, you will be efficient and freer to concentrate on future-oriented change-making ideas and thoughts hence more creativity and innovation.

Because the DECKED is conceived through a careful process of research and testing, we believe we have anticipated the future, something we have accounted for in the product inception process. We accept that thinking about the coming time is a process marred with generalities, but as a handyman, you live in the time-to-time and the everyday grind of your business or activities and want to be more concrete, more sure, and more guaranteed. A simple thing like truck bed cleanliness may morph into a big issue if not handled properly (we know, that’s partly why we exist). When DECKED meets your Ford truck, you get closer to what the tool management and storage trends of tomorrow will look like.


Moreover, we appreciate that vision without action is more like empty dreams, and action without vision is no less than a nightmare. Therefore, it is critical to connecting our beliefs about the future to act in the present. With DECKED fitted into your Ford F-150, you get more control of your work, productivity and creativity, and more capability to dedicate your time and abilities to the things that matter.

DECKED will turn your truck into a robust cargo storage and transportation system. You will be able to do the impossible.



When considering a tool box's security, it all comes down to three things: the material used to manufacture it, the locking system, and  the design of the cargo access mechanism.


DECKED and Ford is an integration of heavy-duty features giving it an incredible resistance to all manners of forced entry impact. High-density polymer resins employed in making the box and super strong aluminum alloys for the truck creates a perfect combo for super-sturdy truck bed cargo storage and transportation solution. DECKED comes with a lock system (cam locks) with latches for the second layer of physical protection.  


DECKED on Ford is a fusion of weatherproof aspects. The combo withstands all kinds of adverse weather and can work under whatever climatic conditions you can imagine. DECKED's polymer resin materialing is resistant to water, and high temperature, with Ford's aluminum, finely finished alloy having a smooth yet robust luster offering both corrosion and waterproofing functionalities. Additionally, DECKED comes with a rubberized gasket that further ensures no moisture comes into contact with your valuable tools, keeping them bone dry.

Ease of installation

Installing DECKED on your Ford F150 and attaching the related Accessories should be a seamless process. The Drawer System comes with instructions and labels as well as video demonstrations to ensure you get it right. It will take about 2 hours working solo to put it all together in your truck bed. Removal should take less than 20 minutes.  

100% American made

The DECKED is entirely US-made, sharing the beliefs of both American and non-American people who look up to the American dream that we all could rise if we persevere and work hard. The conception of the product's creative idea is enough proof that DECKED has invested heavily in precision, hard work, and value. And an insistence on a US origin serves to remind our customers that the company, having passed standard tests of quality, health, safety, and other codes that guide world-class manufacturing, is given the green light to operate in full scale and sell to the world. You can therefore be assured that DECKED is certified and standardized by the regulator guaranteeing adherence to the industry’s best practices .

DECKED is manufactured to work in harmony with a range of pickup truck accessories, including several Ford F-150 models and their accessories. Integrating DECKED to your Ford F-150 truck should be the perfect blend of power, strength, security, safety, class, style, and vigor to your cargo storage and transportation needs. Take the plunge, join the revolutionary wave. When in doubt don't forget to contact us ; we have a kickass support desk.