Products to Turn Your Vehicle Into the Ultimate Weekend Escape Rig!

Products to Turn Your Vehicle Into the Ultimate Weekend Escape Rig!

DECKED in truck

Start with DECKED truck and van drawer storage systems and these other clever accessories to make your vehicle the ultimate quick escape pod for the weekend warrior.

When you punch the clock at 5 o’clock on a Friday and want to get out of town, the last thing you want to do is have to run home and start figuring out how to get all of your gear, tents, bags, food, cooking supplies and everything else organized and ready to go.

Start by putting a DECKED system in your truck. This full bed-length drawer system lets you store and organize all of your camping essentials in secure, weatherproof drawers. So now you’ve left the office to get the family and everything is already packed and ready to go!

Man and open DECKED drawers

The best part about DECKED is you still have full use of your truck or van’s cargo area thanks to a 2000lb payload that the product can carry on its surface. Made in the USA out of recycled materials, this product is light in weight but heavy in durability and eliminates the need to crawl into the back of your truck.

Next, you’ll want a cargo rack and there is nothing like the one from Leitner Designs .    Leitner makes a full range of cargo racks that attach easily to the bedrails and bed of your truck and offer attachable cubby and water/fuel carrying tanks as accessories to give you yet more storage. This clever design gives you a platform for the next essential thing to make your weekend bug-out easier: a roof top tent.

Rear view of DECKED

Cascadia Vehicle Tents are a perfect way to avoid having to sleep on the ground and deal with everyone fighting over how to set the tent up once you get to camp. One of the leading brands in the rapidly growing rooftop tent category, you can choose from a variety of different styles and options which offer accommodations from 2 person models all the way up to 4 or more. Think of it as a pop up RV on the roof rack of your truck!

DECKED in truck with tent on top

Finally we have a full line of accessories for your drawer system to make organizing and accessing all of your camping stuff easier and better.  The D-Box modular storage toolbox is designed to nest perfectly in your drawers allowing you to have one for the cookware, one for your dry goods, and another for fishing stuff, campfire supplies, or even a fireworks display if it’s the 4 th of July! We also offer items like drawer locks for an added level of security, Core Trax cargo tie downs for keeping your cooler and camp chairs from flying around, and T-Tracks if you are the kind of campers who like to take bikes, boats, paddle boards and the like on your weekend outing.

Bikes on DECKED

Starting with DECKED truck and van storage with organization systems you can easily build up your ultimate weekend get out of town rig that lets you escape with everything you need in easily accessible and organized compartments, so you can spend more time playing and less time fussing about.  Check out out T-Tracks here for compatibility with Thule and Yakima rack systems. 

Kitchen setu inside of DECKED drawer

Okurrr... Jason  @monroemedia  you win our award for Drawer Dropper of the Show. This is a custom van you need to see in person. Built by  Action Van   out of Mesa, AZ it features a pullout  Dometic  Kitchen setup installed into the DECKED drawers. It also integrates gas and power into the ammo cans,  Rigid Industries  lighting,  CargoGlide  and  ARB   accessories.  

Rear view of DECKED


Besides all that, there are a number of other ways a DECKED system can be customized to work for you.   Quick Fist rubber clamps , for example, can be fixed to the sides of the drawers and used to secure longer or heavier items, and an array of tool boxes and organizers are available which fit snugly inside (we’ve heard   this one   works well). You could sling a mini gear hammock from one side of a drawer to the other, attach a gun rack to the bottom, or even install a super handy toilet paper holder; let the DECKED system be the canvas to your organizational creativity... See our best practices here:





Watch the DECKED D-Box in action:

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