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Service Body Storage

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DECKED drawers slide your tools, gear and other supplies right out at waist height. Save time, save money, never crawl into your truck again. 200 lb payload capacity per drawer.


DECKED is engineered to be outside in the elements. Built from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), cast aluminum and stainless steel, your tools, hardware and other drawer contents are kept protected and dry. Our product is unaffected by extreme shifts in temperature, blazing UV exposure or anything else the environment may bring. Drawers are not airtight. Airborne particulate matter may infiltrate drawers.


Unlike other toolboxes, DECKED is out of sight and out of mind, providing peace of mind when it comes to guarding your valuables and key items. With the tailgate closed and locked, drawers are inaccessible and unable to be opened. Combined with our drawer locks, your tools and other essentials are safe and secure.


Dial in your system with DECKED components: locks, dividers, CoreTrax, T-Tracks and nesting D-Box and Crossbox toolboxes. DECKED is also compatible with a variety of toolboxes, ladder racks, cargo slide systems and more. All components sold separately.


Our true 2000lb load rating makes the entire footprint of the bed available for carrying loads on a single flat surface. DECKED facilitates easy and efficient transport of construction materials, welders, compressors and other large items while providing ergonomic storage underneath.


Roll up to the jobsite ready to go with the tools and materials for the day organized and easily accessible. End the junk show.

Strength & Durability

Your truck needs to work as hard as you. HDPE co-molded to a steel subframe delivers a truck toolbox with a 2000 lb system payload and 200 lb weatherproof storage in each drawer. That 's a strength-to-weight ratio of ten to one!

DECKED is made from the cockroach of materials: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and steel. Impervious to the elements and unaffected by solvents, lubricants and other compounds, HDPE is the ideal material with its ultra resilient and durable properties. 

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DECKED for service bodies comes pre-assembled. All you have to do is install! We engineered DECKED with minimal drilling required for easy installation and removal. DECKED provides flexibility of use as well as preserves vehicle remarketing value. 

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Fits any 48"-50" Service Body

The DECKED Drawer System fits any 48"-50" wide service body bed. DECKED fits service bodies manufactured by Knapheide, Reading, Stahl, Monroe and more.

NOTE: All service body applications take our standard 75.25" long DECKED System. All 8 foot or longer service body applications will have remaining space cabside. A crossover toolbox or fuel transfer tank is commonly placed in this space.

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Weatherproof Storage

Fit 200 lbs of dry storage in each drawer. Our system is built to withstand anything Mother Nature can throw our way so you can be confident your tools remain secure and dry. Our drawers are not 100% air tight so fine dust and moisture particles can find their way in.

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Save time on any job site by being organized and stop wasting time digging through bins to find what you need. We offer a full line of accessories to give you a customizable modular storage system for service body. 

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100% Made in USA

We believe where it's made and who makes it is as important as the product itself. Designed, constructed, and tested right here in the good 'ol US of A!

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Key Service Body Features

Decked service body for 8' bed

8' Bed Integration

DECKED fits any 48"-50" wide service body bed and takes our standard DECKED system at 75.25" long. The 8 foot and longer service body applications will have remaining space cabside. A crossover toolbox or fuel transfer tank is commonly placed in this space.

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2000 Pound Payload

Use your truck like a truck. DECKED allows you to load up to 2000 lbs on top and still give you access to your tools in the drawers below. If you need to remove the system it only takes about 15 minutes and is as easy as 1-2-3.

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Taigate Height

All DECKED systems are 12" tall—the same height as a normal service body tailgate. In this case, you may want a taller tailgate or other modification. You can also utilize the bracket tie downs or our CoreTrax for securing loads on top of the deck.