Product Selector Note: 2007 Chevy and GMC

2007 was a transition year for Chevy and GMC, and as such, they produced old and new body styles in the 2007 model year with both a 5ft 9in and 6ft 6in bed. So, for a time, both body types were being sold as 2007 models.

If you have a 2-part headlight array and only modest body flare (see image), you have the older Silverado/Sierra, or “Classic” version. If this is the case, select the DECKED SILVERADO 1999-2007 or SIERRA 1999-2007 Classic edition, bed length 5ft 9in or 6ft 6in.

If you have a single-part headlight array with more significant body flare, (see image) you have the “new” 2007 version thus you will select the DECKED SILVERADO 2007-Current or SIERRA 2007-Current, bed length 5ft 9in or 6ft 6in.