Drawer System and Tool Box Integration - FORD

1). The DECKED Drawer System is NOT COMPATIBLE with the DECKED Tool Box for any short 5'6" or standard 6'6" bed length trucks.

2). Do you have an 8 foot bed and/or an 8 foot DECKED Drawer System integration in your truck? The New DECKED Tool Box is compatible with select 8 foot Drawer Systems. This combination provides a solution to the 19-20" of remaining space cabside that exists with 8' Drawer System integrations. 

The Tool Box is compatible with the following DECKED Drawer System 8 foot SKU's for FORD 8 foot trucks:

  • DF6 - Ford F150 8 Foot (2004-2014) (Purchased after 1/5/21 only)
  • DF7 - Ford F150 8 Foot Aluminum (2015-current) 
  • DS5 - Ford Super Duty 8 Foot (1999-2016)
  • DS4 - Ford Super Duty 8 Foot (2017-current)

NOTE: If you purchased a DF6 Drawer System (Ford F150 8 Foot 2004-2014) before 1/5/21, it is compatible with some customization of the cabside ammo cans. Please contact us for directions and for more information before you purchase service@decked.com | 208-806-0251.