Cargo Van Storage

DECKED Cargo Van Systems Compatible with Shelving and Racking Units

When upfitting or retrofitting your cargo van with a DECKED system, it may be desirable to double your pleasure by adding shelving and racking systems to your van’s cargo area.  With DECKED’s lateral steel tubes you have ample support and anchor points to create the ultimate storage and toolbox system in the bed of your cargo van.

Cargo Van Storage

A variety of manufacturers like WEATHERGUARD, Adrian Steel, Ranger Designs, Masterack and/or Sortimo offer the full gamut of rack and shelving systems for work vans. We recently equipped our own Ford Transit van with a system from WEATHERGUARD. Since DECKED fits Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, RAM ProMaster, Nissan NV, Ford Econoline, GMC Express and Chevy Savana cargo vans as well, you can easily make your rig more versatile, functional and efficient.  

Download our Best Practices Instruction Guide for assembling such a system yourself. 

*It is important to note that we are separate companies and not responsible for integration and harmony with other products. Please contact WEATHERGUARD, Adrian Steel, Ranger Designs, Masterack or Sortimo directly for confirmation on product compatibility, specs and model numbers.