Become an Ambassador

The DECKED family is about as accepting as the Big Fat Greek Wedding, but we do have to limit our ambassador programs to fit the goals of our brand.  We appreciate everyone's passion but do have limits as to what makes an eligible candidate meeting our criteria.  

We ask you to honestly consider, before you apply, if one or more of these specifically applies to you.        

  • TV personality/Professional Athlete
  • Professional outdoor guide with the license to prove it
  • Social media personality with a significant following in hunt/fish/overland/DIY
  • Professional photographer/filmmaker specializing in hunt/fish/overland
  • Industry professional in the off-road/outdoor industry
  • A leader and trendsetter within the hunt, fish, overland or trade/DIY markets. 
  • A truck build for SEMA

Sponsorship is by application only. You will be only be contacted if your application is successful. If you place your order before hearing back from DECKED, you will not be compensated for any ambassador discount offered. If your sponsorship request is approved, you will be required to agree to our ambassador program contract. Through our sponsorship agreement, you agree to allow DECKED full, unrecompensed commercial use of submitted photographs.

Sponsorship is valid only for applicants within the United States at this time. 

As a part of the DECKED Ambassador program, you are required to post via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms #DECKEDusa. We also require that you follow DECKED on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and share, like and retweet our important posts to help spread the word about DECKED. The main point of a sponsorship, however, is promoting and selling the DECKED brand and spreading the word.

We also extend this offer to qualified professional guides and other outdoor industry employees if you meet the needs of leading professionals in the outdoor industry. All applicants will be thoroughly reviewed by DECKED and eligibility of this program is at DECKED's discretion. 

If the DECKED sponsorship agreement requirements are not fully met within a 45-day period of said agreement, you will be charged the full list price of the supplied sponsorship product along with shipping and handling. Sponsorship product cannot be sold or traded and must be used in accordance with the intended sponsorship agreement.

Contact us at for more information.