Why do you have a tonneau?

Why do you have a tonneau?
So you’ve got a tonneau cover on your truck - why? We’ve talked with lots of truck owners who have tonneaus, and their reasons for having one are generally some combination of the following:
  1. Keeps gear out of the elements
  2. For security - out of sight, out of mind
  3. Looks good
  4. Improves MPG
We think DECKED can do all this, and more - except #4: this just isn’t proven. While there have been tests - rather a test, as far as we can tell - showing a reduced drag coefficient resulting from the use of a tonneau, it isn’t conclusive when it comes to MPG. Anecdotally, we’ve seen claims of savings in the ballpark of 1 MPG, but keep in mind that if you’re told a cover will reduce drag by up to 10% - the study shows 8%, and only at 85 mph - this doesn’t mean 10% better MPG. The DECKED system isn’t exactly featherweight, so we try to avoid making any unrealistic claims about improving MPG.

A tonneau x 2

Easy to Install or Remove First off, DECKED is weatherproof. It’s not quite a submarine (don’t back it all the way down the launch), but can be hosed off, left out in the rain, taken through the carwash, etc. Small particulate matter like dust or mist CAN get into the drawers, but only in generally negligible quantities.

Video of water testing the system:


Between a locking tailgate and the optional drawer locks , it’s secure. Clearly, a dedicated thief with the proper tools and enough time will get into just about anything, but our system is one heck of a hard thing to break into - yes, we’ve tried. When it comes to style, if the specific look of a tonneau is your goal, our system probably won’t cut it - namely because, well, it’s not a tonneau. Still, we sure think it looks killer, and because it sits beneath the top of the bed, there’s still a place to haul taller items or mount other accessories ( bike racks , tie-downs , CargoGlide, etc.). The drawers pull out at waist level and the bottom of the bed is higher up, so no more scuffed knees, standing on tiptoe, or fishing around with some jerry-rigged broomstick and coat hanger hook; your gear is where you want it when you need it. Need the full depth of the bed for some reason? The whole system comes out in under 15 minutes. And yes, this whole post has been about why a DECKED functions in place of a tonneau, but depending on your needs, work well together, too.




> Decked Drawers Decked Drawers Open
Essentially, in addition to the security and weather protection offered by a tonneau, DECKED provides ergonomic use, convenient organization, and full use of the bed. No, it can’t do everything. Like we mentioned above, if the specific look of a tonneau is what you’re after, then DECKED simply isn’t that. If you’re hauling aggregate, you might look elsewhere (but consider something like this ). As an all around easy-to-use and secure (cost effective, too) mode of bed storage, though, it’s hard to beat.


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