We're in Ohio!

We're in Ohio!
From the four corners of the US, our team has landed in Ohio to help product test our new truck bed storage system, outfit our trucks, and spend some time together in the heartland of the US. Like kids on Christmas morning, we have waited almost three years to rip off the wrapping paper and play with our new toys. The last six months have been focused on sourcing the best manufacturing facilities, materials and suppliers, and building a DECKED team that can deliver on our company promise. The team has put in some long hours last week as we tweak, learn, and ready our system for production. One thing we realize, as we work to launch a new product, is how important a great team is. Our team stretches beyond those in our company, to the partners and vendors we’ve had the pleasure to work with. We have met some hardworking people in Ohio who are just as excited as we are, and are willing to roll-up their sleeves, and help work out every little detail to fine tune our product. We give a big thanks to the team at Bullseye (Sam, Doug, and Eugene) for letting the five guys from DECKED take over your workshop, we hope all your tools made it back to the right place. As the DECKED team head off to our respective corners of the US with our DECKED systems in our trucks, we leave Ohio with a heightened level of excitement for what comes next.

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