ProTeam Member Derek Young - Truckin’

ProTeam Member Derek Young - Truckin’

Imagine if Jerry and the rest of the band were thinking of how to organize all of the band equipment, the roadies, the whole traveling show that for nearly 30 years was the standard by which all road trips in the future were measured by. No, their caravans had little in common with the vehicles we use today to get back and forth, or to stay for a while, on the river.


A couple of months ago, the long strange trip got a little more organized. Since the mid-80's, I’ve built a number of “systems” in the back of my trucks to get everything here and there, from wooden contraptions with drawers, heavy and cumbersome, to simple platforms just built for getting up off the metal truck bed that could be so cold on a January night, like that time at Hecla Junction in Colorado, covered in frost and 19 degrees that felt more like 2. There had to be a better way to be comfortable, keep all of my gear stored and safe, and not weigh me down on the journey. Turns out some guys in Idaho, Ketchum to be exact, had spent the last 30 years going down the road the same way, but found a solution. Here’s where DECKED comes in. I first learned of this system from a Facebook post, and immediately the story was recognizable. Somehow, these guys figured it out and they were ready to launch this system. How was it built, how did it fit, how much was it? Those questions quickly answered with a phone call and the conversation started. Indeed, a group of individuals with a common vision about going down the road had figured it out. I met with Lance Founder and Sales guy) in my hometown as he explained it to one of the new dealers in the Washington area. Here, where I spent my lawn mowing money on plywood, 2×10's, and outdoor carpet, was the guy behind the system.


Two-hours of install time - it was easy! So, with a few conversations with Lee (Marketing guy) at DECKED, I learned more and more about it, and the lights started shinin’ on me…this product was about the lifestyle, and organizing what you had and being mobile. It was light, the cost was right, and being able to safely and securely keep my fly fishing, camping, and hunting gear with me and organized was a huge benefit. They already had an established team of guides across the US that were using the DECKED system and their feedback all pointed in the right direction – they had it right. After a few months, a few long road trips, and my guide season kicking off, this system has been a big benefit.


DECKED OUT! At the Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Missoula earlier this Month, I had the opportunity to share the DECKED system with professional fly fishing and hunting guides from across the US, and the responses were all the same – if you work and live on the road, and being organized means being successful, then the DECKED system is your answer. Don’t be sittin’ and cryin’ at home.

Post by Derek Young 


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