Overland Expo West 2023

Overland Expo West 2023

All manner of cargo shorts descended on Flagstaff, Arizona to kick off this year's first Overland Expo. Overland Expo West is the first of four different events that celebrate overlanding and automotive accessorizing in equal measure (PNW, Mountain West, and East still to come).

heavily modified FJ70 series Toyota truck

Custom Land Cruisers were everywhere, including this fine example from the folks at Step 22 Gear

Fieldcraft Survival's Toyota Land Cruiser

Don't believe us about the Land Cruiser thing? See exhibit 2, from the emergency experts at Fieldcraft Survival .

Ram TRX front view

We've got young dogs playing with the old ones. This new Ram TRX is begging to rip across the open desert at high speed.

Ram TRX side view

What's better than a custom wrap on your sport truck? Matching livery on the dirtbikes in the bed.

DECKED Drawer System in back of truck with rooftop tent

As always, DECKED Drawer Systems were spotted all weekend long in every corner of the show. Here it's paired with a GoFast Camper for a practical, easy-to-use setup.

DECKED Drawer System with custom fridge slide mounted

Super Overland custom-mounted a fridge slide onto their Drawer System. This places the fridge straight onto the tailgate for easy access to your ice-cold beverages.

vintage Chevrolet with custom pop-top installed in camper shell

This vintage Chevrolet looked so cherry, we'd be nervous to take it down the trail. This restomod dream showcases Trail Cap Camper Shells .

vintage Ford truck with KC lights installed

This classic Ford is older than about half of the event's attendees. It's aged like a fine wine and gained a lot of admirers.

enormous expedition vehicle with motorcycle hauler on back

There's no Overland Expo without sighting a few EarthRoamers, Unimogs and other massive expedition vehicles. This mobile monstrosity from Global Expedition Vehicles is perfect for your next multi-month stay in the Australian outback. The deck area works equally well for wildlife photography or rooftop raves -- you choose.

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