The Nuts and Bolts of the Husky Truck Tool Box

The Nuts and Bolts of the Husky Truck Tool Box

Trucks and tool boxes go together like pizza and beer. In other words, you can’t imagine one without the other. Maybe your job or business requires you to keep your tools handy every day. A well-built Husky truck tool box also has plenty of room to hold your hunting, fishing, or camping gear.

If you live in a region with nasty winter weather, a good truck tool box can easily hold your tire chains, snow shovel, tow strap, and a bag of sand. And no matter where your truck travels, you probably keep some basic emergency gear on hand. Many truck tool boxes contain jumper cables, emergency flares, a flashlight, and a first aid kit.

Pickup Truck Next to Snowy Winter Campsite

In other words, a Husky pickup truck tool box can hold just about everything that makes your life easier, safer, or more enjoyable. And when you store those items in the tool box, you don’t have to haul them back and forth.

A Truck Tool Box is a Jack of All Trades

Many no-nonsense pickup trucks (plus some cargo vans) have been outfitted with a Husky truck tool box. A well-made tool box effortlessly handles three important jobs.

Better Organization of Your “Stuff”

Let’s face it: It makes no sense to shove your hand tools, work-related materials, and assorted odds and ends under the driver’s seat or in the passenger seats. The space under the driver’s seat is effectively a black hole, and you might never see those items again. Plus, in case of a sudden stop, those items on the seats can go flying.Cluttered Pickup Truck Cab with items Strewn Everywhere


A Husky pickup truck tool box corrals all that “stuff” into one place. Group similar items together, or place everything you need for a specific job into one bin. Either way, you’ll never need to root under the driver’s seat again.

Protection from Lousy Weather

If you throw tools and other items into the truck bed, you’re leaving them wide open to rain, UV rays, and maybe even snow. In other words, it’s an invitation to disaster.


With a Husky truck bed tool box, your tools and supplies are protected from the elements. And, they can’t fly out of the truck while you’re barreling down the highway.

Secure Storage Away from Prying Eyes

Storing your tools in plain sight makes them an easy target for thieves. Whether you use your tools for work, or just keep them on hand to fix things that will inevitably break, they cost considerable money. You don’t want some criminal snatching (and probably reselling) the tools you worked so hard to buy.

By piling the tools into a Husky truck tool box, they’re safely out of sight. They can’t tempt shady characters, and they’ll be available when you need them.

The Husky Truck Tool Box Company

If you’re searching for the Husky Truck Tool Box Company, you’re not likely to find it. Although Husky Tools came onto the United States market in 1924, the Company has gone through several ownership changes through the decades.

Today, Husky tools are part of the Home Depot product family. In other words, Husky is now known as Home Depot’s house brand. So, finding a Home Depot Husky truck tool box should be an easy task.Side-Mounted Diamond Plate Aluminum Husky Tool Box


Husky Truck Tool Box Selection Guide

When hunting for the right Husky pickup truck tool box, know that there are two primary types of tool boxes. Each piece of equipment has some nice features plus several downsides.

Single-lid Crossover Style Tool Box

This beefy-looking Husky truck tool box mounts across the truck bed. Designed for full-size trucks, this heavy-duty box has tons of storage, including some internal shelves and trays to rein in the clutter. This serious-looking tool box includes two locks for added security.

However, be aware of two downsides. You’ll likely need to climb into the truck to access your gear, and the crossover mount decreases the available bed space.Construction Worker Getting Tools from Crossover-Style Tool Box


Side-mounted Style Tool Box

This smaller tool box mounts on your truck’s side rails. The box fits full-size trucks plus certain mid-size trucks. The side mount makes it easy to access your gear, so you won’t have to leap into the truck multiple times every day. Mount one on each side to increase your storage space.

The side-mounted tool box has several downsides. First, this smaller box simply has less storage space. The lack of internal shelving means you’ll have to add your own inserts and/or storage containers. A single lock is the only thing standing between your gear and an ambitious thief. Finally, a side-mounted tool box prevents you from installing a tonneau cover or canopy.Full Sized Pickup Truck With Side-Mounted and Crossover Tool Boxes

Two More Factors to Consider

Next, consider two equally important factors when looking for the right box. When you find a tool box that satisfies both requirements, move it to the top of your list.

A Tool Box that Matches the Truck Size

During any given production year, you’ll find many differently sized pickup truck models on the market. To complicate the issue, the truck models don’t all accommodate the same-sized tool box.

You want to avoid the headaches involved in choosing the wrong-sized tool box. To do that, determine the right Husky truck tool box size before plunking your card down at the store.

For starters, know that truck tool boxes are available in several sizes. This means the box should fit numerous trucks in the same class. Although the boxes’ length and depth can vary, the widths are usually the same to match different trucks in that class.  

Consider Two Available Tool Box Sizes

Tool box sizes correspond to the truck sizes that will accommodate the boxes. Using that logic, a larger truck will accommodate a Husky full size truck tool box. A smaller truck is designed for a Husky mid size truck tool box or a Husky small truck tool box.

  • Full-size Tool Boxes: Designed for bigger pickup trucks such as F-150s, Sierras, Silverados, Tundras, Rams, and TitansCrossover Tool Box in Full-Size Pickup Truck With Open Tailgate


  • Mid-size Tool Boxes: Designed for compact and mid-size pickup trucks such as Frontiers, Colorados, Tacomas, and others.Toyota Tacoma Pickup With Aluminum Toolbox

Determine the Truck Bed Size

Before buying a Husky truck bed tool box, determine your truck bed’s size. Truck beds typically come in three general sizes:

  • Short Bed Size: 5’5”, 5’6”, 5’7” and 5’8”
  • Standard Bed Size: 6’4”, 6’5”, 6’6” and 6’7”
  • Long Bed Size: 8’

Measure your truck bed in four easy-to-follow steps.

  1. Determine the height of the truck bed rails. Next, measure the distance between the rails.
  2. For a crossover tool box, determine the distance from the outside of one rail to the same point on the other rail.
  3. Measure the distance between the bulkhead and the forward edge of the wheel well. Understand that certain short bed trucks may not be able to accommodate larger toolboxes.
  4. Note whether the Husky truck tool box will be attached with a J-bolt. If not, you may be forced to drill holes into the truck body. If you’d rather not go down that road, choose a tool box that requires no drilling.

A Tool Box that Syncs with the Truck’s Appearance

When you’ve narrowed down the tool box candidates, decide which one best meshes with your truck’s overall style. Consider the vehicle’s paint color, trim level, and bed lining color when making your decision.

More Bells and Whistles

Like many other pieces of equipment, a Husky truck tool box comes with a list of recommended options. These Husky truck tool box accessories will improve the tool box’s efficiency and make your life easier.

  • Cargo Lock Kit
  • Drawer Unit
  • Tie Down Kit
  • Tool Box Mounting Kit
  • Tool Tray

Before buying a drawer unit or tool box tray, confirm your Husky truck tool box’s dimensions. You want to avoid buying the wrong-sized box, as that means you’ll have to spend valuable time dealing with product return hassles.

Getting the Most from Your New Tool Box

To get maximum value from your new tool box, pull out the Husky truck tool box user manual. This handy reference is known as the Use and Care Guide. Inside, you’ll find instructions on using the box safely. Warranty information is also included, such as what is (and is not) covered.

But the Guide doesn’t stop there. You’ll find detailed tool box installation instructions, plus a list of included items. Here’s one situation in which reading the instructions really does make sense. Finally, note the parts list, which will save time if you need to order replacement parts.

Keeping it for the Long Haul

When you make any substantial purchase, you’d like the item to have a long, useful life. Here, you want your Husky truck tool box to perform as designed, and you certainly don’t want it to break. If you run into some unexpected problems, though, your Husky truck tool box warranty may come in handy.

Husky includes a three-year limited warranty with each Husky truck tool box sold. In plain English, the warranty begins on the date of purchase, and extends for three years.

During that period, if your tool box fails because of poor materials or shoddy workmanship, return the item to a Home Depot retail store along with the purchase receipt. Husky will replace the tool box with an item that equals or exceeds its value.

Here’s the Fine Print

Note that the warranty does not include “incidental/inconsequential damages.” Failures resulting from normal wear and tear, and those due to product misuse or abuse, also do not qualify for warranty coverage.

Husky Truck Tool Box Customer Service

Depending on your state, you may also have other warranty-related rights. Contact Husky Truck Tool Box Customer Service for details. The hotline is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST: 1-888-HD-HUSKY (or 1-888-434-8759).

These customer service hours are great for contractors and others who work normal weekday hours. If you encounter a problem on the weekend, however, you’re probably on your own. Get out the handy duct tape, and jury rig a solution until you can reach Customer Service on Monday morning.

When You Need More Parts

No matter what type of tool or system you own, you’ll always need a few replacement parts. Here’s a sampling of the Husky truck tool box replacement parts that might appear on your radar:

  • Clamps
  • Handle
  • Hardware (assorted)
  • Lift strut
  • Lock Cylinders
  • Side Adapters
  • Stanchion
  • Striker Bracket
  • Striker Pin
  • Tool Box Mounting Kit
  • Tool Tray
  • Weather Seal Foam

Of course, it goes without saying that your keys will go missing somewhere along the line. So, add Husky truck tool box replacement keys to your shopping list.

Cleaning Husky Truck Tool Box

Your Husky truck tool box is made of diamond plate aluminum. A super-clean aluminum tool box is a thing of beauty. To get it that way, dig out your jug of automotive windshield cleaner. Fill up a spray bottle, and send a few squirts toward the dirt and grease. Wipe down with a shop towel, and the aluminum box will shine again. 3 Tool Boxes for Sale in Pickup Truck Bed


If the grease is really caked on, pull out the big guns. Use a waterless lubricant solution on the box’s outside surface. The lubricating formula banishes the dirt, and the solution won’t scratch the box’s finish.

Finding a Husky Truck Tool Box for Sale

If you’re looking for a Husky truck tool box for sale, you’re in luck. A Home Depot Husky truck tool box should be easy to find in any Home Depot store. If you prefer to shop at Lowe’s, check out the Husky truck tool box Lowe’s selection. If Tractor Supply is more your style, that chain also carries the Husky truck tool box.

On the other hand, maybe you’d rather save some cash on your tool box. If that’s the case, put the feelers out for a used Husky truck tool box. If you don’t find one through your friends or coworkers, check out the Craigslist ads in your area. When you find a Husky truck tool box meeting your needs, keep it in good shape.

And although your Husky truck tool box will serve you well, a DECKED tool box will serve you even better. All DECKED tool boxes feature virtually bulletproof construction, and they’re designed to handle anything you can throw at them. In other words, DECKED is the way to go.