How A Wheel Well Tool Box Eliminates Awkward Space In Your Truck Bed


Eliminate Awkward Space in Your Truck Bed With the System That Serves as a Wheel Well Tool Box 

Ah, those wheel wells jutting up in your truck bed — as a kid, you sat on one and caught the warm summer breeze every time your dad took you fishing. As a grown-up, you feel the frustration: They’re just in the way.

Take a good long look at the DECKED Drawer System tool box, which goes beyond the average truck wheel well tool box. In fact, it covers the entire truck bed floor! You’ll gain lots of storage space and still have room on top for all kinds of gear.

This tool box isn’t your ordinary double wheel well tool box. At DECKED, we strive for excellence and humility combined, but we’ll tell ya — the latter is a tough prospect when we compare the DECKED system to any other wheel well tool box with drawers.

We don’t have to brag about it, though. All we have to do is show you.

A fisherman with a boat on the hitch of his pickup utilizes the drawers of the DECKED Drawer System tool box at the tailgate of his truck while fishing rods lay on top of the wheel well toolbox, which covers the typically  space-eating wheel wells.

What wheel wells? They disappear with the DECKED Drawer System over wheel well tool box.

There’s Much More to This Over Wheel Well Tool Box 

Every truck owner knows the frustration of trying to maneuver around the wheel wells in the bed of a pickup. Furniture has to fit between the wheel wells, or it’ll get all catawampus and unstable for the move from one place to another. The lack of a fully flat bed-wide surface limits both the amount of cargo space and the usable area for hauling.

Maybe you think you just have to put up with this quirk of owning a truck. Nope! All you need is the right over the wheel well tool box — and you can do better than a small, awkward box that’s only a few inches wide.

DECKED’s Drawer System meets your needs for a truck bed wheel well tool box. At DECKED, we anticipate beyond the basics. Not only does our system fit over the wheel wells, it also serves as a full length wheel well tool box, and much more.

This system:

  • Makes the entire truck bed usable
  • Creates a tough flat surface
  • Helps protect your gear
  • Makes it easy to organize your stuff
  • Can be tailored both for work and for play 

What you need is a better built wheel well tool box. Let us introduce you to DECKED’s Drawer System tool box.

A construction worker kneels on top of the DECKED Drawer System wheel well tool box and uses the ammo box on one of the four corners of the system.

For truck tool box over wheel well usability, DECKED’s Drawer System takes away the frustration of working around the wheel wells. Our ammo boxes in all four corners add more storage, too.

Gain Space With This Pickup Wheel Well Tool Box

You’re probably like most truck owners we know — at one point or another, you’ve wished you could actually use the space along the sides of your truck bed that seems to be wasted in front of and behind both wheel wells. 

Our dual wheel well tool box system is designed to go right over both wheel wells. It eliminates that annoying struggle to fit square items like pallets in front of, between, or behind the wheel wells in the truck bed. What the DECKED Drawer System offers upon installation is a flat surface that utilizes every inch possible in your truck bed.

Adding the DECKED Drawer System wheel well tool box gives you better access to the entire bed, too. The system is 12 inches tall, so when you put tools on its flat surface in the truck bed, they’re up higher and easier to reach. Even if you’re 6 feet, 7 inches tall and have arms longer than Stretch Armstrong, you’re more likely to save your back from a potential pull when you don’t have to lean so far to get to your gear. 

The dusty back of a pickup truck with the DECKED Drawer System installed offers space for storage over the wheel well area for items including gas cans and other gear.

DECKED’s Drawer System wheel well tool box creates a flat surface in the truck bed even over the wheel wells, adding storage and ease of use for most jobs.

Get a Tough Flat Surface Beyond Your Average Wheel Well Tool Box

The typical wheel well tool box is pretty small. DECKED’s Drawer System expands greatly on this concept. Look at options for an F150 wheel well tool box, for example. Only DECKED’s tool box covers the pickup bed, including the wheel wells. 

Both science and imagination are put to work in the DECKED Tool Box. What we call “ammo cans” not only provide storage but are part of the tool box frame on all four corners, working with the center I-beam to handle the weight you need to store or haul on top of the box.

Not only can DECKED’s wheel well tool box handle the weight, it can take the day-after-day punishment of your work and play, too. It’s impossible to dent, but easy to love. Made from materials from the future, the system is constructed with injection molded high impact polymer resin (specifically, HDPE, for High Density Polyethylene) with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement.

Designed like Fort Knox, DECKED’s Drawer System wheel well tool box is weatherproof, impact resistant, and won’t ding, dent, or rust. Tough beyond belief? We kinda think so. The steel reinforcement in this pickup wheel well tool box weighs in at about 70 pounds, a significant portion of the overall tool box weight of 230-240 pounds.

A man standing at the tailgate of a truck with the DECKED Drawer System wheel well tool box installed reaches with a key in hand to unlock one of the system drawers. Visible in the background is snow on top of the box.

The DECKED Drawer System wheel well tool box protects your gear both from the elements and from criminals who’d love to get their grubby hands on your valuable items.

What Other Wheel Well Tool Box Protects Your Gear Like This?

Think the American-made, Detroit-designed DECKED Drawer System provides a wheel well tool box beyond your greatest expectations? We’re just getting started on the benefits of this creation! 

Beneath the Superman kind of strength in the system deck are a pair of bed-length drawers that have their own kind of almost superhuman strength  — each can handle up to 200 pounds of payload. They feature cast aluminum handles, and they’re weatherproof, shielding your tools and other stuff from the elements like competitors such as the Weather Guard wheel well tool box.

We’re not gonna bad-mouth the competition. That’s just not cool. But we are gonna remind you that every inch of the DECKED Drawer System wheel well tool box is engineered to perform. As in:

  • Designed to attach to the tie downs in your truck bed, so there’s no drilling holes
  • Available to fit most trucks, as we have designs for 19 pickup styles
  • Built from almost 100 percent recycled material
  • Incorporate the maximum amount of UV inhibitors possible
  • Ergonomically designed

Dive into more of the engineering details here.

Want a theft-proof wheel well tool box? Of course you do — so you want DECKED. The drawer system, when installed, is out of sight and out of mind. We call it easy on the eyes, tough on thieves.

The system creates a flat surface covering the bottom of the truck bed, so you see just that with a quick glance. Thieves can’t get their eyes on that Remington you got for your birthday, or the DeWalt right angle stud and joist drill you use every day. They can’t get their hands on your gear, either.

DECKED has engineered this wheel well tool box so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry. Close and lock the tailgate, and the drawers are inaccessible from above. Lock the drawers for extra protection. 

A person in a heavy coat and cap reaches gear organized by D-Boxes, dividers, and more in the DECKED Drawer System wheel well tool box in the back of a pickup truck.

Organizing your DECKED Drawer System wheel well tool box with dividers and D-Boxes customizable for your needs is a cinch. 

Ready, Set, Organize 

Ever try a homemade wheel well tool box? What about a swing out wheel well tool box? There are variations on the concept, but the average wheel well tool box just can’t compete with the weatherproof DECKED Drawer System.

Instead of reaching over the side of your pickup to lift a lid and access a small wheel well tool box, you can comfortably stand at the tailgate and reach all that this system has to offer in two full bed length drawers.

They measure up to 72 inches, depending on the length of your truck bed, and can pull out 48 inches so you can grab your gear easily. Inside, customize the drawers your way. Use our Drawerganizer, dividers, and D-Boxes perfect for smaller items, or keep the space open for things like a rifle, shovel, and other lengthy items.

Do your own designing of the DECKED Drawer System to fit your organizational habits. Place up to four dividers to create larger or smaller separate compartments within the drawers. For quick access to smaller items, consider trays that sit in the top of the drawers. The Drawerganizer goes just inside most drawers, accommodating the placement of the handle, for the fastest access to smaller gear.

Don’t forget to consider DECKED’s weather-sealed D-Boxes, which are portable heavy duty plastic tool boxes that sit in the drawers and easily can be grabbed by the handle to take with you. Did we mention that the D-Boxes have dividers available, too? Yeah. Thought you might like that.

Two men prepare their rifles for target practice as they stand at the tailgate of a pickup truck utilizing the DECKED Drawer System wheel well tool box.

For work or for play, the DECKED Drawer System fits the bill.

Set Up Your DECKED System for Work, Play, or Both 

Most of the time, if you find a truck wheel well tool box, it does one thing: offer a little extra storage over or next to the wheel wells in your pickup.

The DECKED Drawer System tool box offers a whole lot more. And it’s designed to be flexible just for you.

Looking for a wheel well tool box under tonneau cover? This system fits just fine. Maybe you’re the quintessential outdoors kind of guy or gal and you haul anything from guns and ammo to garden tools to fishing rods, power tools, camping gear, and a wide range of other items on any given day. The drawers in this wheel well tool box can handle almost all of it.

Fill the drawers with gear, and you’ll still have plenty of space up top for a couple dozen bags of mulch, the ATV you bought for your grandson, or the loveseat your wife spotted at a yard sale and just had to have. Did we mention we make tie downs that affix on top of the box? Yeah.

The possibilities are, as they say, practically endless.

A man in a yellow hard hat pulls out one of the drawers of a DECKED Drawer System wheel well tool box in a pickup truck with a large wooden pallet of goods on top of the system.

With its flat surface and built in space to store and protect gear, DECKED has the best truck wheel well toolbox you’re likely to find.

DECKED’s Wheel Well Tool Box Does Even More Than Make The Most Of The Space in Your Truck Bed

This is not your granddad’s tool box. This tool box is from this century. The DECKED Drawer System truck wheel well tool box makes full use of every inch in the bed of your pickup. No longer will you need to work around the wheel wells jutting up in the back and in your way.

Even better, you get the weatherproofing, storage options, durability, and versatility that you demand and deserve.

Maybe you’ve tried a wheel well tool box, like the Dee Zee wheel well tool box dz95, or a WeatherGuard wheel well tool box. And you thought those were fine products from our competitors. We won’t disagree. There’s room in the market for all of us.

But you don’t have to settle for a small wheel well tool box that adds a little storage but doesn’t really address the difficulty of arranging a load around the wheel wells, or the PIA that it is to try to get something large to lay flat in the truck bed.

There’s a better way, and you can take advantage of it right now!

Start building your DECKED Drawer System today.

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You should get more than you expect out of any wheel well tool box. DECKED is up to the task.

Step up your game. Get DECKED!