The Many Faces of the Weatherguard Toolbox

The Many Faces of the Weatherguard Toolbox

The Weatherguard toolbox comes in so many forms that it rivals changes in the weather. Responding to customer demand over the decades, North Americans have seen this company expanding to include the Weatherguard black toolbox, the advent of the Weatherguard toolbox lock, and others like the Weatherguard transfer tank toolbox combo.

Beyond these newer products, this brand also makes a Saddle Box, Lo-Side Box, Low Profile Lo-Side Box, All-Purpose Chest, and many other variations. You also won’t be hard-pressed to find Weatherguard toolbox replacement parts or customers driving around with a tonneau cover with the Weatherguard toolbox.

Because many people know this brand and are not concerned about the Weatherguard toolbox prices, which can be pretty steep, they forget to look elsewhere. So, before we look at what DECKED offers, we’ll take a closer look at what this brand provides.

Black Weatherguard Toolbox Material

Weatherguard typically makes its truck toolbox in black, silver, gray, or clear, from steel or aluminum. The color of this toolbox is due to the ARMOR TUF® Powder Coat, which protects the toolbox and gives customers color options.

Something like the Model 126-5-03 Saddle Box, Steel, Standard, Gloss Black, 10.6 Cu Ft has many features that appeal to customers. Some of these features include easy installation, durability, and the fact that you enjoy as much bed clearance as possible.

Weatherguard's Model 126-5-03 Saddle Box, Steel, Standard, Gloss Black, 10.6 Cu Ft.

This specific toolbox model is made from steel, which appeals to so many people. They believe that steel is tough and durable (which it is), which is part of the Weatherguard toolbox price, making it a fairly high-end price for a medium market product.

Black DECKED Tool Box Design

However, DECKED uses HDPE or high-density polyethylene to make its Tool Box. HDPE is highly resistant to impacts because DECKED uses industrial-grade plastic. Whoa! HDPE is as tough as steel?

Yep, it really is, especially when you make it with injection molding. It has no seams, keeps its original shape even under intense duress, and will never rust or buckle no matter what you throw at it. So, if you think you’ve seen every toolbox on the market, think again! DECKED is creating a buzz with its new Tool Box, that’s also far more cost-effective than the pricey ones from Weatherguard.

But what about the state-of-the-art Weatherguard toolbox locks? Good question—let’s cover the security of this brand compared with DECKED.


Weatherguard Toolbox Locks

Everyone serious about their toolbox knows that securing costly equipment is a priority. Weatherguard understands this concern, so they now make their truck toolbox models with incredible locking systems.

Many of the Weatherguard toolbox models now come with the patented 1Key Ultralock from Weather Guard®, so instead of needing several Weatherguard toolbox keys, you only need one. However, if you have various toolbox models on your truck, you may need to replace the locks or lock cylinders for the Key Alike feature to work.

Image of the icon red push button on Weatherguard's locking system in the indented position.

Fleet managers love this new addition because it reduces losses from theft. You get to use one code across multiple boxes on one truck or a fleet of vehicles, which is really convenient with the innovative push-button lock system, which is tamper-resistant. Once you lock the box, the push button lies flush with the toolbox, making it difficult for thieves to gain entry.

One more convenience is that the Weatherguard toolbox has PowerSync™. This feature enables you to gain keyless entry to your toolbox and activate the interior truck box lights, which is pretty neat. But, of course, some of these security features are optional extras that cost more. And if you happen to misplace your keys or someone breaks into your toolbox, you can buy new Weatherguard toolbox replacement locks.

DECKED Tool Box Security

No need here to be messing around with where to find key code on Weatherguard toolbox because DECKED keeps things simple. Due to the design of the DECKED Tool Box, you can’t get in unless you have the key.

You also won't struggle with remembering codes (among those for your home, PC, phone, bank cards, and everything else) because you get two keys when you purchase this tub. One is to access your toolbox, and the other is a spare. DECKED also sells key lock replacement parts.

When the tub lid is closed, it is safe from theft. When the lid is locked, the tub is theft-proof.

The security on the DECKED tub combines an armored security locking mechanism, super tough HDPE, lid reinforcements made from steel and aluminum, and a rain gutter between the lid and tub that strongly discourages breaking and stealing.

Just like Weatherguard, we put the DECKED tub through its paces. We learned on our journey that using 21st-century materials and manufacturing methods created a box-like Fort Knox—unbeatable, unbreakable, and something that will outlast the competition.

Now, if you want to know more about how to break into a Weatherguard toolbox and are impressed with what you find, you’ll be even more amazed by the DECKED Tool Box. We keep it simple yet effective, AND it won't cost you an arm and a leg. You also shouldn't worry about finding a DECKED replacement key or a Weatherguard toolbox key replacement because both brands cater to customers losing these items,

Weatherguard Protection

Weatherguard cornered the market with its name and then created its ARMOR TUF® Powder to protect its toolbox models from the elements. As they state in their product descriptions, this powder finish will give your toolbox years of dependability. This company also uses a complete weather seal on its truck toolboxes to safeguard your equipment.  

DECKED Weather and Waterproofing

Even in the dustiest conditions, the DECKED Tool Box keeps your gear free of dust.

With the DECKED tub, the weatherproofing and waterproofing are primarily inbuilt in the HDPE plastic from which it is made. We also include UV protection to prevent fading, and this box will never rust because HDPE is like the cockroach of plastics. So, long after your steel toolbox is nothing but a rusty frame that reminds you of what once was, the DECKED Tool Box will still be around to protect your gear.

And although HDPE is long-lasting to the point of being near indestructible, it means far more when combined with a clever design. This intelligent design includes treated hardware so nothing in the box will attract rust while ensuring that water and dust stay away from your tools. We also include galvanized steel and aluminum in our tub to keep your gear safe.

Another brilliant creation is the roof gutter on the lid's lip and the tub. This roof gutter is evidence of more smart thinking to protect your costly equipment. The cover also features weatherproofing and waterproofing seal gaskets for greater protection.

Now, you can say that the Weatherguard truck toolbox also uses this type of thinking, but they haven't yet made a full-size tub from industrial-grade HDPE. If they do, they'll probably charge more than double the price you get from DECKED. And if they do charge a premium, then you will probably do yourself a favor by looking at a Weatherguard toolbox for sale.

Better yet, the DECKED Tool Box meets and exceeds what Weatherguard offers at a fraction of their prices—brand new and without compromising on quality.

The Weatherguard Lid

Weatherguard makes quite a big deal about its lid. They say it opens to a 90-degree angle to make it easier to access toolbox contents. This company also optimizes its toolbox latching system so that you can open and close its toolbox models with less force.

The DECKED Tool Box Lid

DECKED didn't need to do too much thinking about its lid. We knew what worked well and what did not, so installing torsion spring steel opening mechanisms wasn't a stretch. As a result, you can easily open and close the DECKED lid tub to get to your tools, and you never need to worry about the lid slamming down on your fingers.

Weatherguard and the Tonneau Cover

You can use a tonneau cover with some Weatherguard toolbox models, but not all. As with many products, you will need to check this compatibility with the manufacturer.

DECKED and the Tonneau Cover

Similar to Weatherguard, the DECKED Tool Box also only works with some tonneau covers. You can contact us at for help to determine whether your tonneau cover is compatible with our Tool Box.

Weatherguard Originality

Because the toolbox manufacturing business is so competitive, companies must constantly innovate to provide customers with something new. Weatherguard uses their 12-volt access PowerSync™ accessibility as a unique selling point (USPs).

This company also advertises its toolbox models as possessing enhanced tie-down buckles, which provide more clearance for multiple or universal. Weatherguard also claims that it has redesigned its Saddle Box to be in line with growing consumer expectations.

Overall, while these USPs and its locking system attract buyers, the DECKED Tool Box incorporates many of its own USPs that outweigh what Weatherguard offers in many instances.

DECKED Innovation —The Retooled Tool Box

DECKED didn’t just upgrade its products, it started from scratch to retool (not just add on) its Tool Box. The outcome is a tub unmatched by other brands. Instead of using steel or aluminum, DECKED uses the modern HDPE material with injection molding to create a seamless tub that will never rust.

Pack up to 500 pounds of gear in the DECKED tub and still have plenty of space on the truck bed to secure cargo with the tub's inbuilt tie-downs.

This tub can handle a 500-pound payload and includes tie-downs in the bottom of the tub (inbuilt), so you always have them with you no matter what. What this means is that you can transport far more with this storage solution without stressing whether the extra cargo will harm the tub's contents because it is impact-resistant. Sure, the Weatherguard toolbox is tough but is it as tough as DECKED? We think not!

Also, DECKED includes free modular storage with the tub, so you don't have an issue planning your storage. You also won't have a problem sourcing DECKED accessories and parts because that's all available online or from our various dealers throughout the U.S.

What Weatherguard doesn’t have, which DECKED does, is the integrated optional ladder. This ladder lies firmly inside the tub, allowing you the extra convenience of retrieving your gear without breaking a sweat.

If you haven't yet experienced the sheer pleasure of this benefit, you know you're missing out on something genuinely exceptional. Combine these USPs with all the others that DECKED offers together with reasonable pricing and financing, and you have a winner, so step aside, Weatherguard, the new kid's in town.

And because DECKED is small in relation to Weatherguard, you receive personalized, friendly service when you want help. But you’re probably wondering where to find DECKED dealers to get your truck kitted out with a toolbox that looks just as sexy.

Store your gear smartly in the tub with the Snack Tray and D-Box.

Weatherguard Toolbox Dealers

After reading through some of the features of the Weatherguard toolbox and the benefits of the DECKED Tool Box, we’ll be surprised if you still want a Weatherguard product.

If you do, you can simply do an internet search for Weatherguard toolbox dealers to find what you want. You can also find dealers to provide you with Weatherguard toolbox parts or find out if you can find a Weatherguard toolbox for Tacoma vehicles.

DECKED—Simplifying the Tool Box Dealership Search

With DECKED, finding a dealership is simple. Just go to this link to find dealer locations nationally or internationally (or apply to become a dealer). Here, you can also subscribe to the DECKED newsletter to receive information about new products, competitions, and ongoing innovations.

The Many Better-Looking Faces of DECKED

DECKED makes its Tool Box and integrated ladder and its Drawer System for the perfect storage solution on wheels.

You can do a quick website search to determine if DECKED customizes its Tool Box and Drawer System to fit your truck make and model. The chances are good that it will, and if not, we suggest you trade your pickup in for one that is DECKED compatible.

If you swap out your pickup truck, you can then order the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System for an easy install, no-drill storage solution. This investment will increase productivity, reduce injury, and lower your total cost of ownership.

Ultimately, you will have a storage solution with many faces that are all better looking, are of excellent quality, and reflect an investment with which no Weatherguard toolbox price can compare.