The Weather Guard Pack Rat Vs the Decked Storage System: Which One Is the Right Choice for You

The Weather Guard Pack Rat Vs the DECKED Storage System: Which One Is the Right Choice for You?

Whether you’re working on your automobile in your garage or on the road, you need the correct equipment for the job. Having the right toolbox is also necessary, even if you have the tools. With this in mind, it should be able to hold more than just the essentials and be durable enough to survive the elements while being portable.

What is a Truck Bed Storage System?

Before comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the Weather Guard Pack Rat and DECKED Storage System, let’s take a closer look at the fundamental function of a truck bed storage system.

Using a truck bed storage system is a way to keep your vehicle bed neat and organized.

Since most people don’t have the time to go through and reorganize their pickup truck every time they use it, we’ll just say that it gets messy back there.

Why do you need a pickup truck bed storage system?

Your rig should be put to its best advantage thanks to a truck bed storage system. You can not only store the items in your bed, but you can also seal them off from the outside elements. Isn’t it the best? There is nothing to worry about.

So, if you’re fed up with stuff flinging out of your truck bed when you drive too quickly or with always misplacing items in the back of your truck, a truck bed storage system is what you’ve been looking for.

On the other hand, many pickup truck drivers have a lot of gear and tools with them at all times. It is common for these to roll around the truck bed, ruining the vehicle’s finish.

Scratches caused by tools are noticeable and can inflict long-term damage to your truck’s appearance.

When the weather is bad, you can keep your belongings dry in the pockets and compartments that are equipped with weatherproofing.

Things to keep in mind before buying a truck bed storage system

It’s important to do some research before settling on a truck bed storage system because there are so many to choose from.

Here is what you need to keep in mind when making your decision:

Size of your truck bed

The dimensions and design of the truck are critical considerations. Before making a purchase, double-check that you have accurately measured the truck bed’s length and width.

Portable or mounted

The second most crucial consideration is how you want to put it in place. In the event that you don’t want a permanent truck bed storage system, then a portable one is the best option. As a bonus, it’s easy to remove, and the installation is non-invasive.

For those who want to improve the truck bed’s utility permanently, a mountable one is an ideal option for you.

Weatherproof heavy-duty material

In addition to protecting the goods in the rear of the truck, a weatherproof storage system will prevent the truck bed from coming in contact with moisture.

The fact that these storage systems are made of waterproof, heavy-duty materials is one of the things that is best about them.


Manufacturers have produced a variety of truck bed storage systems, including drawers, pockets, and segments, among others, to meet a variety of requirements.

Which one would be the most appropriate for you? That is, after all, the actual question. It all depends on what you’re carrying with you. If the items are small, a pocket is a suitable option to carry them in.

Drawers or pockets are ideal for storing items such as tools and equipment. Both of these solutions are excellent. When it comes to more oversized items, a divided storage system is the most effective.

The Weather Guard Pack Rat vs The DECKED Storage System

If you’re looking for a solid drawer system for your truck bed that not only meets all of your needs but is also reasonably priced, look no further. We will compare the Weather Guard Pack Rat and the DECKED Drawer System in this article. These two businesses are industry leaders in the tool box market, and these two pull-out storage solutions demonstrate their high-quality standards.

Features of the Weather Guard Pack Rat

WeatherGuard pack rat toolbox

A variety of Weather Guard Pack Rat tool box drawer unit sizes and combinations are available. This article will show you how to pick the optimal Pack Rat unit for your requirements.

Weather Guard Pack Rat Features

  • The Weather Guard low-profile tool box design conceals and secures large things while lowering the amount of space available in the truck bed.
  • The Pack Rat unit’s reinforced structure allows up to 750 pounds of material and supplies to be loaded on top of it without destroying it.
  • The Pack Rat units are made of 14-gauge steel on the top and sides and 12-gauge steel on the bottom-heavy duty skids.
  • The One-Touch® latch system makes it simple to operate with just one hand. Pull the lever to open Pack Rat after pressing the button to unlock the unit.
  • Even when loaded to maximum capacity, the Weather Guard pack rat tool box drawers have a smooth glide roll-out that opens effortlessly, putting frequently needed items within easy reach without the need to step up onto the truck bed or into a vehicle.
  • Each drawer has a load rating of 425 pounds evenly distributed and is weather-stripped.
  • Dividers can be readily changed around to customize your Pack Rat to meet your specific storage requirements.
  • The ARMOR TUF® Powder Coat finish from Weather Guard ensures years of dependability.
  • All Pack Rat units are backed by Weather Guard’s unrivalled Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Weather Guard Pack Rat Load Ratings

All Weather Guard Pack Rat drawer units can hold 425 pounds in each drawer and 750 pounds on top. To keep your big tools and equipment safe, you can store them in this enormous Weather Guard pack rat drawer tool box capacity.

The heavy-duty roller system allows the drawer to open and close smoothly even when it is fully stocked. You can stack a pallet of material on top of the unit just like you would normally do in the bed of your truck because of the 750 pound top capacity.

Equipment like air compressors, welders, and generators can be mounted on the 750 pound top capacity.

Weather Guard Pack Rat Organization

Stackable Weather Guard Pack Rat tool box organizer units can be used independently or layered on top of one another to maximize storage capacity. Each unit is completely customizable thanks to the supplied dividers, which can be moved around to allow you to organize all of your tools and equipment in a tidy and orderly manner.

Taking the 338-5 Pack Rat unit as an example, it comes with 24 separate dividers. This enables you to make place for larger tools or equipment while also creating smaller compartments for smaller objects that you wish to keep arranged adequately as a result.

It goes without saying that the Weather Guard Pack Rat is an absolute must-have for anyone who operates out of their truck or van on a daily basis.

Thousands of construction workers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and other tradespeople around the country rely on Weather Guard Pack Rats to keep their tools and equipment safe and well-organized.

To find the perfect Weather Guard Pack Rat for your needs, click HERE.


Since 2013, DECKED has led the way in providing working men and women with innovative, solution-oriented truck bed storage products and accessories. DECKED now offers one of the greatest in-vehicle storage systems on the market and has swiftly established a reputation—one that stands tall among giants. DECKED has also quickly established itself as a top brand in the area of aftermarket truck accessories.

DECKED storage system

DECKED’s aim is simple and straightforward: to improve your life.

  • Security is nothing new to the DECKED Drawer System. DECKED drawers are designed with security in mind:
  • A galvanized steel subframe supports and reinforces them
  • Are made entirely of 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Feature a strength-to-weight ratio that is easily accessible to everyone
  • Stainless steel hardware and cast aluminium handles are included
  • The Weather Guard tool box locks has a sturdy key-locking system.
  • There are two locking points: the first is the Drawer System, and the second is the tailgate, which is up and locked as well
  • It’s similar to Fort Knox
  • Even the most well-prepared professional thief would be challenged
  • No one is going to be able to get in. That’s all there is to it.

Weather Resistance and Durability

Weather resistance / DECKED in the snow

We don’t take a day off because of terrible weather, and there must be a storage solution that can withstand our rigorous work ethic. DECKED’s heavy-duty products are just what you’re looking for. As a result, DECKED designers made sure that DECKED drawers could handle anything Mother Nature threw at them, from rain to snow. DECKED drawers:

  • Are entirely waterproof and watertight. HDPE is weatherproof, won’t rot or degrade over time, and all hardware is coated with strong rust inhibitors.
  • Are constructed with UV protection, so they won’t crack or be damaged by the sun or rain.
  • Even in the harshest climates, won’t scratch, ding, or corrode.
  • Ensure that your valuable tools and gear are kept safe and in the condition in which they were intended.

The drawers may contain some mist or small particles, but this is quite rare. The contents of your drawer will remain dry and secure unless you plan on travelling through the world’s biggest sandstorm.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

Accessibility of DECKED storage system

DECKED understands the significance of ease of use and the value of making sure your tools are readily available in seconds. The ability to summon all of your belongings at the snap of your fingers should be available to you. That, after all, is the ultimate goal.

  • On sealed bearing wheels, you can slide out effortlessly and smoothly as butter. The drawers will never bend or bind because there are no tracks or slides, and the more weight you put in them, the smoother they will roll.
  • The drawers bring your belongings to you and make your life easier by offering modular storage options and dividers (more on these later). Isn’t that what this whole business is all about?
  • The DECKED drawers also allow you complete access to your truck’s genuine bed. DECKED can handle a 2,000-pound payload and covers the wheel wells for a wall-to-wall, level load surface. DECKED restores (if not increases) the surface area of your vehicle bed.
  • It doesn’t require using a bed liner or using a drill to install, and it’s available at a more affordable price.
  • Because of its optimum strength-to-weight ratio, the drawers will make your life easier and your tools more accessible.

That is about as simple as it gets.

Organization, Modular Storage, and Accessories

DECKED modular storage solutions

All of your storage needs can be met by DECKED’s modular solutions. We were looking for cutting-edge technologies that could be used both in and out of the vehicle. There are no limits to your mobility with DECKED. Let us show you how we ease your burdens:

  • The DECKED D-Box is a huge, lockable, waterproof tool box with a gasket-sealed lid that can withstand a beating while still keeping your items safe and secure. Take it to-go by fitting two in a short (5’5”) drawer and three in a regular (6’6”) drawer. Simply take it out of the bag and carry it with you wherever you go. Tactical guns should be kept in a drawer, and ammo should be kept in a D-Box. Alternatively, you might put your camping equipment in a drawer and small hunting tools in the box. Choose from desert tan or blue, and quickly swap them out for your next journey.
  • The Crossbox from DECKED is a half-size counterpart of the D-Box that is just as robust. Without the key, no one will be able to get into these, and your belongings will stay dry and exactly where you left them. Fits all DECKED drawers: lengthwise in narrow midrange drawers and crosswise in wide full- and midsize drawers. Choose from two colours: desert tan or blue, then get started on creating the streamlined arrangement you’ve always wanted.
  • DECKED’s innovative Drawerganizer™  neatly fits the front of the drawer, maximizing the space surrounding the locking mechanism that would otherwise be wasted. All full-size truck and cargo van drawers and midsize truck wide drawers are compatible with the DECKED Drawerganizer™. The Drawerganizer™ , which is simple to install and costs only $20, will make the most of every square inch.
  • But let’s imagine you’re trekking or trying to get out of trouble. Isn’t it true that you want a bag? The DECKED D-Bag is your answer. The D-Bag combines a hard shell bag and a tool box into one convenient package. It can be worn as a backpack, horizontally carried, or as a briefcase (for the days you have to go into the board meeting after your hunt). It not only fits inside the drawers and Tool Box, but it also matches your specific lifestyle. Its military-grade construction and double reinforcement provide the highest level of security and protection. There’s a tool roll and tool sleeves inside, as well as aluminium carry handles and an integrated duffel bag (yes, you get a whole other bag).
  • DECKED’s custom-made kaizen foam inserts are ideal for preserving delicate and pricey instruments. Whatever you’re transporting: hunting and fishing gear, rifles, musical instruments, cameras, they can be stored in a drawer, the D-Box, or the Crossbox.
  • DECKED dividers take your company to the next level. Make the drawers specifically for your gear and other items. They’re easily detachable and modular, allowing you to customize them to your specific needs. They come in a variety of sizes and sets of two or four, and you can get a mix of what works best for you and will make life easier for you.
  • Plugs for drainage will transform your dry storage into wet storage! You’re going to a tailgate, and you’re in charge of the drinks? Save the day by using a drain plug and turning your drawer into a cooler.
  • The DECKED tool box is the newest member of the DECKED family. We’ve given the DECKED Tool Box its own section below because it’s so clever. You may want to hang around for that. For the time being, just know that there is nothing else like it on the market.

Vehicle Compatibility, Dimensions and Product Weight

A man checking the dimensions of Decked Storage System.

Any Toyota Tundra or Taco, Chevrolet Colorado or Silverado, Ford F-150, or any other make or model is covered by DECKED. Most recent pickup vehicle models and brands are compatible with DECKED systems. Midsize truck or cargo van DECKED drawers are also available.

Let’s talk about dimensions now. Because each DECKED storage system is custom-tailored to the contour of your truck, there are no major gaps or voids that collect debris. The following are the dimensions of a typical truck bed:

  • Approximate product weight: 200-230 lbs
  • Approximate width: 63”-71”
  • Approximate length: 75.25”
  • Approximate height: 12”
  • Individual drawer capacity: 200 lbs
  • Payload capacity: 2,000 lbs


Everything about owning a DECKED product should be simple, from beginning to end. That is why DECKED engineers went to great lengths to make installation as straightforward as possible. DECKED engineers worked diligently to ensure a no-drill installation, resulting in the highest possible market value for your truck when it comes time to sell.

It requires a small amount of assembly, but after that, the installation is straightforward: Slide the structure into place, secure it with screws, slide in the drawers, and attach the tailgate-end wheels.

There’s no need for rocket science here, thanks to our DECKED guarantee.

Warranties and Shipping

DECKED Drawer Systems are shipped for free within the continental United States and arrive in 5-7 business days. The shipping time from the moment an order is placed to the time it is delivered is around one to two weeks.

If there are any problems in construction or materials, your DECKED Drawer System is covered by a lifetime warranty. Even if you re-sell the drawers or the truck they’re in, the warranty will remain in effect for you and not the new owner. In this case, the guarantee is not valid:

  • To the harm caused by misuse, mismanagement, or deliberate abuse
  • If you utilize it incorrectly or in violation of our instructions or suggestions
  • If you don’t follow our installation instructions, it won’t work
  • To natural abrasion and deterioration
  • If it was damaged in transit and you failed to report it
  • If a natural disaster harmed it and you failed to disclose it
  • If you wanted to install your F150 system in a Humvee or Suburban, you’d have to modify it to fit

DECKED, on the other hand, has never failed to warrant an issue, knowing that a happy customer is what it’s all about. Simply tell us the truth or a fantastic story.

Options for the Tool Box

Tool box options in decked's storage system

The DECKED Tool Box is a must-have 21st-century truck accessory for any truck owner. DECKED’s innovative Tool Box is unlike anything else on the market, and it works with the DECKED Drawer System in select 8-foot SKUs.

Let’s have a look at the Tool Box in detail:

  • Durability: For ultimate protection against dents, scratches, and punctures, it’s made of high-impact, injection-moulded polymer ASA and HDPE resins. NOBODY is getting inside this device, which is also composed of anti-corrosion steel hardware and aluminium for long-term sturdiness.
  • Accessibility: This is the only toolbox in the game that has been designed with accessibility in mind. The Tool Box comes with a built-in telescopic ladder that fits neatly underneath the top. You can pull it out when you need to get to your stuff and then slide it back in when you don’t. Without having to get into the bed, you can access almost half of your storage from the side of the vehicle.
  • Weather resistance: The Tool Box is totally weather resistant. To withstand extreme weather, it is constructed with a continuous waterproof architecture. Do your best, Mother Earth. Try us.
  • Lid Support: The hinge is supported by a torsion spring that runs along it (easy to open and close the lid with one hand).
  • Options for Organization: It includes a DECKED D-Box and can accommodate both the D-Bag and the Crossbox.

The price range is $699.99 without the ladder and $874.99 with it.

To Wrap it Up

The DECKED company is on a mission to make your life easier by resolving all of the most common truck storage issues while being entirely cheap.

If you’re searching for an in-vehicle storage solution that ticks all the right boxes, DECKED is a good option to explore. DECKED is a solution that is designed and manufactured right here in the United States, for all working men and women, and for you.