Used Snap On Tool Box vs. DECKED - Which is Better?

Used Snap On Tool Box vs. DECKED - Which is Better?

Used Snap On Tool Box vs. DECKED – Which Is Better?

If you want to pay over $30,000 for a top-of-the-range new Snap On tool box, you may get the same or a similar used Snap On tool box for half that price. Likewise, if you find a cheaper used Snap On tool box for sale, you may pay $2,000, assuming a 50% discount.

Of course, there are Snap On shelving products and cheaper tool storage options on offer from this brand. But why would you buy a Snap On used tool box when you can purchase a brand-new DECKED Tool Box for much cheaper?

Even used Snap On tool box prices far outstrip the DECKED Tool Box new. And if you want to research a used Snap On tool box price guide from this company, they’ll probably offer you 30% of the latest price on a product you’ve recently purchased. It’s not worth it, but if you’re married to the idea of getting a Snap On tool box, then look for one on sale elsewhere.

If not, our advice is to explore the DECKED Tool Box because it delivers a unique storage solution that you may not yet have considered.

DECKED Mobility

Before you look at a used Snap On tool box truck, check out the level of portability you have with the DECKED Tool Box. It fits your truck brand like a glove (just search to check whether we customize our tub for your vehicle).

Image of the DECKED Tool Box installed on a pickup truck.

Once you find your vehicle on the list, you’ll appreciate how having a storage system on the go trumps many others. If you add the DECKED Drawer System to your purchase, it will likely be more cost-effective and convenient than any Snap On used tool box for sale.

Not only do the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System complement each other well, but they’ll also both be cheaper than many choices from Snap On. Also, you can carry your workshop with you everywhere you go because there are few limitations to owning these two products.

The only limit (if you can call it that) of the DECKED Tool Box is if you have a stationary workshop. Only then might it be beneficial to search for “buy used Snap On tool box.”


Another benefit of looking into DECKED is that these systems are imminently suitable for job sites and outdoor activities. Any in-built storage system should be versatile. It should also add to the appearance of your wheels, and this one does.

Once installed, you have a storage solution that looks as sexy as your truck, and organization is straightforward. Simply get your organization right and keep enough D-Boxes and Crossboxes on hand to swap out work gear for recreation equipment.

This strategy will save you the hassle of packing and unpacking work tools for hunting or camping. You can even color coordinate your packing system by using blue accessories for work and the desert tan for the fun stuff.

Image of the DECKED Tool Box in action on a construction site.

However, you use the DECKED products, their portability and versatility far outstrip any used Snap On top tool box. Consequently, it is virtually impossible to get the same benefit level from any Snap On product.


Let’s briefly look at the used Snap On tool box value. If you see a Snap On tool box used for sale advert, the price will likely be around 50 to 60% of the new price, assuming it is in good condition. For certain, many people wanting to dump their Snap On tool box will try to get the highest price possible. But, in turn, buyers will want to beat them down on the price because they likely also have to pay shipping costs.

The shipping is free when you order the DECKED Tool Box unless you order additional items. In that case, you’ll need to pay a small fee for these items. And if you’re a fleet manager who invests in the DECKED Tool Box or the DECKED Drawer System, the resale value of your assets goes up, not down.

Screenshot of a DECKED website page explaining how the DECKED Drawer System reduces total overhead costs, increases the replacement cycle the average resale value of assets.

In contrast, and to answer the question, “will Snap On pay cash for used tool box?” – we mentioned the answer above. The resale value of your Snap On product drops by 70% when you walk out the door or order and receive their products online.

For many customers, investing in a DECKED product equates to adding value—to the quality of their work and recreation. So, if you want value, then buy DECKED. If you still want a Snap On tool box used product, read through the many “for sale” ads online.

People sell their Snap On storage systems online because they get better value. Unfortunately, this strategy often still means that these second-hand products are more expensive than new products by DECKED, which means that the Snap On tool box used value is just not as good as you might imagine.

If that seems like a good deal to you, then go ahead. However, if you specifically need a rolling tool box for a stationary workshop—then find an ad for a tool box Snap On used item that works for your circumstances.


You can order DECKED products online or search the web page for a dealer in your area. Heck, you can even apply to DECKED to become a dealer if you love affordable quality storage systems.

Similarly, you can search adverts to “buy used Snap On tool box Indianapolis” or a “used Snap On tool box for sale in Atlanta GA.”

Image of the DECKED Tool Box search results, featuring a search for dealers in Indianapolis, OK.

Before you waste time doing that, we recommend a simple search on the DECKED site to determine whether there are dealers in your area. In all likelihood, you’ll find what you’re looking for without breaking a sweat. If you specifically want help with the rapid installation process of the DECKED Drawer System or DECKED Tool Box, then a dealer is the way to go.

If you don’t mind spending around two minutes (sober) to install your DECKED Tool Box, then just order directly from us online. You’ll have the product on your doorstep within 5-7 business days and often within three business days.

And if you live in Arizona and want a new storage system, forget about looking for a used Snap On tool box for sale in Phoenix because we have what you want. Unless, of course, you don’t want the portability, value, and versatility of our tub, please continue your quest to find a Snap On triple bank tool box used (probably at more than twice the price of our Tool Box)!

So, onto the good stuff about what level of value you can find in the DECKED Tool Box and how the features of this tub provide ongoing customer benefits.

DECKED Tool Box – Features and Benefits

You get more than you bargain for with the DECKED Tool Box because we produce this product with a lengthy list of features and benefits. These features and benefits make for a storage solution fit for the 21st century.

#1: Future Materials = Durability

We’ll keep this section short because technological advances need little explanation when they’re so advanced.

Image of a motorcycle wheel connecting with the durable DECKED Tool Box.

DECKED uses a plastic polymer known as HDPE or high-density polypropylene. This HDPE is so durable because it is industrial grade. Industrial grade plastic together with injection molding gives our customers a tub that can hold a capacity of 500 pounds worth of tools and equipment. It can also stand up to a massive 2000 pounds of evenly distributed weight without damage.

Because the DECKED Tool Box uses future materials, it is durable. This tub will never arrive at its destinations with dings, scrapes, and dents like many cheap aluminum products. It keeps its form, so you receive an easy install product as modern and sexy as your truck. As far as durability and sexy go, you are unlikely to find the same benefits in a Snap-On tool box used version, no matter how durable it is.

#2 Design Structure = Security

Careful design is also an integral feature of the DECKED Tool Box. Besides injection molding that ensures a sexy shape, aluminum and steel reinforcements in the lid translate into an unbreakable structure, created with security in mind, and one that will cause thieves to go running for the hills, calling “foul play” to their mamas.

On top of these intricate design features, the tub has a rain gutter. For thieves to violate this secure design is like trying to break into Fort Knox or get out—it just doesn’t happen. And if it does, there will be hell to pay.

Not even someone with a crow bar can break through the tub/lid interface.

Besides, the armor locking system is no child’s play either. We deliberately placed the lock on the driver’s side, and once you turn the key, you have yet another design feature to secure your possessions. If you lose the two keys that come with the tub, and unless you’re a locksmith, you ain’t breaching this system.

Your gear stays safe, and thieves will move on by because it’s going to take a smooth operator to steal your stuff—and they won’t have the time or the gumption.

#3 Organization Style = Packing Envy

We might not sell our tub with tools like the used Snap On tool box kr7100c, but that’s because tools are really personal items. Despite not selling tools, we do manufacture a modular system that increases your organizing skills.

The DECKED Tool Box results from in-depth research, so when we speak of organization jealousy, that’s what it creates (when you have one). DECKED ships this tub with a Snack Tray, D-Box, and tie-downs. That’s right—your organization's gifts just tripled.

Pack the smaller stuff in the tub (remember it takes 500 pounds of gear) and use the tie-downs to securely load up those logs, car engines, deer, or whatever else you need to transport.

Besides these benefits, you don’t just throw the Snack Box and D-Box into the tub; they have their own space where they fit perfectly. The Snack Box nestles in the side of the tub on the driver’s side, while the D-Box rests securely on its own internal supports.

Image of the installed DECKED Tool Box showing how much gear you can pack into this tub.

Moreover, the tie-downs connect to the tub’s base—so no loose ends. And, underneath the D-Box, you can load more equipment (just place this gear with sharp ends away from the tub’s base).

Still think you need a used Snap On tool box in Tucson AZ. Read on…

#4 Protection = Longevity

You have UV protection in the HDPE injection-molded tub, so no weather is going to deprive it of its sexy black matte look. In addition, gasket seals that contain temperature and chemical resistance and hardware that is rust and corrosion resistant all serve to preserve the longevity of this product.

Big scientific words like HDPE, PP, or polypropylene, and EPDM or ethylene propylene diene monomer are just confusing, but they work to protect this tub.

Other phrases like high-impact density, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum all form part of the protective materials in the DECKED Tool Box.

This tub will not rust, degrade, lose its shape, or succumb to the weather thrown at it or anything you throw its way. It will remain good-looking and protect your stuff long after you sell your pickup truck.

And if you still don’t believe that the DECKED Tool Box is an excellent investment, then do your Craigslist used Snap On tool box search. Just don’t claim buyer’s remorse until you check out the following features and benefits.

#5 The Integrated Ladder = Market Leadership

The DECKED integrated ladder is as sexy as your tool box and as sexy as your truck.

DECKED loves pushing the boundaries and being market leaders, and this is one benefit that puts us ahead of the game. The integrated ladder nestles snugly in the tub and telescopes smoothly to the ground. The outcome? You no longer need to do gymnastics to get at your tools.

And, the Winner Is…

The future of the tool box is here, and it’s here in the form of the DECKED brand.

We’ve upped our game so you can do the same because you deserve a new storage solution that is sexy.

Clearly, the winner in this scenario is the DECKED Tool Box, so put your thoughts and dreams of a used Snap On tool box behind you and order your DECKED Tool Box today.





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