US General tool box vs Decked tool box: Who Wins

US General Tool Box vs DECKED Tool Box: Who Wins?


What Should I Look for in a Tool Chest or Cabinet?

Storage capacity is an important consideration but it should not be the only consideration when choosing a tool chest or cabinet. In order to get the most out of your equipment, you'll want to invest in the best tool storage containers on the market.

Ideally, the frame should be made of 18-gauge steel, but other thinner gauges may perform just as well. Ball bearings should be used in the drawers to make them operate smoothly and with less chance of derailing. Liners keep your tools from sliding about or becoming too dirty, so they're a must.

Unless you've narrowed your options down to two or three that are almost identical, don't consider the price. A good tool chest should outlive many of your most valuable tools, so if you buy a cheap one, you'll have to buy a new one in the future. Even while portability has its advantages, you should weigh that advantage against the benefits of a high-quality permanent cabinet before making a purchase decision.

One option is the Harbor Freight tool box.

Benefits of Harbor Freight Tool Boxes

  • Convenience: Whether you're working at home in front of your workstation or on the job site, most Harbor Freight tool boxes make it easy to get to your gear. When you're in a rush and need to find a specific instrument quickly, these tool boxes with sliding drawers, organizer trays, and lift-up lids are ideal.
  • Durability: Harbor Freight toolboxes are known for their long-lasting quality. Materials such as thick, durable plastic or welded steel are utilized to make these boxes, which are designed to withstand use and abuse. 
  • Versatile Options: Harbor Freight tool boxes offer a wide range of options in terms of size, shape, weight, and even design. You have the option of selecting a tool box that is meant to be stationary, portable, or even carried around in a bag. These toolboxes can do everything.
  • Streamlined Organization: Having a Harbor Freight toolbox provides you with simple, organized storage. There are plenty of places to store everything from tools to accessories, thanks to features like drawers, trays, and little compartments. Add-ons like custom-sized drawer organizers are available for many of these.

Types of Harbor Freight Tool Boxes

Steel Tool boxes

Harbor Freight's steel toolboxes are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Steel tool boxes come in two varieties: portable ones with a handle on top and stationary ones that rest on a tabletop or a bigger tool cart. Both types are useful and has a different number of drawers and liftable lids. It's worth noting that all steel alternatives are incredibly sturdy, but they are also susceptible to dents, scratches, and rusting corners.

Plastic Tool Boxes

Plastic toolboxes are lightweight but not as durable as steel toolboxes. They're the ideal travel companion because they're easy to carry. The bumps, shocks, and unpredictability of working outdoors aren't an issue for them. When it comes to the downside, plastic toolboxes might crack over time, and they can't withstand heavy use.

Fabric Tool Bags

Harbor Freight sells fabric tool bags, which are less prevalent but are an option for those that prefer them. Thanks to their shoulder straps or handles, carrying these backpacks is a breeze, which keeps your equipment safe and secure. Waterproofing or water resistance can be added to some if they are correctly constructed. However, fabric bags aren't designed to hold heavy or sharp tools without wearing out or weakening.

What is the Harbor Freight US General Tool Box?

 The Harbor Freight 44 inch US General Toolbox Roller Cabinet is an industrial-grade roller cabinet that is built to last. The durable, easy-to-to-clean industrial powder coated finish is ideal for any garage. Double slides on the large drawers are standard on this unit. It's possible to store a wide range of tools in the double bank drawer configuration's 13 drawers, which has a storage capacity of 14,000 cubic inches.

Harbor Freight US General “Series 2” 44-Inch Tool Cabinet

  • High capacity, full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides. Double slides on large drawers.
  • All welded steel construction
  • Industrial powder-coated finish resists rust
  • Secure detents keep drawers closed
  • Heavy-duty 5 in. casters – 2 fixed and 2 locking swivel
  • Non-slip pre-cut drawer liners in all drawers
  • Barrel lock keeps your tools safe and secure

Over the years, Harbor Freight has built a reputation for producing some of the best tool storage units on the market. While certain Harbor Freight goods have gotten a bad name, US General chests and cabinets are routinely recommended for mechanics.

There are 14,000 cubic inches of storage capacity in this industrial-grade roller cabinet. All-welded 18-gauge steel, powder-coated industrial finish, four 5-inch heavy-duty casters, and two locking swivels make this cabinet a pleasure to use.

The Harbor Freight US General tool boxes colors are yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and black.

harbor freight us general color boxes

Additional storage is provided by two side cabinets that can be ordered separately. There are now six colors to choose from in the new Series 2. You may also get Harbor Freight's best-selling product in 56-inch and 72-inch sizes.

The drawer depth has increased from 16 inches to nearly 19.5 inches, making this heavy-duty tool cabinet a worthy successor to the wildly famous Series 1 tool chests.

Double ball-bearing slides are installed in each of the 13 high-capacity drawers. In order to keep your tools safe and secure, a double-bank setup, detents, pre-cut drawer liners, and a barrel lock are all included.

Exactly as described, this is a top-notch product. Customers say the drawers work perfectly and are quite strong. This unit is an excellent addition to any garage workplace when paired with a top chest.

However, there are some issues with this tool box.

The Drawbacks of the Harbor Freight US General tool box

Everything has its flaws, and this tool box has its own problems. Occasionally, the locking mechanism can seize. 

There is also a concern about the configuration of the drawers, which is lacking in variety. This may necessitate some tinkering to have your tools organized in a way that works for you.

Despite the popularity of free shipping, you won't get it here. Shipping costs $150 and the product's delivery criteria might be time-consuming and challenging to meet. In addition, the Harbor Freight US General Tool Box is not available in-store, and there is no option to have it shipped to the store.

But worry not, there are alternatives to the Harbor Freight US General tool box.

What is the DECKED Tool Box Drawer System?

Using DECKED's Truck Bed Drawer Tool Box to organize your truck bed or cargo van is an easy DIY project. The DECKED Drawer System is an almost indestructible one-stop storage solution. A filing cabinet for your truck or cargo vehicle, DECKED provides drawers with convenient access to their equipment and supplies.

DECKED was founded in 2013 and manufactures their products in Ohio.

DECKED tool box drawer system

The Drawer System is a do-it-yourself option that can be easily installed in virtually any truck or cargo van model.

Two thousand pounds of evenly distributed payload capacity is provided by the DECKED Drawer System and each drawer can hold 200 pounds.

Truck beds and cargo vans may be transformed into mobile garages with the Drawer System's assortment of modular accessories.

DECKED has spent over a decade developing its product using cutting-edge engineering, research, and and development. The result are storage systems from the 21st century.

The DECKED Drawer System

Consider a DECKED Drawer System if you need to move and store more tools than the US General toolbox can ever hope to handle.

These drawers are attached to the truck bed of your pick-up or work truck behind a reinforced high-density resin secondary truck bed. The high-impact top is more durable than the truck's actual bed, allowing for extra storage capacity on the top of the vehicle.

Drawer System Includes Drawerganizer, CrossBox, D-Box and Drawer Divider


The DECKED Drawer System's most distinguishing feature is the drawers themselves. Individually, each of these high-capacity drawers is capable of holding up to 200 pounds of tools, equipment, or other goods. There are dividers and smaller tool bins in each for easy division. In reality, the drawers are made to hold our plastic tool storage boxes like the DECKED D-Box and DECKED CrossBox. The DECKED Drawer System is a tool storage and transportation system that is superior to the US General tool box in many respects.

The use of a powerful locking system is one of the options available to you. The DECKED Drawer System comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to match today's most popular automobiles.

A DECKED Tool Box, closed

The DECKED Tool Box

These tool boxes are meant to be positioned behind the cab of a pick-up truck or other working vehicle. The DECKED Tool Box is constructed of high-impact plastic resin reinforced with aluminum and steel. The final product is a sturdy and waterproof tool chest with an armored locking mechanism that is exceptionally secure. There's no guarantee that your tools will be safe even on a well-known and respected construction site.

DECKED Tool Box, open

A watertight gasket seal, a spring-loaded top door, and a full 73.4-gallon capacity are all included. Our smaller storage toolboxes fit within the cabinet, making it a toolbox organizing system. Additionally, a D-Box and Snack Tray is included in the DECKED Tool Box's purchase price for your convenience. Additional tool storage options and a ladder for large truck beds are all available as add-ons.  

You should have a clearer understanding of whether or not the US General Tool Box meets your expectations. If not, you know what other options we have available to you.