Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Truck Toolbox

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Truck Toolbox

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Truck Toolbox

A truck toolbox is essential, especially if you have many tools. It helps you organize and protect them from damage. Thus, the type of truck toolbox you need depends on the size and number of tools you have. If you only keep a handful of essential tools, a portable toolbox will work for you. However, if you are an established craftsman with a large assortment of tools, a truck toolbox will be helpful.

The DECKED truck toolbox.

No matter the type of toolbox you have, taking good care of it is essential.

Simple but Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Truck Toolbox

At DECKED, we know the value of a high-quality truck toolbox; that's why we will enlighten you on ways to maintain and care for your toolbox. Here are simple but essential tips you need to take to maintain your truck toolbox.

Wipe Off the Dirt from Your Tools After Every Use

It is essential to clean your tools after every use. It would help if you wiped off moisture and dust from your tools before placing them in your truck toolbox. This helps prevent rust from forming on your tools. For dusty tools, you should use a soft and dry cloth to wipe off the dust. If your tools have grease or grime, you should get any degreaser to restore their condition.

Avoid letting grease build up in the toolbox because it can affect the condition of your tools. At DECKED, we have high-quality tool boxes that make it easy for you to keep the tools clean. They are made from high-quality materials that prevent corrosion. While the truck bed toolbox can prevent the entry of moisture, you should avoid keeping tools with grease and other wet substances. This is because they can trigger rusting from the inside. Cleaning tools after use will prevent any form of rusting because our DECKED truck toolbox won't let in moisture and other rust triggers.

Keep the Truck Toolbox Organized

If you want to get the best out of a toolbox for trucks, keep it organized. It is not appealing to have a disorganized toolbox with tools scattered all over it. By organizing your toolbox, you have a productive and clutter-free workplace.

The best way to organize is by taking out your tools, grouping similar ones together, and placing them in a unique area in the truck toolbox. Our DECKED truck toolbox makes it easier for you to organize your tools since it comes with usable partitions and drawers.A well-partitioned DECKED truck toolbox to make organization easy.

It also comes with various truck toolbox accessories that make organizing easier. A truck toolbox with drawers is vital if you want to have a neatly organized toolbox. Thanks to our truck toolbox dividers, you can neatly arrange tools without any confusion. Keep the small tools in one drawer while the larger ones occupy the remaining space. You can imagine how cumbersome it is to pick out smaller tools from a disorganized toolbox. Therefore, if you want to maintain your truck toolbox, organize it.

Get Rid of the Wood Dust

If you are a carpenter or your work involves drilling wood, you should clean the dusty tools before putting them back in the toolbox. Failure to do so, wood dust will accumulate inside the toolbox and cause damage. For instance, it can make the tools unnecessarily dirty, affecting their performance. Besides, wood can attract irritating pests like termites that cause significant damage. You should also wipe the interior of your truck toolbox with a dry, soft cloth.

With wood dust off your tools, the truck toolbox will be in excellent condition. Every working day means more wood dust accumulates on your tools — you need to clean them regularly. You should also avoid keeping the truck toolbox open, especially when working in an environment with wood dust. Some of the wood dust can find its way into the truck toolbox and trigger rusting or corrosion. Even though our DECKED truck toolbox can prevent rusting, you get rid of any wood dust that could cause it.

Lubricate Rollers and Wheels

No matter the kind of truck toolbox you use, it will have parts that need oil lubrication. One of the areas that need lubrication is rollers and wheels. While these rollers make it easy for you to open and close your truck toolbox, lubricating them is very important. Luckily, lubricating your truck toolbox wheels and rollers is not challenging. All you have to do is spray some oil into the joints.

This helps facilitate more effortless movement and keeps the toolbox in excellent condition. It also prevents moveable parts from corroding or rusting. You are highly encouraged to lubricate your truck toolbox, especially if you notice the rollers are becoming stiff. While a small truck toolbox can quickly move around, it is vital to ensure that it is well lubricated. At DECKED, we have high-quality tool boxes made from long-lasting materials. Its rollers are also easy to maintain, preventing the risk of rust and corrosion.

Keep Its Top In Excellent Condition

While polishing the shell of your truck toolbox, remember the top. Our toolboxes have a metal top that makes them easy to maintain. All you have to do is polish it with oil like you do with the shell. There are other truck toolboxes with wooden tops — these are ineffective because they are exposed to moisture. This makes their wooden top start rotting and compromise with the structural integrity.

Therefore, get a high-quality toolbox from DECKED that has a solid and easy-to-maintain metal top. Your tools will be safe from moisture that could make them rusty.

Polish and Wax Its Shell

The shells of a toolbox are highly susceptible to rust. This is more likely to be the case, especially if you keep the toolbox in a damp environment. If you fall under this category, you should wax and polish the shell regularly.

You should also avoid keeping your toolbox in moist places. If you keep your truck in the basement or garage, ensure a dehumidifier that draws moisture from the air. This creates excellent conditions for your truck. It will also guarantee the durability of both your tools and toolbox. Thus, to take good care of your tools, ensure they are kept in a rust-free toolbox.

At DECKED, we know exactly what you need. For that reason, we designed high-quality truck toolboxes that are resistant to rust and are easy to maintain.

Don't Overburden Your Truck Toolbox

A truck toolbox has a limit on the number of tools it can hold. This applies to both the inside and top of the toolbox. Our DECKED toolbox can store many tools given its large size. It has enough space to keep all of your work tools. However, it doesn't have enough space to hold all the tools in the world. It would help if you didn't overburden your truck toolbox with excessive tools.

If you see that the toolbox is full and can no longer hold additional tools, find another place to keep them. Overburdening your toolbox will affect its ability to function effectively. You should also avoid using the top of your truck toolbox to keep heavy tools. Yes, our DECKED toolbox is made of highly rigid material that can hold up to 2000 lbs of payload, but this doesn't mean you should overburden it. Excessive weight could cause dents, damaging your toolbox.

Luckily, our toolboxes are designed so that there is enough space on your truck to carry other things. A mid-size truck toolbox could also facilitate more accessible transportation of other items.

How To Properly Organize Your Truck Toolbox

No matter the type or size of the truck toolbox you have, organizing it is fundamental. Whether it is a large truck toolbox or one with several compartments, getting used to organizing it regularly is helpful. This habit will make life easier for you. Organizing your truck toolbox will also increase its durability, making it serve you for much longer.

As experienced toolbox makers, we know the right approach when it comes to organizing your toolbox. Apart from making it easy to access your work tools, organizing your toolbox also frees up spaces in your toolbox. You won't spend a lot of time scrounging the toolbox looking for smaller tools. Knowing the size of your toolbox truck is also crucial. This is because some toolbox storage systems have large drawers and small drawers for different tools. In that case, you will have to match tools with the right drawer to avoid confusion.

A neatly organized DECKED truck toolbox

Make sure that small-sized tools are in a unique location where you can easily access them. If you have a side-mounted toolbox, you should utilize the leftover space in the truck bed. Luckily, our DECKED truck toolboxes have several drawers that make organization easier. You will have sufficient area to keep your tools depending on their sizes. You will also be able to utilize enough truck bed storage.

Tips To Consider When Organizing your Truck Toolbox

There are different types of toolboxes available on the market. This means that organizing them might depend on the specific type of truck toolbox you have. Nonetheless, we have developed a general guide that will help you organize your truck bed. Even though truck tool boxes have different types and sizes, these tips will help you get the job done.

Know The Type Of Toolbox You Have

When it comes to organizing a truck toolbox, knowing its type is essential. Some of the truck toolboxes feature sliding trays. This means that you should be very cautious of the tools you place in each tray. The DECKED toolbox has ample storage space and is covered with a rigid metallic tip. On the inside, you can match your tools according to size and purpose. If you know your tools, this will be easy.

Place Tools in the Tray

After gathering all your tools, you should place them into the tray neatly. If you have tools that you use regularly, put them in the most convenient tray — one you can easily access. Getting a truck toolbox that applies to your specific needs is very important. Luckily, at DECKED, we have a wide range of options to choose from. Our toolboxes are customized to meet various conditions, including yours. Therefore, you should ensure that you get a DECKED toolbox that meets your standards.

Save Up Space

One of the benefits of organizing a truck toolbox is saving up extra space. Therefore, you should take maximum advantage of this benefit. You wouldn't want your toolbox and gear to take up lots of space on the truck bed.

The DECKED truck toolbox is excellent at saving up space in your truck bed. Each standard toolbox comes with an easy-to-grab D-Box that hangs in place within the tub. You can use this accessory to store various items in your toolbox. Furthermore, the toolbox comes with a handy Snack Tray that nests in place for small tools and gear.

How To Secure the Toolbox

If your toolbox is not mounted to your truck, you need to make sure that you organize your tools well. This will make it easier to safely lock the toolbox and secure it easily on your truck. A disorganized toolbox may not lock, and, if it locks, the tools may move while you drive, causing the toolbox to unfasten its locking features. Therefore, proper organization of your toolbox goes a long way in helping you safely secure your toolbox.

Truck toolboxes are ideal for providing sufficient security. Don't buy a toolbox that feels like you break into easily. Instead, come for the DECKED toolbox that guarantees maximum security. They come with a truck toolbox lock that provides extra protection. TheThe ultra-durable resin compound we have formulated will not bend or break under extreme attempts to gain entry. The high-quality keyed lock locks off the mechanism needed to open the box requiring a locksmith to pick it.

How To Clean Your Truck Toolbox

Having known how to maintain and organize your truck toolbox, you should also know how to clean it properly. While cleaning a truck toolbox is simple, different materials need various methods of cleaning. To cover all bases, we will give you tips on how to clean truck toolboxes depending on their material.

Cleaning Steel Truck Toolboxes

Steel is an excellent material to use for truck toolboxes because it is durable and affordable. It is a perfect option, especially if you need a high-quality toolbox that will withstand regular day-to-day usage. However, you must know how to clean a steel truck toolbox. with this in mind, Getting a reliable truck toolbox organizer is vital. This is because it makes cleaning a steel toolbox easier and more effective.

When cleaning, use vinegar and water to give it a good scrub. This will help get rid of tough debris and scratches. You can also opt for branded cleaners that promise to leave your steel toolbox with a shiny glossy finish. If you try this method, but your steel toolbox still appears dirty, you should use a steam heating method that eliminates a specific type of stain. Heat it and leave it to dry for a few minutes. Once it is dry, wipe it using clean cloth materials or paper. This will help restore its original look.

Cleaning Aluminum Truck Toolbox

If you have an aluminum truck toolbox, cleaning it regularly is very important. This is crucial, especially if you want to maintain its shape and color for a long time. We know that extreme weather conditions and the roads you drive on can make your truck toolbox quite messy. Also, the bird droppings, mud, and road grime that settle in between the diamonds make cleaning somehow challenging. This is why we have decided to enlighten you on ways to clean your aluminum truck toolbox efficiently. Here are four ways you can use to clean your aluminum truck toolbox.

Using Dish Soap

Get a bucket and fill it with hot water. Then, thoroughly mix it with liquid washing soap that can fight greasy particles. Make sure you stir the water until it blends in with the liquid washing soap. After that, sprinkle plain water into your aluminum truck toolbox. Get a nylon bristle scrub brush and dip it into the soapy water.

Thoroughly scrub the surface of your aluminum truck toolbox to get rid of dirt. Ensure you cover all areas that might have hidden dirt. Focus on the exposed surfaces as well as the joints. After that, rinse the toolbox thoroughly until the soap disappears. For the best results, you can try plating it with chamois cloth or a microfiber rag. This should restore your aluminum truck toolbox to its new state.

Using Phosphoric Acid

Another way you can wash your aluminum truck toolbox is using phosphoric acid. To polish it, start by drying it before you begin cleaning it. To do so, you will need nylon scrubbing pads, phosphoric acid, and metal polish. The nylon scrubbing pads you use for this purpose will depend on the size of the surface you are polishing. Given the corrosiveness of these elements, you should wear protective clothing. We recommend that you wear protective eye gear and latex gloves when handling phosphoric acid.

Beat the solid compound into the diamond-shaped treads until all the residue disappears. At this point, the mixture will appear whitish, which is very typical because the metal polish finishes off the look. Spray plain water on it dry with clothing before finishing off with metal polish. Let the metal settle for a few minutes, then wipe it off with a soft cloth. This will restore the state of your aluminum truck toolbox.

Clean and Polished Black Truck Toolbox

Using Coca-Cola

To do so, pour a can of cola on top of your aluminum truck toolbox and use a paper towel to distribute it evenly. Give it about five minutes to settle. Then, thoroughly scrub the aluminum toolbox with a stiff brush.

Doing so will remove the dirt with so much ease, leaving the surface in excellent condition. If you are satisfied with the results, rinse the aluminum surface with clean water. Make sure that no cola remains because doing it can corrode the toolbox. Then, clean it with a cotton rag or dry it with paper towels. You can also expose it to fresh air for it to dry. At this point, your aluminum truck toolbox will be shiny and look brand new.

Using White Vinegar

White vinegar is also a reliable way of cleaning the aluminum truck toolbox. To use it, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and directly spray it to your aluminum truck toolbox. Avoid spraying the whole surface; instead, go section by section, ensuring the white vinegar doesn't dry up. After that, deep a soft-bristled nylon scrub brush into the white vinegar — make sure all bristles are covered in white vinegar.

Afterward, thoroughly scrub the diamond-plated surface. If there are areas in the toolbox you are having problems accessing, use a toothbrush instead. You should also apply a coat of wax using a soft rag. Let it dry for a few minutes, then buff it into high shining. This will help restore its new appearance.

Cleaning Plastic Truck Toolboxes

If you have a plastic toolbox, knowing how to clean it is also essential. While plastic is not an ideal material for toolboxes, you could find them helpful in some cases. When it comes to cleaning them, you don't have to use a lot of energy. You can choose Coca-Cola to get rid of dirt on your plastic toolbox.

To do so, drop a few drops of cola and let it sit for 15 minutes. After that, water it down and dry it with a clean piece of cloth. Apart from Coca-Cola, you can also clean your plastic toolbox with soap and hot water. Using hot water is vital because it helps get rid of grease and other sticky substances.

Taking Good Care of Your Toolbox is Vital

Organizing and cleaning your truck toolbox is essential. Even though it might not be the most fun activity, it helps keep your toolbox in good condition. Besides, cleaning your toolbox helps extend its lifespan, enabling it to serve you for many more years.

Similarly, organizing your toolbox is beneficial. At DECKED, we know what an organized truck toolbox should look like. This is why we have created high-quality toolboxes that make it easy to store your tools. We also give you different options to choose from — whether you want a large truck toolbox or a small one for home use, we got you covered. While our DECKED toolboxes are durable and reliable, taking good care of them will make them last even longer.

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