Tractor Supply Truck Tool Boxes or DECKED?

Tractor Supply Truck Tool Boxes or DECKED?

A Simple Question: Serviceable Tractor Supply Truck Tool Boxes or Sexy DECKED?

You work your tush off to earn a living, and you need the tools to support productivity like any industrious individual. Storing tools and equipment for your business is necessary in many cases, so you need to find tool boxes that will help you achieve your goal. One place to start searching is for serviceable Tractor Supply truck tool boxes. Another is to find out what sexy DECKED can give you in this area.


Tractor Supply tool boxes come in many shapes for different vehicles or home use. You have the types of tool boxes at Tractor Supply suitable for workshops, DIY home use, and Tractor Supply pickup tool boxes.


This company either makes its products or stocks other branded tool boxes. When you stock such a diverse range of products, you can expect a variety of sizes, qualities, prices, and designs.


DECKED makes its Tool Box a permanent fixture (no-drill installation) for your pickup truck bed. It also makes the DECKED Drawer System. When you combine these two products, you mean business.


But before covering DECKED products, we’ll give you a brief overview of the truck tool boxes at Tractor Supply and some background about this company. Once you have the facts, you’re in a better position to see how DECKED outperforms these Tractor Supply truck bed tool boxes with its retooled Tool Box.

Image of the easy opening DECKED Tool Box, featuring the free, open Snack Tray and handy D-Box made from durable polypropylene.

Who Makes Tractor Supply Truck Tool Boxes?

The Tractor Supply Company started in 1938 by creating a chain of retail stores in America. They aimed to support the agricultural sector and provide products for home improvement.


Since 1938, the company has grown its headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee, to include 1923 locations. Some of these locations include subsidiary companies like LP, Petsense, Tractor Supply Co. of Texas, TSC Purchasing LLC, and others.


As with many startups, they grew, became profitable, and sold their business to National Industries in 1969. National Industries then sold the company to Fuqua Industries in 1978, which answers who makes Tractor Supply tool boxes.


Tractor Supply has grown significantly during the past eight decades, stocking multiple product lines and expanding its growth to meet customer demands. Now, Tractor Supply company tool boxes fans can get just about any style of tool boxes and other home improvements items in-store or online.

What To Expect From Truck Tool Boxes Tractor Supply

Here’s some ideas of the tool boxes for trucks Tractor Supply that may get your blood racing (until you learn more about the DECKED Tool Box, of course). First, we’ll look at the Tractor Supply tool boxes for trucks in the 70-inch range as the DECKED Tool Box measures 76”x22”x20.53” (L,W,H). After that, we’ll examine trailer tool boxes and round off this exploration with details of the DECKED Tool Box.

1. 71 in. Full Size Slim Truck Box, Matte Black, 79217154

This tool boxes Tractor Supply example is made from aluminum and fits a full-size truck, protecting your equipment. You can lock the box on either side, and it includes additional security latches made using a two-stage rotary automotive grade material.

Image of the black matte, 71 in. full size slim truck box, 79217154 in aluminum.


Additional features for this product include:


  • A one-piece, solidly constructed aluminum truck box
  • Use of weather-resistant seals
  • Adjustable strikers
  • Lid with auto-lift shocks to enable one-hand use
  • Pull handle latches manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Powder coat finish in matte black.
  • Capacity 6.5 cu. ft. (approximately 406 pounds)
  • Dimensions – 71”x13.5”x12” (L,W,H)


  • Tractor Supply tool boxes prices are affordable, mainly due to the use of diamond plate aluminum. This product sells for under $350.
  • Locking system
  • Powder coat and seals
  • Stainless steel handles


  • Aluminum is prone to dents and dings.
  • Despite the description of being a solid, one-piece construction, aluminum fabrication means shaping, heating, and cutting this metal, which contains joins Joins weaken metal structures, making them susceptible to weathering and decreasing their waterproofing capabilities
  • It only has one compartment
  • Product is imported
  • Only available for in-store purchase
  • Need to drill  into the pickup truck bed to secure these tool boxes in place


Unfortunately, no Tractor Supply tool boxes reviews were available to give you any further information on their experience of purchasing this product.

2. Low Profile Full-Size Single Lid Truck Box, Black, DZ 8170TSCLTB

This low profile range of Tractor Supply tool boxes trucks measures 69-3/4”x20x12-3/16 (L,W,H) and sells for under $380. As with the previous model, you can install this product on your full-size pickup truck and still have surface space for other cargo.


Tractor Supply's Low Profile Full Size Single Lid Truck Box, Black, DZ 8170TSCLTB.

Several features of this model are similar to the previous product and include:


  • Aluminum heavy-duty construction
  • Low profile allowing for clear rear view window visibility
  • Weather-resistant due to a semi-gloss black matte finish
  • The foam gasket is in a closed-cell foam form
  • High-quality locks and latches
  • It has a load capacity of 8 cu.ft (approximately 500 pounds)
  • Crossover style


  • Suitable for in and outdoor use
  • Large storage capacity
  • Affordable
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Aluminum is soft and can easily dent and scratch
  • Fabrication of metal causes weak joins that result in a lack of waterproofing
  • Imported product
  • One compartment limits storage organization
  • You have to drill through your truck bed to install this product


Overall, this is a basic product that had not attracted any Tractor Supply truck tool boxes reviews at the date of writing this article.

3. Topside Truck Box, 72 in.

This topside product is quite different from the oth er two Tractor Supply company truck tool boxes as it opens from the side rather than the top. As a result, some regard it as ideal for storing long equipment. If you purchas e this product, your truck bed may be clear for storing other items, but having to open the doors will limit this space.

Image of the white Topside Truck Box, 72 in. from Tractor Supply.


Instead of using diamond-plated aluminum for this product, it is made from steel. Other features include:


  • 9.4 cu. ft. of storage space, which is approximately 587 pounds
  • Features a locking system with three points, heavy-duty hinges, and body and door reinforcements for added security
  • Doors lock at the top and either side with a stainless-steel rotating T-handle that improves the security and strength of the structure.
  • It also features extra-strength piano hinges at full length for a robust container.
  • Measurements are 72”x12”x16” (L,W,H)


  • Large storage capacity
  • Steel structure increases the durability of these tool boxes
  • Large doors make it easy to store long items
  • Weather and waterproofing provided by weather-stripping seals and galvanized steel
  • T-handles are leak-proof
  • You receive the mounting kit, hardware, and heavy-duty legs when you place an order for this product


  • You only receive a limited one-year warranty.
  • Shipping is added to the selling price of approximately $450
  • Difficulty accessing equipment from this type of container
  • Unfortunately, this is not a no-drill installation process, so you will have to make holes in the truck to secure this item.


Many people will find this product useful, while others will consider it too bulky to install on their truck bed. The fact that the doors open from the front rather than the top also makes it difficult to reach the equipment you need at a job site quickly.

4. Trailer Tongue Box, TB461814

Front image of  the black Trailer Tongue Box, TB461814 from Tractor Supply.

Trailer tool boxes at Tractor Supply are handy for when you don’t have space on your truck bed and need more storage options. Of course, if you install the DECKED tub and Drawer System, you’ll still be able to use this tongue box in a trailer for extra storage. On top of these solutions, you also have the tie-downs in the base of the DECKED tub to secure cargo on the surface of your pickup truck.


Several features that you can look forward to with this trailer tongue box are:


  • Weather-resistant double-wall lockable lid that is also tamper-resistant
  • One hand closure
  • Gas shocks for dual dampening
  • Effortless lift paddle handle style
  • Aluminum lid and steel body
  • Dimensions are 46-3/8”


  • It fits most frame trailers
  • Durable steel and aluminum combo
  • The weather seal is form-fitting for tool protection
  • Storage capacity is up to 5.3 cu. ft. (approximately 330 pounds)
  • Security is in the form of a locking system for which you receive two keys (one spare)
  • Handy if you don’t have a pickup truck
  • Uses available trailer bar space economically


  • You need to use ANSI-approved safety goggles and sturdy gloves to install this product
  • No warranty available
  • You can pay about $30 for a protection plan to cover potential damage in the absence of a product warranty.
  • It is not always practical to hitch a trailer to carry your work tools with you.


If you don’t want to buy this or any other new products, you can always look fo r truck tool boxes for sale Tractor Supply. However, we strongly recommend you c onsider the DECKED Tool Box before you do that.

DECKED Tool Box – The Features, Pros, and Cons

Giphy of the DECKED Drawer System, Tool Box, and integrated ladder in action.

Far from being simply serviceable, the DECKED product line is both practical, cleverly designed, and sexy. Here you won’t find the standard diamond plate aluminum that is much softer than steel and less durable than high-impact polyethylene (HDPE) plastic at the robust industrial-grade quality.


DECKED is where you find a storage solution that helps you streamline your organization. It is the retooled Tool Box of the century that outweighs anything that has come before.


Delve deep into the features, pros, and cons of the DECKED Tool Box  so that you can finally put your mind to rest tha t no pickup tool boxes Tractor Supply can compare with:


  • Manufactured from HDPE – the cockroach of plastics which not even nuclear explosions can destroy
  • Seamless injection molding single construction
  • Torsion spring lid opening
  • Organization accessories that encourage organizational envy
  • Sexy black matte look with a glimmer of shine
  • Full 200-pound load capacity
  • Built like Fort Knox
  • Created to outlast you and your pickup truck
  • Steel and aluminum reinforced lid
  • Rain gutter
  • Exceptional waterproofing and weatherproofing features
  • Optional integrated ladder


Image of the DECKED X Pathfinder Survival Kit, which fits perfectly in the DECKED Tool Box.


  • The tub is theft-proof when the lid is closed on your pickup truck.
  • It’s nearly impossible to gain access to your gear due to the rain-gutter, lid/tub interface design, and armor locking system.
  • The armor locking system is on the driver’s side, so you remember to secure the tub.
  • Steel and aluminum lid reinforcements ensure the tub keeps its structure and keeps thieves at bay.
  • HDPE industrial-grade plastic will never rust, and injection molding means there are no weak points for weather damage or break-in attempts
  • Galvanized steel and treated hardware components and lid seals ensure your equipment stays dry and dust-free
  • DECKED accessories make the most of modular storage in the tub under the free D-Box, and you can pack quick access tools in the free Snack Tray
  • Because the tub has inbuilt tie-downs, carrying extra loads on the truck bed surface is conveniently simple.
  • There is still space to store longer items underneath the D-Box.


Image of the DECKED D-Box, which rests on supports within the DECKED Tool Box.


  • Easy opening lid with gas struts means easy opening and closing benefit and no finger and hand injuries.
  • No-drill installation takes two minutes and ensures you don’t mess around with your truck bed or vehicle value.
  • An optional integrated ladder ensures quick, ergonomic tool access from the side of the pickup truck. This benefit also equates to greater productivity and less stress on your back from getting on the truck bed to retrieve equipment.
  • Highly affordable
  • Free shipping
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Access to finance


Buy Your Sexy DECKED Tool Box Today

Image of an open DECKED Tool Box on a black pickup truck.

Now that we’ve c overed the Tractor Supply tool boxes, w e trust that you appreciate the benefits of the durable DECKED Tool Box.


Go through our FAQs  section to learn more about DECKED, or read our blog section for more information about the DECKED experience.


After you’re done exploring, place your order  for products that are sexy, are made from future materials, and that will outlast granddads' tool boxes.




















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