The Ultimate Survival Kit List - It’s Better to Be Proactive Than Reactive


The Ultimate Survival Kit List - It’s Better to Be Proactive Than Reactive

DECKED Survival Kit List

You might be a frequent traveler or a backpacker. You might be fishing or cruising for years, and fortunately, you have never met any emergency situation. But don’t let your luck lower your guard, because one thing in life is certain: unforeseen circumstances.


To survive any ordeal, it is better to be prepared ahead so you may confidently cruise through any unfavorable situation. Confidence helps you maintain focus and think things through, and instead of making sloppy decisions, it helps you analyze the situation and make the right call. Being prepared helps you pull yourself together and regain confidence.


An adequate level of preparedness can mean life or death to anyone–you, your family, your friend, or anyone with whom you are traveling. Being prepared means having a survival kit list that contains a checklist of basic to necessary items that can help you get through difficult situations and survive until help arrives.

Let’s Build a Survival Kit List for Different Emergency Situations

DECKED Uncharted Survival Kit List

To build a survival kit list, it is imperative to first determine the type of situations that could arise during your travel. Different situations call for different kits. For instance, if you are going to a hiking trail, you may require a hiking survival kit. If you are going to a forest or a national park, you may consider a wilderness survival kit list. Similarly, if you are going by road to the northern part of North America on a family vacation, you might require a winter car survival kit list in case you are stranded out in the cold due to any unforeseen circumstances.


We couldn’t possibly cover all the emergency situations where you might require a survival kit. However, we have put together a survival kit list for situations that are most commonly experienced – with two over-the-top kit lists because it’s a crazy world out there!

Any Emergency Survival Kit List

Emergency situations can be natural, such as a weather disaster, situational, such as a tire burst in the middle of nowhere, or just pure bad luck, such as receiving an injury. Regardless, there are a couple of must-have items that you should include in your emergency survival kit list to use in any situation. Let’s take a look at the following list of items for an emergency survival kit:

First Aid Kit

Injuries are common occurrences in emergency situations. A first aid kit is your best bet to get your injuries treated asap before it gets worse.

Emergency Food Supply

Food supply is necessary to keep you surviving in tough situations. But bear in mind, food supplies don’t include your favorite fast food items or desserts but energy bars so you don’t lose strength.


Things get scary when it is dark. Scary part aside, you won’t be able to make your way home or get any help if you can’t see anything. Therefore, get a high-power flashlight.


The human body can survive more than 3 hours if it loses its core temperature. A cozy blanket is what you need to keep yourself warmer (and alive for a while longer).

Drinkable Water

You need plenty of drinkable water in tough situations to keep yourself and your companion hydrated. So, make sure you either have a sufficient supply of drinkable water or a water purifier.

Local Maps

Whenever you leave home for hiking, fishing, camping, or any other trip, always keep a local map of the destination you are going to. It will allow you to track back to your home when you are lost.

Cell Phone Backup Battery/ Powerbank

Cell phones are one of the most necessary items you ought to have under any circumstances. You can call for help if you have a fully-charged cell phone.


In the following survival kit lists, we are skipping the items mentioned in the Emergency Kit’s section and include only situation-specific items. But bear in mind that the items listed above are a must in almost every situation.

Wilderness Survival Kit List

wilderness survival kit list

While you may be a regular hiker with years of experience in hiking tough trails, it is always good to have a survival kit list to survive in the wilderness. When you are hiking or camping in the wilderness, any survival situation may come to pass which could be as simple as spraining your ankle or losing your way for hours without food and water. The situation might become worse if you have a companion as well who may be totally dependent on you. A wilderness survival kit list is your best bet to pull you and your companion through in such situations. Here are some necessary items you additionally need in your kit.

Map and Compass

Losing one’s way is the most common situation in the wilderness because you are in uncharted territory. With a map and a compass, you can easily make it to your home or nearest help center.


Always keep a knife with you when you are in the wilderness as it comes in handy in many situations. You can use it to skin your hunts, such as a fish, cut cords, or trim branches.

Fire Starter

If you are not familiar with the primitive way of making fire with dry branches and rock, you may need a fire starter to cook food or keep yourself warm.

Signal Mirror

A signal mirror comes in handy when you are in the middle of nowhere. You can keep using the mirror to signal for help. A good signal mirror can be seen from up to five miles away.

Earthquake Survival Kit List

Sometimes, survival situations come knocking at your door either in the form of hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, or any other natural disaster. It is critical to understand that natural disasters like earthquakes are so powerful that they may disrupt electricity and water supply, and even damage food. Under normal circumstances, you can survive up to 3 weeks if you don’t have food, but the duration shortens down to 3 days if you lose water, and only 3 hours if you are stuck in a situation where your body temperature continuously drops.


And since we are talking about earthquakes which is a situation that might occur when you are at home with your family, it is imperative that you have an earthquake survival kit so you may be able to protect yourself and your family until aid arrives.


God forbid, if you ever find yourself stuck under some rubble caused by an earthquake, a whistle is your best bet to signal that you are alive.


Keep necessary medicines in case of any injury.

Winter Car Survival Kit List

winter car survival kit list

A winter car survival kit list includes gears that can help you get through cold nights out in the winter in case your car breaks down, smashes a tree due to fog and skid, or has a burst tire. Winter driving shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be lethal and you can see in the news how often people end up dying in their car as they sleep inside with windows closed and heaters turned on. While they wait for the sun to show up, the resulting carbon monoxide suffocates them. Therefore, you don’t only need a kit but also enough know-how to survive through the cold night.

Portable Air Compressor

Air compressors can be of great help when you have a tire with low air.

Safety Absorbent

Safety absorbents help you regain your grip on an icy road.

Fix a Flat

A “fix a flat” is an amazing hack to treat small holes in tires or slow leaks. When you inject the solution inside the leak and fill the hole. But keep in mind that it is only for temporary use so you can find the nearest garage to get the tire fixed.

Jumper Cable

If your car battery doesn’t start due to cold, a jumper cable will allow you to jump-start your car.

Bonus - Apocalypse Survival Kit List

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic is enough of a reason to believe that the apocalypse is nigh. The apocalypse can come about at any time in the form of civil unrest, a CDC pandemic just like Coronavirus, a nuclear fallout, or when the world loses all of its resources like water– think about Mad Max, Deep Impact, or Snowpiercer. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to create an apocalypse survival kit list and have all those necessary items somewhere you can access them immediately. Agree? If yes, then let’s take a look at the following important items you need to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Cooking Stuff

Yes, you need a gasket and a stove to cook food when you have nowhere to go.


Keep a gun with you just in case.


A multitool can help you open food cans, trim your nails, or even cut cords or bandages.

Bonus - Zombie Survival Kit List

cdc zombie survival kit list

What could possibly go wrong than finding yourself in the middle of a zombie outbreak? Nuclear warfare is soon going to go out of the picture and be taken over by biowarfare. After all, biowarfare can be conducted in a stealthy manner and no one would possibly know if it was the Umbrella Corp behind the zombie pandemonium or any other shady company. Whatever the case may be, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a zombie survival kit list. Here is the list of items that you may want to add to your shopping list.


You need binoculars to spot danger from miles away.

Baseball Bat

You need to ditch a gun with a baseball bat so you don’t attract more zombies…duh!


Get a beacon to signal others so you may group up and kill more zombies.

How Should You Carry Your Survival Kit?

Now that you know the list of necessary items to survive an emergency situation, the next question is how you are going to carry those items. Well, you can’t possibly contain them in a paper or organic shopper, so that’s out of the picture. You can’t carry them in a bulky hiking backpack that you can’t use in grab-and-run situations. That’s a complete no-no. So, what’s left?


When it comes to backpacks for carrying a survival kit, it is important that you consider three factors: weight, volume, and frame. You don’t need anything too heavy or something that can’t carry all the necessary items. Similarly, you don’t need a too large or too small backpack that can’t lift a few dozen pounds.


If you want a backpack that is built for use and abuse, and that is designed to load and carry your survival kit list cargo swiftly, then you should consider these lifesaving kits:


  • DECKED X Uncharted D-BAG emergency kit
  • DECKED X Pathfinder survival kit

DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

decked survival kit list

DECKED introduces its DECKED D-Bag coupled with Uncharted’s Seventy2 Pro Survival Kit, which packs all the necessary gears and resources that would allow 2 people to survive in most emergency situations until they receive any help. The DECKED proprietary D-Bag is built for use and abuse using a military-grade hybrid soft and hard shell material. Moreover, its versatile strap system enables you to carry the bag in whichever manner you feel comfortable with. For instance, you can carry it as a backpack, sling it over your shoulders, or carry it as a briefcase.


The DECKED D-Bag offers a 2500 cubic inches volume of space which means you can carry a boatload of items. Plus, the 19" x 16" x 9" frame of the bag enables you to feel comfortable using the bag in any setting or situation.


The Uncharted Seventy2 Pro survival kit list includes:


  • 1x duct tape
  • 1x multi-tool
  • 2x waterproof matches
  • 1x knife
  • 1x paracord, 100'
  • 1x shovel
  • 1x First Aid Kit
  • 2x antibacterial wipes
  • 2x emergency blankets
  • 1x emergency splint with instructions
  • 1x sunscreen
  • 2x air filtration masks
  • 2x chemical lights
  • 2x goggles
  • 1x Zeus portable power station and jump starter
  • 1x flashlight
  • 1x crank radio/USB charger
  • 1x emergency shelter
  • 2x hand warmers
  • 2x knit hats
  • 2x insulated, waterproof gloves
  • 12 x 200 calorie ration bars (total of 2400 calories)
  • 1x water filter
  • 1x 16 oz refillable drinking pouch
  • 1x 48 oz stainless water bottle

DECKED X Pathfinder Survival Kit

decked survival kit list

The DECKED Crossbox packs the Pathfinder’s emergency survival kit, hand-picked by experienced survival instructor and hunting guide, Dave Canterbury, offers a sturdy and durable make that is meant to endure harsh beating and abuse in tough situations. The 672 cubic inches of space and 40lb weight limit is enough to load and carry enough gears and resources that can help you survive through a night or two until you get help.


The DECKED Crossbox further features an EPDM lid gasket that can help you keep the cargo dry and secure. It is 100% USA-made, and it is compatible with DECKED’s other products, such as the Drawer System and Tool Box.


Dave Canterbury’s hand-selected Pathfinder survival kit list includes:


  • HD6 Ferro Rod with Striker
  • Mini Inferno Fire Discs
  • Pathfinder Reinforced Nylon Tarp (7'8" x 7'8")
  • 550lb Tensile Strength Paracord-- 100ft
  • 7” Blade Bahco Laplander Folding Saw
  • Pathfinder IFAK Emergency Medical Kit
  • Mora Bushcraft Black 3/4 tang knife
  • 32 oz Stainless steel water bottle and nesting cup


As mentioned earlier, survival kits depend on the situation you may find yourself in. Since your life depends on the choice of gear you choose to keep, it is imperative that you ponder carefully and pack important survival items.