The DECKED Studley Toolbox


DECKED: A Modern Studley Tool Box

Before the first colonists brought their Tool Boxes to the Eastern regions of this big “new” world, indigenous craftsmen from the Pacific Northwest had mastered a craft to safeguard their implements. At the helm of woodworking, practitioners already made, used, and stored tools.


Think of yourself planted aside an elderly ancestor working on his bench. You watch as he carefully wraps each tool in a flake of oiled sealskin and positions it into a beautifully made satchel of hard leather. The pack organizes and protects the fragile stockpile of the artisan’s craft. Think of this primordial tool box as a totem, signifying an ancient, highly revered stature of keeping safe weapons and tools.


Now back to the modern: At the open back of a pickup truck is a stockpile of beautifully organized cargo, but one thing particularly attracts  attention: An exquisite horizontal tools cabinet that displays as a thing of undisputed beauty and practicality. With a double divider sliding Drawer System , just like the old age leather satchel; the DECKED “Studley” Tool Box solves the problem of cargo organization, storage, and access for truckers. But behind this ingenuity lies an ancient inspiration-the Studley Tool Chest.








When It comes to the best general choice for a rugged, reliable and well priced truck cargo storage solution ; the DECKED Studley Tool Box is your best bet.



The story behind the Studley tool chest

An artisan's lasting legacy is usually in what they create with their tools. To do so, they may need to collect a range of equipment which occupy space and require their proper places for storage to perform properly. Utilizing such space is a craftsperson's greatest pleasure.


Driven by the demand for a creative tool storage solution incorporating the interplay between space, style, and functionality, Henry O Studley invented the Studley tool chest, a wall-mounted toolbox, almost the size of those folding garment bags but capable of holding up to three hundred 19th century handy tools for artisans. That it could hold so many implements and still hang on the wall is baffling. Well, to achieve such a feat requires ingenuity and artistry.

Using motifs from classical craft, Henry Studley designed intricate lift-up trays, arched enclosures, and gothic-style swinging doors. These holding mechanisms kept the tools as closely together as possible with little compromise to their accessibility. And the most critical aspect is that most of the tools could be removed and put back without moving others.

I can speculate why traditional tool boxes evolved into well-hung chests: maybe artisans were crowded by the bulky machines that filled shop floors which already were burgeoned with assembly equipment and workbenches. Or maybe it could have been the advent of poured concrete floors –a somewhat uncomfortable though necessary flooring material for workshops with heavy machinery. The tendency of concrete to rot any wood against it could have been a more inspirational reason for artisans to rethink their tool boxes. For once, Henry Studley had solved the problem of organization, access, and safe storage of handy tools.


     The Studley tool-chest while mounted on the wall  features a double door panel with compartments for organizing and storing various tools for ease of access.


Features of The DECKED “Studley” Tool Box

The DECKED Studley Tool Box is a 21st-century invention seeking to meet almost similar needs to those of the 19th-century toolmaker (reliable , safe and effective storage of equipment), only that now it has evolved into something different for more advanced utility: truck bed cargo organization and storage. As a paragon of spatial efficiency, the Tool Box would serve admirably for many tasks, including, but not limited to, offering space for storing:


  • Fishing equipment
  • Hunting gear
  • Tools and equipment for all manners of handiwork
  • Camping equipment
  • Construction gear

The DECKED Tool Box system is made up of recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) as its primary material, embedded onto a steel metal subframe giving it a rather rugged frame. This means it can receive a serious beating but still function perfectly, not to mention that it would withstand the wear and tear of rough outdoor activity.  


The DECKED Tool Box system is a true gem. Here’s Why:

The DECKED “Studley” Tool Box System commands captivating functional attributes with a keen commitment to detail and authenticity. It employs premium material for its makeup.

What is included?


DECKED Truck Bed 2-sliding Drawer storage System

  • This unique storage system fitted at the truck bed makes it easier to pick stuff out of the pickup truck. Each Drawer has a 200lb payload with a general size of 75.25in.L x 70in.W x 12in.H. But there is also a short version with a size definition of 64.54in.L x 70in.W x12in.H.

The Drawer system has additional storage offered by some four ammo cans at the corners.

The Drawers are easily accessible (reachable at normal standing posture and slide out at waist level). This means you can work in an “in-out” fashion from the pickup truck bed without worrying about body postural stability and gait, as little body sway and stretch are required.


                            Planning for a quite demanding outdoor activity ? A rugged , heavy-duty in-vehicle storage system is all you need.         

The DECKED Tool Box system: Like a Studley Toolbox Replica but for trucks!


Desert Tan D-box

This is the tool storage compartment. It comprises a sizable and rugged waterproof box that further takes the ergonomic advantage of the whole package to the next level. It features an interlocking design with handles positioned at strategic locations.


Wide Drawer dividers and Drawerganizer Drawer Bin

The Drawers are the sliding compartments that form the major storage bin. Each Drawer has a size definition of  72.1in long at the top; 66.1in at the bottom. The top and bottom have sizes 18in and 16.75in, respectively.


As a truck guy, you definitely are a tools guy and could use a smart storage system that maximizes every nook and cranny; not to mention that it needs to be out of Mother Nature's wrath-to resist all possible kinds of nature's brutality and still function perfectly.



There exists in the world many truck bed tools and gear storage systems. Among these, only a handful stand tall. Those in business to survive the test of time must regularly meet the ever-changing needs of customers. The DECKED Studley Tool Box replica concept is designed not just to stand out but to prove that over the course of seven years of collaboration between patrons, artisans, and engineers, a character strong enough to outlive turbulent industry waves has been forged. A careful combination of skill, belief, and a desire to change the pickup truckers’ experience of storing and preserving cargo has proven worth the while.  


DECKED has received a resounding approval rating from users across sectors such as in the military, farms, sports, and an array of other commercial usages. With a payload of 2,000 lbs distributed evenly on a flat top, you could literally load anything as heavy as half a ton truck on it and still be sure  that your truck will perform reliably. The DECKED Studley Tool Box is more than just storage: style and functionalities are brought together in a time-honored craft where every detail matters.

  • You have to lower the truck’s tailgate to access the drawers which have end handles onto which to hold and pull out towards you..
  • The drawers have small wheels, making their movement seamless, and they have spaces large enough to store many things and long enough to even store guns, golf clubs, fishing rods and hunting equipment.
  • The good thing about DECKED is that it is compatible with other truck bed accessories such as tonneau covers, a feature that is lacking in many other Tool Box brands, especially those designed to lie along the rails of the truck bed.


DECKED gave additional creativity to tool storage needs.With an organizer tray system, your cargo will be in order rather than mix and move around while the truck is on transit.

With waist level positioning ,working with DECKED is such a breeze; a normal body posturing and gait allows you to operate the system with such ease and comfort.



Waterproof and rust/corrosion-proof

A large percentage of the product’s material are the polymer resins HDPE and ASA which are high impact, lightweight, resistant, and very strong.  


This gives the product a unique impermeability, making it a good candidate for tough jobs in adverse weather such as in rainy or aquatic environments. But DECKED can withstand high temperatures too; a polymer casting gives it a 65°C thermal stability and, therefore, superb resistance to quite high-temperatures. These features combined make the DECKED Studley Tool Box concept an all-weather tool storage system for use all year round. But a little heads up, DECKED is not 100% airtight so it is quite normal for small particles (dust, mist and pollen) to find their way in, though you can be sure your tools will be kept dry and rust-free.


DECKED makes the most of what your truck has.




The DECKED Studley Tool Box comes with a draw lock system that keeps intruders out, securely keeping your gear. But this has to be obtained separately as it is not part of the standard model.



The system is compartmentalized and creates a segmented surface area making it possible to store essentials in an organized manner, distributing the weight evenly, thus ensuring up to 200 lb of cargo can be supported in each drawer without compromising functionality.


DECKED is compatible with many vehicles, including, but not limited to:

  • GMC Sierra
  • RAM 1500
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • Nissan Titan pickup trucks
  • Ford F250
  • Ford F150
  • RAM 2500
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Chevy Express GMC Savana
  • Nissan NV Models
  • Titan pickup trucks
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Ram ProMaster
  • Ford Transit


The DECKED Studley Tool Box allows you to work with a heck of a load on a flat surface while keeping your gear and other essentials safe. With the guarantee of resistance to cold and hot environments and a heavy-duty storage capability, you can be sure that your track will work as hard as you want it to.


Why is a “made in America” Tag important?

You’d notice how enthusiastic we are when talking about the product’s origin. A 100% US-based tagging helps to ramp up the perceived likability, (I mean, is there anyone who wouldn’t want to be associated with the USA, the world’s biggest economy?), just kidding — far from it, insisting on an American branding lends credibility, respect, and status to our customers. We guarantee having undergone the basic manufacturing standard tests with a green light to allow us to sell to the entire US market and to the rest of the world. We could proudly say DECKED has passed such regulations as safety and health. And to prove how environmentally conscious we are, DECKED is purely manufactured from recycled HDPE, aluminum, and steel. All our products are made in the Midwest, with our assembly and distribution lines in Ohio.


Who can use DECKED?

The inspiration behind the conception of the DECKED Studley Tool Box was the hope of coming up with an innovative solution for people whose daily activities rely heavily on vehicles for the storage of equipment and gear. And since its inception in 2013, the brand has offered a range of thoughtful storage accessories based on a philosophy of constant improvement to ensure that emerging consumer needs are met.


Everything about the product predicts the kind of work it was meant for: from high-density polymers, to stainless steel plating, to uncompromising weight-to-strength ratio, to a whopping 2000 lb payload evenly distributed on a flat surface, to a rugged design tough enough to resist a serious beating  and a precision-shaped frame to fit a range of vehicle sidewall topographies, all combined suggest that DECKED was designed for outdoor usage involving some of the toughest jobs. Whether it is fishing, camping, hunting, doing engineering work, woodworking, building, constructing, baiting—you name it, DECKED will turn your van or truck into a perfect outdoor rig.


Upon ordering, the units are shipped either immediately or within days, depending on several factors (time and day of purchase, distance to the pickup destination, weather, etc.).



While we strive to ensure utmost functionality and value, we cannot deny that sometimes our products may develop defects (though rare), which is why we have devised a generous warranty policy for exchangeables and repairs.


Free Shipping

As part of our discount program, we offer free shipping to all our customers within the USA, though we like to stress that this is a one-off offer for the initial purchase of all things you order as a package, which is why you should be careful to tick all the boxes on the accessories list as you may have to foot the shipping cost for any orders placed separately or at a later time for things you forgot.


To wrap it up, the DECKED “Studley” Tool Box System is an in-vehicle cargo storage solution that offers weatherproof protection, security, and organized safekeeping with a sliding drawer cabinet system for pickup trucks. The product is 100% American and useful for a vast array of outdoor activities that involve truck usage and gear storage. The product is thus a handy necessity for surveyors, electricians, hunters, golfers, carpenters, contractors, and handymen—to name a few. Got a compatible pick up truck? It’s got your name on it too, so make sure to grab one now.