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A Comprehensive Guide For Choosing a Small Truck Tool Box

A Comprehensive Guide For Choosing a Small Truck Tool Box

Tools are a valuable investment whether you are a professional by trade or a DIY-er. Thus protecting your tools against damage is vital. With our experience running a construction business, we have learned valuable lessons on the importance of keeping your tools safe.

One of the methods of protecting your tools against theft or other risks is getting a small truck tool box. Also, small tool boxes for trucks prevent any damage to your valuable tools, enabling them to serve you for many more years. Consequently, if you do not store them well, they could lose their efficiency, forcing you to get new ones.

 A small DECKED truck tool Box


At DECKED, we know what tools mean to you — you can't get anything done without them. With that in mind, we developed high-quality small truck bed tool boxes that will step up your game. Therefore, if you would like to learn more about small truck tool boxes, this comprehensive guide will enlighten you on what they are and the different types available.

Types of Small Truck Tool Boxes for Storage

There are different types of small truck tool boxes at your disposal. Keep in mind that we have uniquely designed these boxes to fit their "small" description. As the name suggests, these boxes are small and ideal for holding smaller tools or equipment. Depending on your preferences, here are the different types of small tool boxes for trucks.

Crossover Tool Box

A Crossover tool box is one of the most common types of tool boxes for small trucks. This type of tool box is installed behind your truck. Despite its small size, it runs across the width of your truck bed and does not extend beyond the floor. Also, they can sometimes be mounted on either side of the floor bed. This is advantageous because it allows the box to slide through the truck bed.

It is essential to note that its small size is only ideal for smaller tools. The fact that it can slide across the truck bed means you can open it easily. No matter the content of the small truck tool box, you can easily slide it open and access whatever you want. This helps enhance service delivery.

Chest Tool Box

This type of small truck tool box is also installed behind the truck on the truck bed floor. However, unlike the crossover truck tool boxes, chest tool boxes are not installed on the side bed rails. These boxes don't rise above the sides. This is advantageous because your rearview mirror won't be obstructed in any way. It is also designed to hold more tools than a standard small truck tool box.

Its well-organized drawers mean you don't have to worry about tools bouncing and mixing up while you drive. You probably know how cumbersome it is to sort out tools after a bumpy ride. With our DECKED small truck tool box, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Side Mount Truck Tool Boxes

A small side mount truck tool box is installed either on the left or right side of your truck bed. These boxes are mounted on the truck's bed rail and often run along its length. In some cases, they extend down the truck bed but don't touch the floor.

We have made our small side mount truck tool boxes easier to access with the integrated access ladder. The essence of this ladder is to help you access the tool box, no matter your height. If you are less than 7' tall, you could have challenges accessing the contents of your side mount truck tool box, considering crawling into the back of your truck isn't an option. For that reason, we invented this low-profile ladder that comfortably nests inside. It takes up very little space inside the tool box, leaving enough room for tool storage.

Storage Drawers

This is another common type tool box for small trucks. Storage drawers often sit on the floor bed. Structurally, they are flat and fit on the truck bed horizontally. The box's upper flat surface serves as a floor for the storage of tools. This goes a long way in creating more room for storage.

A well partitioned DECKED drawer tool box

DECKED storage drawers are neatly-organized compartments between the bottom and top surfaces of assembly. Given their small size, storage drawers can't accommodate bulky items. On the plus side, storage drawers don't block your rearview mirror just like side mount truck tool boxes. They are also easy to open and close, thanks to the presence of slides.

Wheel Well Tool Boxes

These tool boxes are unique in design and structure; they are tall and narrow. These tool boxes are mounted on the floor bed like any other small truck tool box. Due to their unique design, they occupy the space behind the rear wheel humps. Given that they hold slightly heavy tools, the movement has to be effective. This is why some wheel-well tool boxes swing on hinges to open easily.

Accessing them is easier because they can open easily, no matter the content. These tool boxes can be gull-wing, double, or single. The single lids are also similar to a door in an apartment. On the other hand, double lids are divided into two. This makes them ideal for storing more tools. Opening a gull-wing lid is easy because it uses a hinge. No matter its contents, you can easily open it and access the tools you want. If you have several tools that need sufficient organization, this type of small truck tool box will work for you.

Features To Consider When Choosing a Good Small Truck Tool Box For Your Truck

You may have made up your mind to get a small tool box for your truck bed, but where do you start? Having been in the truck tool box industry for several years, we know what makes an excellent small truck tool box. Remember that there are different types of tool boxes available, but not all may be perfect for your small truck.

Read on for features you should look out for to help you select a good tool box for your small pickup truck.


If the dimensions of a small truck tool box match those of your truck, it is a good option to consider. It is also vital to consider the depth of the truck tool box before purchasing. This is because the storage capacity is important when it comes to small truck tool boxes.

At DECKED, we understand that storage space is crucial, no matter how small your truck is. This is why we have designed different dimensions of truck tool boxes for small trucks. If you purchase on our platform, you can indicate the specific dimensions of the truck tool box you need. If you are not quite sure of your truck dimensions, we can help you pick the right tool box if you contact us.

Dimensions are critical because they indicate what your truck needs. Thus, if you have a small truck, getting a small pickup truck tool box will come in handy.


This one is pretty obvious — a good truck tool box must be sturdy. A sturdy tool box is rigid and won't succumb to dents or any form of damage. Given the high value of tools they hold, a truck tool box must be hard to break. This ensures that you keep your tools in perfect condition.

At DECKED, we have gone the extra mile to provide rigid and durable small truck tool boxes. We make our tool boxes from a high-impact polymer resin using injection molding. Thus, if a burglar comes with a heavy hammer trying to break into your DECKED small truck tool box, It won't break.

Water Resistance

Imagine leaving your work tools exposed in your truck bed not realizing that the rainy season is just behind the corner. After a heavy downpour overnight, you find them soaked in water, which increases the chances of rust. This can be very frustrating considering the cost you will incur if you have to replace them.

With a high-quality small truck tool box, you can't experience such cases. This is because a good quality tool box is water-resistant. It can't allow water in, reducing the chances of wear due to rust. Furthermore, it withstands rain and can protect your tools from water damage.

A durable and water-resistant DECKED truck tool box

Our DECKED small truck tool boxes capture every imagination of a water-resistant tool box. Using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and fiberglass-filled polypropylene, we can safely say there is no other tool box on the market that even comes close to keeping the water out as ours does.

Therefore, avoid low-quality truck tool boxes made using substandard materials and manufacturing techniques. While you might think you are saving money getting a very cheap tool box, you will be counting losses the next day after stormy rains damage your tools beyond repair.


What is the point of getting a husky small truck tool box that can't protect your tools from burglars? If you have lost your valuable tools to theft, you will want to get a highly secure truck tool box that addresses such cases.

At DECKED, unsecure tool boxes can't pass our standard mark of quality. This is because we know that you need a truck tool box that is sturdy enough to keep your tools safe against theft. With that in mind, we have developed great tool boxes with challenging material. The ultra-durable resin compound we use will not bend or break under extreme attempts to gain entry.

A highly secured DECKED truck tool box

Furthermore, there are tub-lid interfaces that significantly reduce theft pry bar points. This means that when a thief tries to break the tool box using a pry bar, they will lack a place to initiate it. In addition, our small truck tool boxes have a unique key lock system that makes it hard for unauthorized access.

Once you lock it, it is almost impossible for another person to access it without your authorization. Therefore, sufficient security is one of the vital features of a good small truck tool box.

Vehicle Compatibility

Although not by a significant margin, vehicle compatibility is another essential feature to consider when selecting a small truck tool box. This is because some tool boxes are uniquely designed for specific truck beds. Thus, you need to ensure the truck tool box you select is compatible with your truck's bed floor. At DECKED, we give you a wide range of options to choose from. Each type of truck needs a specific tool box, and that is what we have captured.

No matter the type or size of your truck, you can choose a compatible truck tool box that serves you best. Getting a compatible truck tool box is vital because it ensures that it fits correctly. A truck tool box that is not compatible with your vehicle might not be of any use to you. Checking its size is also vital because it helps you know what to expect. If you prefer a long and spacious truck tool box, you can always get it from us.

Where Can You Buy Small Truck Tool Boxes?

Having known the specific small truck tool box you want to buy, you need to acquire it from a legit source or you risk purchasing a counterfeit product. However, if you choose a DECKED product, you do not have to worry about counterfeits since you can purchase our products from various authorized platforms.

This section discusses some of the trusted outlets you can get DECKED small truck tool boxes.


Amazon is one of the most established online shopping platforms in the world. If you are looking for small aluminum truck tool boxes, you could easily get them on Amazon. This platform has a wide range of products, giving you several options to choose from.

If you want to purchase DECKED products on Amazon, make sure it is our authentic product. Luckily, Amazon has clear images of products that help you make the right decision. When it comes to small truck tool boxes, you can check through the product listing and choose your preferred DECKED small truck tool box. Getting the Amazon tool box small truck helps make shopping easy.


This is another online shopping platform where you can get small truck tool boxes. Like Amazon, this platform gives you a wide range of products to choose from. They also show clear pictures of products that help you make the right decision. If you are looking for DECKED products on this platform, simply search for them. You will get plenty of our products and you can choose one that suits your preferences.

How To Ensure You Are Dealing With an Authentic Truck Tool Box Seller

Shopping online can be very convenient. However, it is sometimes challenging to know if the website you are using is legit. It is normal to have doubts and reservations when buying a product from a new website for the first time.

At DECKED, we value our customers, and that is why we have developed these quick tips to help you stay safe while shopping for small truck tool boxes online. This will go a long way in avoiding scams and preventing loss of money.

Check the Contact Details

Any legitimate online store will have contacts on its site. If you come across a website without a phone number, address, or email, you should be cautious. Such sites could be meant to scam unsuspecting buyers.

A genuine dealer will be happy to share their contact information. This is meant to ease communication with the buyer, giving them a chance to ask any questions. Therefore, if you are buying small truck tool boxes for the first time, try getting in touch with the site to see if they are real.

If you are sure that it is not a legitimate site, why not get it directly from us? We have a team of caring customer care support that will take you through every step of purchasing our products online. If you have any questions or concerns, our team will gladly answer them in detail. You will also get expert advice for free.

Lookup the Website

Some fictitious online stores could have a phone number, email address, and address. This doesn't make them legitimate; it only makes them look legitimate. You can even call them, and they will sound compelling, yet they are not legit.

This means you should not be quick to trust a new site because it has a phone number and email address. In this case, you should try looking up their website. Looking it up will let you know who registered the website.

If the details match those listed on the website, the chances are, the site is legitimate. Checking the authenticity of an online store goes a long way in preventing scams. It keeps your funds safe from greedy online scammers.

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are vital for any online store. Therefore, you should thoroughly scan the website to see if it has any customer reviews. Going through the reviews will give you an idea of the products and let you know their legitimacy.

Some fictitious online stores can cook up a few customer reviews to lure you into the trap. If you are not sure, search the website’s name and add the words "fake" or "scam" to your keywords in the search engine.  If the site is not legitimate, you will quickly find out if others have had bad experiences. This will prevent you from getting duped and losing your money.

The legitimacy of our website speaks for itself.  Being one of the leading tool box developers in the country, we have numerous customer reviews that talk about the quality of our products. Going through a few of our customer reviews will make you feel like we are under hyping our products. This is what makes a legitimate online store.

Look and Feel

In some cases, you can tell that an online store is fake just by looking at it. The first criteria are how it is organized — there is a way that professional sites look. A professional site should be well laid out.

For instance, our DECKED website is perfectly designed for customer use. When you visit the site, you will easily access what you want. Tool boxes are categorized in various dimensions that make them easy to locate.

Besides, a professional website should have high-resolution images. If a site has poor-quality images that seem to have been copied from elsewhere, you shouldn't trust it. When you look at our site, you will notice that we use high-resolution images that describe our products in detail. We also use authentic images of our real products.

Another factor you should watch out for is language and grammar. A professional website shouldn't have words with spelling errors and poor grammar. Instead, its writings should feature clear language free from any grammar and spelling errors. Considering this factor will help you avoid fake online stores that could see you lose money.

Get Your Small Truck Tool Boxes from DECKED

Whether you are a carpenter or electrician, a small truck tool box is vital for your services. With this tool box, your valuable tools are secure from theft and even harsh weather conditions. At DECKED, we know the importance of these tools to you and your profession. This is why we have developed state-of-the-art small truck tool boxes that are durable and highly effective. Get in touch with us and order yours today.