Roll Around Tool Box

Roll around Tool Boxes Versus the DECKED System

Written By Marla R. Miller

Portable. Stackable. Convenient. Roll around tool boxes are growing in popularity, especially if you need to wheel your tools around a school, hospital, or commercial building job site. They’re also good if you have to haul tools through tough terrain and protect them from the elements.


A roll around tool box comes in different shapes and sizes. Some are upright and stackable, built on a dolly with accessory tool boxes that snap off and on for portability. Some are rolling tool chests. Some are metal mechanic tool cabinets ideal for garages.


There are many brands of portable roll around tool boxes on the market sold at big box retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and Blain's Farm and Fleet.

DECKED vs roll around tool box


This image shows a man standing in a field with a white truck outfitted with the DECKED system.


So how do roll around or mobile tool boxes stack up to the DECKED system? For starters, the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System are built to fit in your truck or cargo van, so it’s not an apples to apples comparison. It all depends on what you need your tool box to do. We think ours is pretty cool, and you can see for yourself in this video.


At DECKED, we design products for people who appreciate good quality and performance. The DECKED system uses injection molded high impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement. It’s not fabricated, and we use science and engineering to get it right.  


DECKED products are engineered with structure and performance in mind. We want your tool box to last, hold up against water and rust, and make a crowbar cry. Watch the torture test video here or read our blog, “Nine Ways DECKED’s Portable Tool Box is Exactly Like Clint Eastwood.”   


Here, we highlight a few popular roll around tool boxes and how DECKED offers complete truck storage solutions.  

Pros of a roll around tool box

If you need to carry a lot of tools with you to the job, a roll around tool box is a good option.


  • Can take your tools with you
  • Wheels and handles for easy transport
  • Roll over dirt, concrete, or up stairs
  • Can accessorize with several lock-in storage components
  • Customization options for power tools, saws, drill bits, small parts organizers
  • Durable, protects tools from damage and weather

Cons of a roll around tool box

  • Still have to lift your stackable or rolling tool box in and out of your truck
  • Limited on the tools you can carry with you
  • Heavy, may take two people to lift it when full
  • Tool box can get tossed around in the bed
  • Unsecured unless you strap it in or have a bed cover

Milwaukee roll around tool box

Milwaukee’s PACKOUT rolling tool box has several options, including a modular 22-inch tool box storage system and a rolling tool chest that can be easily accessorized. The PACKOUT system was Pro Tool Reviews’ top pick for 2021. Read our assessment here.

This image shows a picture of the Milwaukee PACKOUT system.


Features of the system include:

  • Constructed with impact resistant polymers
  •  250 lbs. weight capacity
  • Industrial grade extension handle
  • 9-inch all-terrain wheels
  • Heavy duty latches and hinges
  • IP65 rated to protect tools against rain or small jobsite mishaps, plus dust and other particles
  • Metal reinforced corners and locking point
  • Interior, removable organizer tray
  • Mounting location for the One-Key Tick - a Bluetooth tracking device for Packout products
  • Integrated locking cleats to connect with all Milwaukee PACKOUT modular components
  • Wall mounts, vehicle mounts, dollies, and crates for added mobility

DEWALT roll around tool box

The DEWALT TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 has a smaller handle and wheels than Milwaukee’s PACKOUT system but offers similar portability.


Features of this roll around tool box includes:


  • 250 lb load capacity
  • 8-inch wheels for rugged terrain and telescopic handle
  • More storage capacity than regular toolboxes
  • Auto-connect side latches for one-handed operation
  • Two-piece metal front latches for more stability
  • IP65 water seal to protect against dust and water
  • Detachable back handle to store the box on a pickup truck
  • Detachable inner tray for easy optimization
  • Compatible with other ToughSystem products for more storage


DEWALT also offers a 28-inch tool box on wheels for carrying medium-to-large items and a 15-gallon mobile tool box pictured below.


This image shows the DEWALT 25 inch, 15-gallon Mobile Tool Box.


Craftsman roll around tool box

This image shows the Craftsman VERSASTACK 17 in. Tower Tool Box.

Craftsman makes several roll around tool boxes, either to take on-the-go or wheel around your garage. Unlike some other systems, Craftsman includes a 17-inch VERASTACK tower set, TRADESTACK 22-in Rolling Tower Premium Storage Stack, and 20-inch wheeled tool box. They all have different features and specs.


  • System Tower includes a bottom rolling unit for large tools, middle tool box, and suitcase for power tools and hand tools.
  • Three units connect to each other through durable side latches
  • Water and dust resistant: TRADESTACK rated for IP65 and VERASTACK rated for IP54
  • Telescopic, comfort grip handle on mobile unit leans backwards
  • Stackable, portable, customizable
  • Push button available for easy handle opening and closing
  • Heavy-duty rust resistant metal latches offer added security
  • VERASTACK and TRADESTACK are compatible with adaptor

Husky roll around tool box

Husky also offers rolling tool chests, cabinets, and a utility cart. The 22-inch connect rolling system is a three-piece mobile system with customization options.


  • Interlocking storage system with metal plastic cover connectors
  • 22-inch rolling cart with 7-inch wheels and telescopic metal handle
  • 22-inch tool box with flat lid to use for work purposes
  • 22-inch organizer with clear lid and removable bins for small parts
  • Dual support legs and 110-load capacity
  • Works with the Husky connect cantilever tool box and organizer


Husky’s 26 inch Connect Mobile Tool Box (pictured) has a 15-gallon storage and 50 lb weight capacity. It also features heavy-duty metal latches and all-terrain wheels for durability and mobility on any surface.This image shows Husky’s 26 inch Connect Mobile Tool Box.

The 25-gallon Connect Rolling Tool Box holds large power tools, accessories, and gear. It’s also compatible with Husky connect tool boxes and organizers, has 7-inch wheels, a retractable handle and holds 100lbs. The 37-inch roll around utility cart has a 50-gallon holding capacity, 8-inch all-terrain wheels, and a built-in keyed lock system.


Both the Connect Rolling tool box and utility cart have similar features:


  • Water and dust seal
  • Metal latches with lock option
  • Removable tool caddy
  • Power cord outlet for tool charging
  • Heavy-duty cover designed to stack
  • Cover has 2 x 4 tracks for mounting miter saws and power tools or cutting wood or piping

Stanley roll around tool box

There are many stackables and rolling tool chests on the market. STANLEY has designed a 3-in-1 detachable mobile tool box, a rolling workshop tower, a mobile work center, and other rolling tool chests.  This image shows STANLEY Tool Box, 3-in-1 Rolling WorkShop.

Home Depot also has its own brand, Rigid, with stackable and rollable features. Kobalt, Qbrick System, ToughBuilt, Stalwart, and Makita are other brands with mobile and stackable options.

Roll around tool boxes for the garage

Besides portable roll around tool boxes, another type of roll around tool box is typically used in garages. These are usually stainless steel roll around tool boxes, chests, or cabinets designed for mechanics and machinists. Read more on the top 2021 picks from Pro Tools Reviews.


This might be your dad or grandad’s tool box – remember the red Craftsman steel rolling tool chest in his garage. They’re handy if you keep most of your tools in a garage or frequently work on cars.  

This is an image of a Kennedy roll around tool cabinet.


The Kennedy roll around tool box and Matco roll around tool box are two popular brands. Kennedy products are made in the USA with industrial-grade materials.


This line includes steel tool chests, modular and roller storage cabinets, and stationary and mobile workbenches. Kennedy sells many models, sizes, and colors.


  • Varying drawer configurations and load capacities
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Stackable add ons
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Keyed locking system
  • Some have full-width drawer pulls
  • Tubular side handle
  • Limited lifetime guarantee


The Matco roll around tool box is a brand mostly used by professional mechanics and auto techs. Matco also makes rolling service tool carts designed for easy mobility and accessibility. Some features include:


  • Unibody construction for increased load capacity, strength, and durability
  • Full extension roller bearing slides
  • Bumper system that helps prevent car and cart damage
  • Power Drawer with 110V and USB power
  • Some have ergonomic push handle or hinged lid with gas shocks
  • Some equipped with TuBar lock system to protect against forced entry


As we’ve discussed, roll around tool boxes aren’t one and the same. They serve many purposes and have different design features, functions, and price points. Some are stackable, plastic, and portable. Others are heavy-duty stainless-steel chests with tough security features.


DECKED: Complete truck storage solution  

This image shows a man grabbing a DECKED D-Box from the back of the Drawer System with a commercial building in the background.

If you work in residential construction, or even in the oil field or as a farmer, the DECKED system allows you to pull up to a house or job site and reach tools right from your truck. If you’re working in a large commercial building or as a mechanic, that’s not so easy to do.  


But DECKED has a variety of accessories that make smaller tool boxes accessible and portable, similar to a roll around tool box or stackable ones. Who needs wheels anyway?

Tools organized, secure in truck 

This image shows a carpenter working at his truck, outfitted with a DECKED Drawer System.

DECKED Tool Box benefits

Again, the DECKED Tool Box fits in your truck. You can’t take it with you inside a building. But it still has several features that maximize storage and convenience if you work out of your truck. It’s durable, secure, and easy to organize.  


  • Holds 500 pounds, tub is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security
  • Impact resistant, won't ding, dent or rust
  • Weatherproof and rust/corrosion proof
  • Inbuilt adjustable aluminum nesting step ladder for easy access
  • Impossible to break into with a pry bar (and it won’t damage)


A cool portability feature is the easy-to-reach D-Box that hangs in place within the tub. We even throw it in for free with your purchase. D-Boxes are weatherproof with a gasket seal. Plus, the Tool Box also comes equipped with a Snack Tray that nests in place for small tools and gear.


This image shows the DECKED D-Box and Snack Tracy inside the DECKED Tool Box

DECKED Drawer System benefits

This image shows the many ways to accessorize the DECKED Drawer System with D-Boxes and Crossboxes. The DECKED Drawer System offers two, full-bed drawers for segmented organization

and a full line of accessories. It’s like a stackable tool box system, but it’s housed in your truck.


You can haul heavy cargo on top of the deck — or make it a workstation — while stowing tools and gear in the lockable drawers. Watch this video to learn more about the perks.


For trades professionals, utility workers, welders, engineers, or field technicians, the Drawer System allows you to to easily access your tools from your truck. You don’t have to lift a roll around tool box in and out of your truck or carry a tool box around if you work from or near your truck. And if you do need a portable tool box, you can easily grab the DECKED D-Box.

This image shows a carpenter sawing wood with his truck nearby, outfitted with a cab top and DECKED Drawer System.   


  • Tools and gear slide out at waist height, so you don’t have to crawl in your bed
  • Keep all your tools in one place
  • Waste less time walking to and from your truck or searching for tools
  • Maintain full use of your truck bed, haul up to 2,000-pounds of materials or cargo
  • Pack 200 lbs of tools and gear in each drawer, protected from the elements
  • Horizontal storage can be customized with DECKED accessories and dividers
  • Close the tailgate, the drawers disappear
  • Expensive tools and gear stay out of sight, secure, and dry
  • Lock your tailgate, lock your drawers

DECKED D-Box portable, convenient  

Similar to a stackable or roll around tool box, the DECKED D-Box allows you to take tools on the go. It might not have wheels, but the D-Box easily lifts out of the Tool Box or Drawer System.


You won’t need to worry about a stackable tool box or roll around tool chest because DECKED has a full line of accessories. Or you can buy a few D-Boxes and use your own dolly to create a mobile system.

Plus, the DECKED system can double as a place to store hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear. If you buy a few extra D-Boxes, simply swap them out of your Tool Box or Drawer System when switching between work and play.


This image shows a blue DECKED D-Box.

D-Box: Can serve as a portable tool box or storage container

  • Ultra-durable with two grip points
  • 50 lb weight capacity
  • Watertight EPDM sealed gasket
  • Horizontal and vertical carry handles
  • Recessed locking levers
  • Ruler and common bolt/bit guide
  • Internal storage dividers
  • Fits securely in grooves inside the Drawer System
  • Tool Box has hangers to hold D-Box in place

This image shows blue DECKED Crossbox.

Crossbox: Smaller nesting storage box, similar to a traditional tool box

  • Half the side of D-Box
  • Holds up to 40 lbs
  • Nests in DECKED drawers
  • Easy locking latches
  • Integrated EPDM seal keeps out moisture
  • Removable tray for small parts
  • Lockable to keep contents secure
  • Ergonomic carry handle plus grip points on both ends
  • Easily lifts out of drawers

Accessories maximize storage

DECKED has developed other accessories to keep your tools safe and secure right inside your truck while maximizing space and efficiency.

This image shows the DECKED D-Bag open and full of tools and gear.  

D-Bag: Sort of like a backpack, but better. This hybrid hard shell, soft sided tool and gear bag has removable backpack shoulder straps. It fits both DECKED drawers and the DECKED Tool Box, but it’s made to take on the go. Weather resistant with a removable tool roll and duffel bag, the D-Bag can hold heavy tools and hunting gear and take some abuse.

DRAWERGANIZER: Nests into the handle end of your drawers with an easy to grab handle. Designed to battle clutter and disorganization, the Drawerorganizer holds small tools, hardware, bug spray, cleaning supplies, duct tape, and other odds and ends.

Dividers: Fit into place within the DECKED drawers, creating separate storage spaces to customize the drawers for your gear and secure tool boxes within the drawer system.

Piecekeepers: Two foam-backed, molded resin dividers designed to securely transport rifles or shotguns in your Drawer System.

Get DECKED, get organized

DECKED doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to organization or portability features. The Tool Box comes standard with one blue D-Box and one Snack Tray. It’s also compatible with the other accessories and D-Bag.

All Drawer Systems include a desert tan D-Box, Crossbox, DRAWERGANIZER, and a set of two Wide Drawer Dividers. You can order unlimited additional accessories for a flat $25 shipping fee when you order your Drawer System.

Features and options vary depending on make, model, and the size of your truck or cargo van. Click on this link to check the compatibility of our large tool boxes with your vehicle.

Unlike roll around tool boxes that are portable and hold limited cargo, DECKED products are built to last and transition from work to recreation. Your DECKED Tool Box rides with you, works with you, and plays with you. The Tool Box and Drawer System ship free, so start your custom build at