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Shopping for Pickup Truck Tool Boxes? Buyer Beware

Shopping for Pickup Truck Tool Boxes? Buyer Beware: They Aren’t Made Equally—and Here’s Why.

A black Ford truck is shown with a DECKED Tool Box mounted in the back. The lid hangs open, and a man is ascending the built in telescoping ladder. The man is wearing a baseball cap, navy blue shirt and khaki-colored work pants.

“Google, show me pickup truck tool boxes.”


“Alexa, show me black pickup truck tool boxes.”

Or maybe it’s, “Hey Siri, show me Rubbermaid pickup truck tool boxes.

But, wait—are plastic pickup truck tool boxes even a thing? Turns out they are, but we assure you, friend, not all pickup truck bed tool boxes are created equal, and we’ll tell you why in a moment.

A DECKED Tool Box is mounted in the truck bed of a white pickup. The lid is open, revealing the contents. There are two smaller tool boxes within, each with a blue lid, and an integrated telescoping ladder is tucked away in the toolbox.

If you’ve caught yourself muttering any of the above phrases lately, then you must be searching for pickup truck tool boxes for sale. We know, we know. The pursuit can be overwhelming, and we’re here to help. But, like all things money can buy, you get what you pay for, and truck storage solutions are no different. So, it’s easy to see why you’d put so much thought and effort into finding the perfect one.

You could save yourself some time and energy, and perhaps some regret and heartache down the road, and just pull the trigger on a DECKED Tool Box right now. Or, read on to find out more. You’ll be glad you did.

Types of Toolboxes

In this crazy Information Age we live in, the overwhelming amount of options that are thrown at us when shopping are staggering. Why does it have to be so hard—when all we want is a little swagger for our rigs, or a secure place to protect our investments? All we want is a place to keep our tools dry in crappy weather while we work, because, let’s be honest, the last thing we need is for our tools to crap out on us. 

When shopping for toolboxes, a preliminary Google search turns up a bevy of options of varying quality. Encounter any of these?

And even Lowe’s Pickup Truck Tool Boxes, Walmart Pickup Truck Tool Boxes, and Harbor Freight Pick Up Truck Tool Boxes. The list goes on, and on, and on…

A man stands at his workstation in a warehouse, working on a sheet of high density polyethylene. The machine at his workstation is labeled Freedom Machine Tool

None of these are DECKED toolboxes though, the best pickup truck toolboxes on the market today. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these suckers are built like Fort Knox. With industrial durability, they won’t ding, dent, or rust, and they’re injection-molded with high-impact resin and reinforced with galvanized steel and aluminum. They are engineered to perform. 

We’re not here to impress you, though. At DECKED, our aim is to make the everyday lives of working men and women better because we believe when there’s work to do, it’s only right to give a hand to the person doing it. We keep that squarely in our sights by making the best dang tool box around.

It’s Time to Get Your Pickup Decked Out

A light gray Dodge Ram with crew cab and DECKED Tool Box mounted in the truck bed.

Aside from the unparalleled value and utility that our trucks bring to our lives, what’s the next best thing about them? If you answered, “Duh. Decking them out!” then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a quick look at a DECKED Tool Box:

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A., the great state of Ohio, to be exact.
  • Injection molded, not welded. This is key when it comes to waterproofing.
  • Impact-resistant, rust, and corrosion-proof, won’t dent or ding.
  • Incredibly secure. Smart design makes it pry-proof, (and the box won’t be damaged if some idiot-thief makes that their hill to die on.)
  • Organizable, and comes with our D-Box and Snack Tray to get you started.
  • Customizable. Order the Tool Box with or without our integrated access ladder.

A large industrial facility is located in the middle of a agricultural area. Building has the word DECKED painted on the side and three receiving bays in the front where semi trucks are parked in them.

Our facility in Defiance, Ohio. No better name for a town, in our opinion. In Defiance, we’re defying the odds of what is possible when it comes to toolboxes. In an industry that hasn’t changed much in the past, we’re making toolboxes using materials from the future.    

Other Toolboxes

Did you know, (and, OK, you may want to sit down for this,) that approximately 50% of aluminum tool boxes arrive dinged and dented? You were ordering a toolbox to end the junk show in the bed of your pickup, only to be presented with a junked-up toolbox that only exacerbates the problem. It’s not a good look, and these pickup truck thin toolboxes are one hell of a disappointment.

Steel boxes, like Dee Zee pickup truck toolboxes, have to have a powder-coating to make them functional. Even then, they are still susceptible to rust if the coating gets nicked or marred in anyway, which we all know it will. Unless your toolbox is just for show? Yeah. Didn’t think so... They are also ridiculously heavy, which generally does not equate to portability.

Stainless steel pickup truck toolboxes aren’t very common. Probably because if they were no one could afford them. Have you checked the price of stainless steel these days? Don’t do it—unless you want a good laugh. Or cry.

Ordinary plastic tool boxes for pickup truck beds are a dime a dozen. Unless you have an engineered plastic, what you’re likely to find are boxes that are, yes, lightweight, but also light on durability, security, waterproofing capabilities, and ones that will warp, fade, or crack due to exposure.

You may want to steer your pickup clear of these products and drive it straight toward a DECKED Tool Box. A toolbox designed and made this century.

DECKED, In-Depth

A DECKED Tool Box sits open. Its contents contain a smaller, blue-lidded toolbox and an even smaller tray nested in the top left of the unit.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you’re looking for cheap pickup truck toolboxes, then ours is not the solution for you. DECKED Tool Boxes are affordable. Not “cheap.” They are made in the U.S.A. with quality craftsmanship, with a commitment to the environment in using recycled materials, and also a commitment to our workers, who are real people—working real hard. We treat our craftsmen and women well, and there ain't nothin’ cheap about that.

A view of a truck accessories manufacturer's warehouse where a giant American flag is suspended from the ceiling.

The result is a DECKED Tool Box that will never cheapen the look of your pickup truck. It’s a storage solution that will “Wow!” your friends and piss off your enemies. Because our trucks mean a lot to us, and they do a lot for us, we wanted to make something that was worthy of their beds.

We spent a lot of time on the research and development of our truck accessories. We invested three whole years in getting it just right, and by 2013, had created a company making products that we want to use ourselves. Whether it’s work, play, or something in between, we know that truck accessories that improve efficiency and protect investments are paramount. We’re here to give the people what they want. And what they deserve.

The Decked Out Details

  • Superior Quality - We know we said this before, but it’s worth repeating: DECKED Tool Boxes are not fabricated. They are injection-molded, meaning the box and lid are each one piece. This makes for a superior product with less areas to stress, break, dent, or buckle. It’s what puts the proof in our waterproofing, the secure in our security. 
  • Superior Materials - Our plastic is not just any plastic. We use a high-density polyethylene (HDPE), or high-impact polymer resin. It can take a beating. Repeatedly. HDPE is often referred to as the cockroach of plastics because it’s impossible to kill. We only use recycled materials for this, and we add a little carbon black to all of it for brand continuity. That's why the DECKED Tool Box and our DECKED Drawer System are always black. It’s by design. 

We use galvanized steel and aluminum as reinforcements, and we’ve also added a UV inhibitor to make sure our product never fades or gets sun-checked over time.

  • Tough as Hell - DECKED toolboxes can handle a 500 pound dynamic payload when fully loaded, so you will never find it bending or sagging. We put it through its paces at 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and conversely, at negative 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Let’s just say it handled the pressure like a gold-medaled Olympian. We suppose it makes a cool party trick too, telling your buddies to hit it with a hammer, or try and pry it open. It’s an impossibility, albeit a funny one, kinda like telling your apprentice to fetch you a “can of elbow grease,” a “board stretcher,” or a “muffler bearing.” These things don’t exist, and neither do imperfections on our toolboxes.

A truck is parked in a recreational area where someone is shown in the air on a dirt bike after launching from a jump.

  • Focused on Security - We won’t ask you to add up the heart attack-inducing amount that you’ve spent on your tools or recreational gear. But what we will tell you is that we’ve got your back in protecting it. You focus on doing you—and we’ll focus on what we do best: making an impenetrable box that can make a crowbar cry.

Our tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points, and we’ve added a torsion box in the lid, adding yet another line of defence. (We told you, they named our town Defiance for a reason. Defiance is our middle name!) We use a robust steel armored locking mechanism combined with a driver side lock making forced entry nearly impossible. Not only that, the lid must be open for the tool box to be removed from the bed of the truck.

For your convenience, we provide you with two keys, and two tie-downs at the base of the tub on the tailgate side so you can secure large cargo.

  • Organization - Perhaps this is the number one reason why you’re looking to improve the functionality of your pickup to begin with? Well, that and waterproofing, right? We’ll get to that next… Looking through all of the crap that accumulates in truck beds is a colossal waste of time. Time equals money. That’s Adulting 101.A DECKED brand D-Box sits open with a miscellany of contents inside.

DECKED Tool Boxes help you get more of your life back. And if you are highly-organized already, there’s still likely to be a large amount of tools in your kit that need to get sorted out. Our D-Box comes standard with a DECKED Tool Box. It nests within, floating right on top for easy access.

The unit comes with a Snack Tray too, and it’s really up to you what you put in it. We were thinking, nails, screws, staples and other lost items, but no judgments from us if it actually ends up with food in it.

  • Waterproof - You want to keep your gear bone dry, even when you’re soaked to the bone? Done. Our tub is molded, so there are fewer points of entry for water to sneak in. There’s an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid, which acts as a rain gutter on the product. When the toolbox is shut, it seals tightly with a EPDM gasket, and we use anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware for long-lasting durability.
  • Accessibility - We saved the best for last, and if you’re still sitting, you’ll want to stand for this one, because we think this feature deserves a standing ovation. The DECKED Tool Box can be ordered with an integrated access ladder that folds right into the toolbox, and doesn’t obstruct or impact the functionality at all. You can call us geniuses—we’ll wait…

Jokes aside, the telescoping ladder adds serious functionality. No more wiggling your way into the back of your truck to get stuff. Just extend the ladder, hear it click, and climb up. It not only saves valuable time, but it saves your back, man, especially after a long-ass day.

A white truck is parked in a covered workshop. A man is standing on the third rung of a built-in ladder that extends from a toolbox that is mounted in the bed of the truck.

As you’ve likely figured out by now, this isn’t your granddad’s toolbox, because it’s not 1973 anymore. We set out to make pickup truck tool storage boxes better than ever before, and we think we’ve succeeded. We put form and functionality to the test in real world applications and have come up with something worthy enough that you can now ditch the diamond plate. If your pickup is sexy, your toolbox should be also. If your work is tough, then your toolbox should be too.

We are not creating an elite, premium brand. We are creating something for working men and women from around the country, like the folks from Defiance, who work hard and play harder, and expect that their truck accessories can do that too.

Get your DECKED Tool Box here. 

A black, high-density polyethylene toolbox sits with its lid closed. DECKED brand logo is displayed on the front lid.