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DECKED Brings You the Best Outdoor Survival Kit

DECKED Brings You the Best Outdoor Survival Kit


No matter where you live, there is a possibility that one day you may find yourself in a situation of peril, away from the comforts of your home and without equipment. It's a harrowing situation and one that can be avoided if you're prepared ahead of time. No matter where your adventures may take you, it is best to be prepared and adequately handle whatever situation may come your way.


A basic understanding of wilderness survival is an essential part of being ready for any emergency. Here, we will cover some of the basics of wilderness survival and provide a list of items you should have in hand to ensure your comfort while waiting to be rescued.


Getting Prepared

Before we get started on the outdoor survival kit, a few reasons need to be known first.

1. It will keep you prepared

It's best to gear up with a survival kit before you go on a trip, but it's also wise to have a few supplies in hand that can be used if needed. Even if you're going on a short trip, having a few things ready to go will make you feel better and know that you are prepared.

2. It will make you more comfortable

An outdoor survival kit is designed for situations where you might get stuck in the wilderness. If you don't prepare on time, it can be quite frightening. You may feel terrified and panicked because you don't know what supplies are available to you. Preparing before time will make it easier for you to feel comfortable and not stressed out.

3. You may save your life

It's impossible to predict a dangerous situation, but you should be aware of your surroundings and what resources are out there for you. Being prepared and knowing how to handle potentially dangerous situations can help ensure that you stay warm, safe, and calm.

4. It will make you more knowledgeable

Regardless of where your outdoor adventures take you, you must have a backup to survive. Knowing wilderness survival will make you more confident to fight adventures. It will be easier for you to calmly handle any situation that arises, regardless of how dangerous it may seem.

5. It will increase your confidence

Confidence can bring the difference between life and death. With knowledge of wilderness survival, you will feel more confident knowing that you are prepared regardless of the situation presented to you. It can help calm your nerves and keep you safe if disaster should strike—in which case, being ready is one way to ensure survival.

6. It can help someone else

There's no telling how many people you may be able to help when you have a survival kit on hand. Having knowledge of wilderness survival and proper supplies can help other people in need, as well. It's always best to be prepared. Now that we have discussed the importance of being prepared let's get started on the contents of an Outdoor Survival Kit.

The image shows a DECKED survival kit with some essential accessories


Your Outdoor Survival Kit

As we mentioned, it is important to have an outdoor survival kit handy. Outdoor survival kits are made up of a few different things that can help you to be more prepared in an emergency. They also make it easier for you to feel comfortable as you wait for your searchers and/or rescue teams to find you.


An outdoor survival kit is made up of the following:

1. A flashlight, whistle, and manual

A flashlight is essential in the wilderness because it will help light up a large area. It will assist in finding your locations more easily. A whistle can be used for signaling for help. It's best to have a survival manual with you as well. A manual will go over all the basics of wilderness survival and tell you what to do in an emergency.

2. Food and water

You should never head out into the wilderness without food and water in hand, regardless of how short or long your trip may be. Keeping food and water in your survival kit is important because you may need it if you find yourself stuck in an emergency and/or waiting for help.

3. Shelter and related supplies

You should have a few things handy to make a shelter of some sort. This will help keep you warm, safe, and dry while you are waiting for rescue teams or gathering resources. You can use a tarp, branches of trees, rope, etc. You should also have enough to cover you if the weather changes.

4. Tools

You'll need to have a few basic tools in hand to help you gather resources and stay safe. You never know when you might need to set a fire or need to keep yourself safe from wild animals and other dangers in the area.

5. First aid and medical supplies

If you decide to go out into the wilderness at any time, you must have medical supplies and first aid kits. Keeping some band-aids and antiseptics in handy can be a big help in an emergency situation. Also, if you find yourself lost or waiting for rescue, you must have supplies on hand to make a splint or stop a wound from bleeding.

6. Repair supplies

Your outdoor survival kit should also have repair supplies so that you can fix equipment if it breaks down while in the wilderness. This can include items such as duct tape, cable ties, etc.

7. Maps and compass

Have a map and a small compass in your outdoor survival kit so that you can navigate through the wilderness to find your way out.

8. Emergency radio/walkie talkies

If you plan on spending any time out in the wilderness, it is highly recommended to have a high-quality radio or walkie-talkie with you. This will allow you to keep your status updated to your group or rescue teams waiting for your return.

9. Firestarter

You should also have a firestarter and matches in your outdoor survival kit. It is almost certain that you will come across a situation where you need to build a fire before rescue can be obtained. You should also plan to use a little fire to keep warm during cold weather as well.



This survival kit from DECKED x Pathfinder will give you all the essential items you'll need to survive any situation. It's a great outdoor survival kit for camping holidays and everyday adventures.


The items are stored in a kit bag to keep all the items in one place that’s easy to reach. The kit features everything you need to survive in the great outdoors, as well as all your emergency essentials for any emergency. Whether you're trekking through the jungle or just camping in the garden, this great kit is perfect for any survivalist looking to add some essential survival items to their collection.


The image shows a DECKED X Pathfinder survival kit


1. HD6 Ferro Rod with Striker

One of the most reliable and quickest ways to set a fire is by using a Ferro rod. With this waterproof, high-density Ferro rod, you can create a spark even in the most humid conditions. The rod is made of highly tensile tungsten and can set fires quicker than many other methods.

2. Mini Inferno Fire Discs

These mini Inferno fire discs are perfect for starting fires to keep warm when it gets cold. They're small and lightweight, making them a great alternative to carrying a full-sized lighter or match.

3. Pathfinder Reinforced Nylon Tarp

This tarp is a great addition to your survival kit, as it will shelter you from the elements when you're on the go. It can be used as a shelter from rain or snow and as a ground cover for camping in the garden.

4. High Tensile Strength Paracord

A good quality paracord is essential for any camping trip, so you'll want to be sure that you keep some in your kit. This paracord is military-grade and will last much longer than normal paracord, as it has been made to withstand more force.

5. 7 inch Blade Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

This 7-inch Blade Bahco Laplander folding saw is strong enough to cut up larger pieces of wood, so it's ideal for cutting down large trees or logs. It folds into a small size to be easily carried in the kit.

6. Emergency First-Aid Kit

Getting injured in the wilderness can make life a lot more difficult, so having an emergency first aid kit is important when you head out. This kit contains everything you need to ensure you're as safe as possible when out on the trails.

7. Carbon Steel Knife

This carbon steel knife will be a great addition to your kit, as it's strong enough to withstand the elements. It has a high-carbon steel blade, which is resistant to rust and corrosion.

8. 32 oz water Bottle

And finally, while you're out in the wilderness, it's often necessary to drink from a water source that you don't know is safe. However, it's also very important to stay hydrated in such situations. This water bottle is a great way to ensure you have enough water on hand at all times.



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So, what’s next?

It is always necessary to carry an outdoor survival kit with you whenever you go out in the wilderness because you can never predict situations. While some items in the kit may seem unnecessary, they are used for specific situations and will help keep you safe. DECKED has designed the perfect kit for any outdoor enthusiast to ensure that they always have everything they need when out in the wild.