DECKED Debuts With 2020 Jeep Gladiator Pickup at L.A. Auto Show


Chrysler Jeep has added DECKED as a Genuine Mopar part and we couldn't be more excited. New Gladiator owners should be able to purchase the DECKED systems for their new trucks as a factory add-on.

Jeep Gladiator

Much to the excitement of loyal Jeepers everywhere, Chrysler/Jeep officially announced the long-awaited return of the Jeep Gladiator pickup truck last week. This ends a decades long absence from the truck category. Back in early December, Jeep unveiled this beauty at the L.A. Auto Show for one of the auto world’s first looks at the all new truck, and you'd better believe that they decided the truck wasn’t complete without a DECKED system installed.

Rear view of DECKED at the L.A. Auto Show

Dr. DECKED himself, aka Tim Smith, aka our Head Engineer, was on hand to witness Jeep's triumphant return to the truck market, made even more exciting by Chrysler Jeeps inclusion of the DECKED system as a Genuine Mopar part.

Set to be available spring of 2019, the all new Gladiator is not Jeep’s first go around at making trucks. Before we get into the details of the new Gladiator, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Grey vintage truck

Dating back to the late 1940’s Jeep has a long history of producing quality trucks, beginning with the 1947 Willys CJ-2A.

Vintage Jeep truck

In ’57 Jeep launched the Willys FC Truck, later known as the Kaiser, with a classic cab over (forward control) design.

Blue vintage jeep truck post rennovation

Vintage blue Jeep truck pre renovation

The GLADIATOR arrived in 1962, based on the widely popular, larger Jeep Wagoneer. This became the standard and longest running Jeep truck model. The Gladiator was in production for the next 26 years and lives on in the cult classic and best film ever made about underground worm monsters, “Tremors”.

Black Jeep scrambler

From 81-86 Jeep produced what can most easily be compared to the current incarnation of the Jeep pickup truck, The Scrambler or CJ-8. Essentially an elongated CJ-7, the Scrambler employed a longer wheelbase and a removable half cab instead of a separate truck bed. 

Jeep Comanche ad

In 1986, Jeep introduced their classic “compact” truck, the Comanche. The Comanche was built to compete with American Motor Company’s Japanese competitors that were producing more economical alternatives to the standard American truck. Much to the sadness of loyal Jeep truck owners, Jeep decided to hang it up and focus on the SUV and sport models in 1992.

new Jeep Gladiator

Fast forward to today.  The new Jeep Gladiator is the first truck Jeep has produced in nearly 30 years. Based on of the current Jeep JL model, the new Gladiator JT is a close relative to the current Wrangler. Although the new Gladiator shares the off-road qualities and characteristics of the Wrangler (it's the only truck in its class with a solid front axle), it is anything but your standard Wrangler. With a wheelbase that extends nearly 20" longer than its shorter cousin, the new Gladiator is 6" longer than its Toyota and Chevy competitors. This makes for a Best-In-Class 7650 lb towing capability when paired with its 3.6L V6 power plant boasting 285hp and 260 ft lb of torque. Pair that with the option of an 8 speed automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual, drivers will have options that Jeep's competitors aren't offering.

Rear view of the new Jeep Gladiator

Add in a 5' bed and a Best-In-Class 1600 lb payload and the Gladiator isn't just made for looks, it might just be the most capable mid-sized truck available. 

Jeep Gladiator on display at the auto show

DECKED's midsize drawer storage system is custom built to fit the new JLT with two full bed-length drawers and a 2000lb payload with all the standard features DECKED is known for. 

Chrysler Jeep has added DECKED as a Genuine Mopar part and we couldn't be more excited. New Gladiator owners should be able to purchase the DECKED systems for their new trucks as a factory add-on.