Foundation You Can Build On: The Milwaukee Rolling Tool Box And The DECKED Drawer System

Foundation You Can Build On: The Milwaukee Rolling Tool Box And The DECKED Drawer System


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In the building business we know a strong foundation is the key to a strong home. No matter how high-tech or innovative the building blocks might be, you are going to need a strong base to hold everything together. The same principle applies when it comes to a home for your tools. With the highly innovative modular tool storage systems available today, what sets apart the best from the rest is a good base to build on (literally). The Milwaukee packout rolling tool box and the DECKED Drawer System provide just that.


Versatility and modularity are features that both the Milwaukee stackable rolling tool box and the DECKED Drawer System have in spades. They each have their own unique technology and state of the art materials to make tool storage as efficient and protective as possible. Of course they have accessories that can customize any workman’s tool setup into a fully personalized rig, and we’ll get into that, but first let’s have a look at what makes all of this possible. Let’s lay the foundation so you can get to building a tool storage system customized just for you.


Steady Rolling: The Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box Set


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The rolling tool box Milwaukee offers is the base of their packout system. This is a fully modular tool storage system that allows you to configure tool boxes, organizers, totes and more into a setup that suits you best. Once you start adding to the rolling Milwaukee tool box you’ll build yourself a mobile tool storage tower. This is made possible by the patented technology used by the system. Each component can click into another utilizing a cleat on their bottom surface which interlocks with the slots on the top of another. With this clever design you can make a stack atop your Milwaukee pack out rolling tool box.


The Milwaukee packout rolling tool box dimensions are 22.1”L x 18.6”W x 25.6”H. This unit asides from being a sturdy base for the packout system is a great storage box in its own right. Perfect for storing bulkier tools like grinders and sawzalls, but with removable insert trays it can also house pliers and screwdrivers just the same. No worries storing even your most valuable tools here – this thing is tough.


Made from impact resistant polymers, with metal reinforced corners the Milwaukee packout 22 in. tool box can take a kicking. It also has an IP65 rated seal so you won’t need to worry about dust or water getting inside. You can bring it with you to the harshest job sites and bringing it with you is made easy. It has 9” all terrain wheels that can manage gravel, mud, snow – the works. Even pesky staircases won’t be a problem. It comes with an industrial grade telescopic extension handle with a wide grip that helps to make navigating a breeze. The reinforced hinges and carry handle allow it to be transported without the wheels and placed into the bed of your pickup truck. You can get the Milwaukee packout rolling tool box black or red so it's not all brawn, it’s looks too.


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With a stellar base like the Milwaukee packout 22 in. rolling tool box system is all about modularity and versatility and you can see that with a foundation this strong you can build a tool tower that doesn’t waver. Now that the first piece is in place you can start adding; the sky’s the limit. The rolling tool box on wheels Milwaukee makes is only the beginning, but it's a solid start, no doubt. We’ll have a look at all the Milwaukee packout rolling tool box accessories later, but first let’s look at another tool storage system that’s tough from the feet up.


Built For Any Road: The DECKED Drawer System


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The DECKED Drawer System got its name based on one robust characteristic: it's built like a deck. Manufactured using anti-corrosion treated steel and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) this frame is unassailable. The DECKED Drawer System, like the Milwaukee rolling tool box is on wheels, but in a whole other way; it's in your truck bed.


We’re talking about a fully modular tool storage system that custom fits into the bed of most midsize and fullsize pickup trucks and cargo vans. The system is fully integrated with every nook and cranny considered for a true fit with no wasted space. J-Hooks in each corner allow for the system to be fastened securely in place. Don’t be concerned about losing space in your truck bed for hauling, The DECKED Drawer System has a 2000lb payload, so if you need to move a pallet of cinder blocks just drop it on top. Your tools will be nested beneath without feeling it. Bring your tools along and haul what you want, when you want, and don’t think twice. It’s a storage system built for life on the road.


The drawers are on wheels of their own. The drawers roll out on urethane sealed wheels, not sliders, to prevent any bends or snags that may cause a drawer to get jammed. We all have that tool bench with drawers that don’t seem to open, but not these drawers. The drawers have detents so they won’t close unexpectedly on an incline. Each of the two drawers has a 200lb capacity so you don’t have to be picky about what gear to bring — bring what you need when you need it.


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You are headed out to brutal conditions at a jobsite and you want your tool storage system keeping up with you. There’s no trouble. The DECKED Drawer System is made from futuristic materials (remember that HDPE?) which make it resistant to wear and tear on any job. It’s also weather resistant which means if you’re headed into a blizzard, have no fear, your tools are dry inside even if you’re soaked outside. The System can also come equipped with drawer locks that will keep unwanted hands off of your gear. The HDPE is so tough it’ll make a crowbar cry, so you can focus on the task at hand and know your tools are safe out in your truck.


All of this burly frame is in place to do a handful of important things. It has to be durable, and you can see that it is. It also has to keep your tools in order and organization is an area you can start expanding on this formidable base. The DECKED Storage System is made for modular storage and there is no more versatile and organized way to store your tools.


The DECKED Accessories will take the foundation of the Drawer System to the next level. Each component is another part of the puzzle to customizing your optimal gear layout, right in the bed of your pickup truck. Now that we’re on solid footing there’s nowhere to go, but up.






Building Blocks: Accessorizing Your Tool Storage System


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This DECKED Drawer System and Milwaukee packout rolling tool box review would be incomplete without looking at the various components for each system. These tool storage systems lay the groundwork for some impressive improvising capabilities. Now that your tools are secure, mobile, and ready to be organized, here are some of the amazing components you’ll need to build an optimal Milwaukee rolling tool box system:


  • The Milwaukee Packout Large Tool Box: This is your trusty go-to tool box that every tool storage system is going to need. A couple of these will make your solo Milwaukee  rolling tool box into a Milwaukee packout rolling tool box 3pc. After all, the higher you stack the more storage space you have. The Milwaukee large tool box has 100lb capacity, made with impact resistant polymers and an IP65 rated seal. It comes with a removable organizer tray so both bulky tools and the smaller stuff can neatly be stored here.


  • The Milwaukee Packout 3 Drawer Tool Box: This is your large format easy to organize unit. It’s a must for your Milwaukee rolling tool box set. Keep everything in its proper place with quick adjust dividers. Thieves can take a hike because it comes equipped with a locking bar that keeps sticky fingers out and also keeps the drawers in place while you're on the move. Screws, drill bits, and all the particulars stow nicely here.


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  • The Milwaukee Packout Organizer: Click this into place at the top of you Milwaukee 22 in. packout rolling modular tool box for all the odds and ends to stay put. Each organizer has removable and mountable storage bins that allow for a lot of versatility in the workshop or the jobsite. The clear lid allows for browsing and it has a no travel bin seal so everything stays in place while you’re on the go.


The DECKED Accessories are what will provide you with full modular customization in your truck bed. Each drawer is designed to house any of these mighty components snugly. So mix and match these to get the exact layout that suits you:


  • The Drawerganizer: The Drawerganizer sits at the head of the drawer and is molded to wrap around the interior of the drawer handle. No wasted space for maximum efficiency. This is the perfect spot to toss everyday items like bug spray, duct tape, and hearing protection. All of it will be at your fingertips without having to search through bins.


  • The CrossBox: This is your tried, tested, and true tool box. The HDPE constructed, weatherproof body keeps your tools safe in this lightweight, grab and go storage unit. With an internal removable tray for extra organization, keeping it tidy is a cinch. This piece, like all the others, is designed to fit perfectly in the drawers for easy access without having to reach into the depths of your truck bed. Save the backbreaking and let the tools come to you.


  • The D-Box: The big brother to the Crossbox. This tool box allows for more room to store your heftier gear like hammer drills, cables, and tow straps. Dividers make it easy to micromanage though, so you can personalize each D-Box to your liking. It has the same High-Density Polyethylene and weatherproof body as the rest of the system and that can’t be emphasized enough when talking about protection.


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  • The D-Bag: Before you chuckle at the name, don’t doubt this component is a charmer. This hybrid hard/soft thermoformed bag is as versatile as they come. WIth the carrying modes of backpack, satchel, and briefcase, this is the perfect unit for a workman on the move (hunters also take note). Repairmen if you are parking outside a skyscraper for a service call this is definitely the tool bag for you. This shapeshifter also houses a duffel and a tool roll inside. There’s nothing quite like it.



A Place To Build A Home For Your Tools


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You can’t build a house on sand and it's no different when building a home for your tools. The Milwaukee rolling tool box and the DECKED Drawer System have the innovation, durability, and mobility to create an amazing starting point for getting your tools back in order.


Once you begin customizing with the other components you’ll get to experience fully modular tool storage without any need to backpedal. So don’t sacrifice when deciding what tools you can afford to bring along with you. You can handle whatever the job throws at you. And these storage systems can handle whatever tools you pile up to get it done.