Decided to purchase a Makita Tool Bag? Why not try DECKED first?

Decided to purchase a Makita Tool Bag? Why not try DECKED first?


A Tool Bag is used to store tools, so they are easily accessible, can be carried with ease, and don't damage surfaces. Many people find themselves spending more time looking for tools than actually building or fixing something. Your tools are an investment, so you must take care of them and store them in a way that makes them easily accessible and portable.


Makita tool bags offer the perfect solution to keeping your tools organized and easy to find. We've assembled a list of the best tool bags from Makita on the market today, so you can pick out the best one designed for your tools and professional work style.


When choosing a tool bag, it's important to consider the tools you use most often and where you intend to store them. Some tool bags are designed specifically for larger power tools, while others are sized better for carrying smaller hand-held tools, and some are designed to store large tools.


The image shows a Makita Tool Bag

About Makita Corporation

Makita Corporation's roots can be traced back to 1915, established in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. It is a manufacturer of cutting tools and accessories which focuses on premium quality. The company has brought numerous innovations by introducing new cutting tools and power tools with new features.


The company has produced top-notch power tools such as drill bits, chippers and grinders, batteries and chargers, and air compressors, and is also the creator of one of the first portable generators for contractor use.


Makita Corporation's mission is to provide premium quality products through innovation and design. The company offers a wide range of products such as cordless tool kits with different configurations, universal chargers with many features, and battery packs that offer more power in a tiny package.

Best Makita Tool Bags

1. Makita Tool Bag with Wheels

The Makita Tool Bag with Wheels is an easy-to-carry and sturdy tool bag that can be slung over your shoulder or strapped to a rolling cart. Its main features are the leather piping on the main body, carry handle, two removable pockets, and enough space for tools and accessories.


Due to its simple design, portability, and multiple storage options, this bag is one of the best in its price range. Its benefits include simple design and a sleek look which enhances your brand image. If you are looking to invest in a tool bag that is easily carried and has enough space for tools and accessories, this one by Makita is an excellent choice.


  • Made from highly durable leather, with enough space for tools and accessories
  • Carry handle with leather piping for better grip
  • Multiple pockets for more storage options
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with a drop-down clip to hold tools in place
  • Suitable for usage at work or home
  • Portable construction makes it easy to carry


2. Makita Tool Bag

The Makita Tool Bag is an excellent investment for tool storage. It is made from durable vinyl and has high-quality zippers. Its main features include its spacious interior, multiple pockets, and adjustable shoulder strap.


This bag has an attractive design, with a pro look to your tool storage and brand identity on the job site. It comes in handy when searching for tools, as it has different pockets to store screwdrivers, files, drill bits, adapters, and other accessories.


  • Made from highly durable vinyl
  • Smooth zippers for easy opening and closing of the bag
  • Multiple pockets for storage of tools, drill bits, and accessories
  • Adjustable strap for easy carrying and strapping to a cart or rolling box
  • Ideal for storing power tools, homeowner's tools, pliers, and more


3. Makita Contractor Tool Bag

The Makita Contractor Tool Bag is a durable bag made from heavy-duty canvas. Its main features include a shoulder strap with a padded shoulder pad and multiple storage pockets for holding tools and other accessories.


The bag comes with an easy-to-carry handle that is padded for added comfort. The bag has slotted compartments with adjustable partitions to keep frequently used tools on hand. This tool bag can be used by contractors, handymen, plumbers, or anyone who needs a quick way to carry tools around the job site. This bag comes in various sizes and colors.


  • Great for transporting tools around the job site
  • Straps and padded handle for easy carrying
  • Multiple pockets for storage of tools, drill bits, adapters, and more
  • Lightweight to make it comfortable to carry
  • Adjustable partitions for more storage options and convenience


4. Makita Kit Bag

The Makita Kit Bag is a convenient carrying bag with different compartments to hold tools, attachments, batteries, and other accessories. This tool bag is on the smaller side as you can easily fit it in your car or truck.


It is made of heavy-duty canvas with a professional design and plenty of room to store all the tools you need for any job. The main features are multiple storage pockets, a retractable handle, and sturdy canvas construction that will last over time.


  • Made from heavy-duty canvas
  • Retractable handle that is padded for extra comfort
  • Multiple pockets for more storage space
  • Sturdy and durable canvas construction with a professional look.
  • Rugged and spacious interior for easy tool storage.
  • Easy to carry and store in limited spaces


Makita is a great company regarding power tools and tool storage. Their rugged and durable products are designed for the toughest jobs, such as drilling holes in concrete or driving screws into electrical junction boxes. Their power tools are powerful yet compact and easy to handle due to their ergonomic design.


They also have a wide range of high-quality tool bags that can help you, but it comes with a heavy tag, and if you want something that is budget-friendly and can accommodate all your tools, check out the D-Bag from DECKED.



The DECKED D-Bag is a great alternative to high-end tool bags. It is loaded with features that you will appreciate, such as durable ballistic nylon construction and convenient inner pockets to help keep your tools organized.


Its lightweight, compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. Most importantly, the bag has been designed with a patented connector system that allows you to attach its shoulder strap or a standard handle so you can take your tools with ease.


The image shows DECKED D-Bag


  • Durable ballistic nylon construction
  • Padded shoulder strap with a removable handle for easy carrying
  • Inner pockets to keep your tools organized
  • Modular connectors allow you to take your bag with you on the go
  • An affordable option for those who cannot afford high-end tool bags


DECKED D-Rito Tool Roll


Can you imagine tool storage for just $50? We know, it sounds amazing. DECKED is a truck accessory provider that seeks to improve tool transport and organization. Launching the DECKED D-Rito Tool Roll can be marked in the history of the tool storage industry. Have a look at the following features to fall in love with the DECKED D-Rito Tool Roll.



  • Just like every other DECKEd product, the D-Rito Toll Roll is weather-resistant as it can withstand harsh temperature and weather conditions
  • An empty D-Rito Toll Roll marks the dimensions of 7" x 12" while the unrolled tool roll is 19" x 12" in dimensions
  • The double taped zippers provides extra longevity and protection
  • It is a space efficient solution for tool storage. Adjustable external cinch system helps in rolling up the tool roll
  • The toll roll is made up of high quality 900D TPU-coated nylon


DECKED Truck Tool Box

The DECKED truck toolbox is a great addition to any tool collection. Its compact construction ensures that it takes up little space in your truck. The boxes are made from heavy-duty plastic with a smooth black finish, and its ribbed construction can hold multiple tools and other accessories.


This set includes one toolbox and one drawer system used separately. To help keep your tools organized, this set includes two durable exterior pockets that can hold tools, adapters, and drill bits while still maintaining the sleek appearance of the box.



  • Weather-resistant tool box ensures its usage in all the months of the year without any hassle
  • The tool box is water-resistant, rust, and corrosion-resistant
  • The tool box comes with a warranty of a lifetime
  • The DECKED tool box is space and storage efficient and is made up of high quality plastic that ensures lifetime usage of the product

The image shows a DECKED tool box


DECKED Drawer System

The DECKED Drawer System is a great storage solution for your truck. This Drawer System will fit in most under the bed toolboxes but can also be used separately to create more storage space.


The drawer system has powder-coated drawers with steel ball-bearing slides that helps in easy opening and closing of the system. The drawers have removable dividers for more storage space, and its heavy-duty construction allows you to hold up longer than you think. The best feature of this drawer system is its versatility.


It can be used as a standalone toolbox, a drawer system inside your truck toolbox, or even some other storage boxes and break boxes. Each drawer can hold up to 2000 pounds, but you should never exceed the weight limit for safety reasons. This is the perfect option for you if you are looking for more storage space and need to organize your tools.

The image shows a DECKED drawer system


Decided to go with DECKED? We hope so

Makita is a great company producing quality accessories for over 90 years. They are known by name worldwide and are a major brand that attracts truck drivers to use this brand in their trucks. Makita seems to be the only brand that produces most of its tools under the bench model, and they also sell some toolboxes that they can customize.


They pride themselves on their products. But if you are looking for a better and more affordable brand, you can choose with DECKED. DECKED has been designing and manufacturing truck accessories for over a decade. They have been able to continue producing their quality truck accessories by focusing on the quality of their products.


They have been careful in following a set procedure in every manufacturing process step. Their products are made from handpicked materials which make them durable and long-lasting. DECKED has manufactured the tool boxes, drawer systems, and accessory sets with such attention and care that they could be considered one of the most reliable brands.