Looking For Lowe's Truck Tool Boxes?

Looking For Lowe's Truck Tool Boxes?

The Lowdown On Lowe's Truck Tool Boxes

Employee in warehouse loading boxes

Lowe's has been a giant of the home improvement space for decades, with thousands of stores across the U.S. and Canada.


One of the positives of buying at Lowe's is that, as a company, it’s got a smooth and simple way of helping customers to glide back and forth between its online and its brick-and-mortar stores, without a hitch. And word has it that Lowe's makes even first-time buyers feel comfortable in the giant world of the home improvement and automotive categories.


So you’re cruising down the highway, or rolling on down through the path less traveled, and across those dusty roads, and the tools in your truck bed behind you are rattling and banging with every bump your tires hit. And that banging means you’re hearing the message loud and clear, even over the loud blast of your favorite Garth Brooks song: the time has come to invest in a bonafide system or truck bed tool boxes that’ll wrangle and tame your cargo, gear, parts, and stuff –– once and for all.



Photo of a man smiling by his truck bed with DECKED Drawer System


Lowe's truck tool boxes are here to pony up the no-holds-barred utility and durability you dream of, with the versatility to maximize on your weekend lifestyle and your daily hard work. But when you go to Lowe' and search for your Lowe's truck tool boxes or organizational systems under “cargo management,” or you walk into one of their 100,000 square-foot stores, you’ll find a long selection of dozens of brands in a range of shapes, designs, materials, usages, and mixed customer reviews that go along with them.


That can be kind of intimidating, even if this isn’t your first rodeo.


That’s why it’s important to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for, what your needs are, and what will be the most natural fit for your best, most trusted sidekick (besides your very good dog)  –– your well-loved pickup truck.


As you look at the long list of options you’ve got, make sure that on top of security and organization, you’re not forgetting about the nuts and bolts, like dimensions, payload capacity, weatherproofing, alignment in your truck bed, functionality, accessibility, and durability.


Sound like a little more than you can chew? Don’t sweat it. Even the most seasoned truck lovers can get bogged down, so keep in mind that there are American-made, Lowe's truck tool box brands like DECKED that have come up with ergonomic, tough-as-nails solutions for just about every make and model truck and van since the 1990’s, with modern engineering to make your busy life easier than you ever imagined.


But first, let’s run down the basics of designs you can find with Lowe's truck tool boxes.


Truck with DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System

Crossover (Otherwise Known As Crossbed Or Saddlebox)


First on the list, you’re looking at the popular, classic Lowe's truck bed crossover tool boxes. Crossover boxes sit directly under the rearview window at the front of your truck bed and span the width of your bed, mounting to the sides of the truck bed on the bed rails.


There are a few different styles of lids that come with the crossover depending on your needs. One type is a single, long lid that lifts up towards the back window of the truck. The crossover tool box doesn’t touch your bed, which allows space under the truck tool box for when you’re hauling lumber or other long items. There are also Lowe's truck tool boxes that have two lids, which you can open in a similar way –– they’re called double-lids –– which lock separately and divide your tool box into two equal halves.


The other type of lid configuration is called the gull wing, which, like the double-lids, also has two lids, but in this case, they open from the side of the truck; you open the lid towards the truck bed’s middle.


These lid designs are all meant to solve the problem of accessing the items in your box; the most innovative design is one which comes with its one tool box nesting ladder (which we’ll see more of below).


Then, of course, you have the option of what’s called the low-profile crossover truck tool box. This design has a skinny lid and the storage space is smaller than a full-size tool box, so you can still slide some stuff underneath. Crossover boxes are popular because of their ability to pack in bigger tools, parts, and gear, and more of them.


Wheel Well, Side-Mount, & Other Lowe's Truck Tool Boxes

But what if you do a lot of hauling and storage, and you don’t want to lose that much cargo space in your bed? One option is to check out a low-profile Lowe's truck tool box, or a wheel well box that sits nearly flush with your vehicle’s wheel well at the far end of the truck bed, between the wheel arch and the tailgate.


A lot of wheel well tool boxes are mounted on a hinge so they can swing out across the bed for easy access. Or, you can use a side-mount tool box in conjunction with your crossover to give you even more storage space. As you can guess, it secures to the side bed rail of your truck bed and faces outwards. If you have a heavy-duty truck or a semi with extra ground clearance, an underbed box is something you could look into. It does just what it sounds like: mounts under the bed.


There’s also a truck chest, which sits right on the bottom of the bed of your truck, as opposed to being mounted on the truck bed rails. One drawback is, you’re decreasing the length of the truck bed.


DECKED Drawer System & Tool Box

DECKED Drawer System with accessories

For a more personal approach to all of your storage needs, Lowe's offers this sleek system for just about every truck and van made since the ‘90’s. The DECKED drawer system has been around since 2013, and chances are, you’ve probably seen it before, either in your co-worker’s truck, on the road, or on a Youtube video. With DECKED products, you can check organization, durability, accessibility, custom fit, security, and, yes, the coolness factor, right off your list. The thing about DECKED, besides that it’s ergonomically perfect, is there’s almost an endless choice of accessories that lets you totally customize the system even more than it already is. To put it simply, the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box are built like Fort Knox.


Next-Level Organization

The coolest part about the DECKED Drawer System is what happens inside the drawers. The range of accessories lets you tailor the draws to your world. The Drawer Dividers are such an easy way to organize and separate gear in your DECKED system. You can even get wide and narrow dividers in packs of two or four, to separate sections of the system however you like. The Drawerganizer is also a terrific accessory. When you’re coming out of the work site or you’re done with your hunt, you can drop the tailgate and slide the drawer open. The Drawerganizer is the first thing you’ll see. This bin fits perfectly to the inside of the handle and provides an open spot for storage. Perfect for any loose parts, for any activity.


The drawers themselves open by grabbing a sturdy handle which releases the drawer allowing it to roll out smoothly. Once open, you’ll find your organization options are second to none, not to mention the quality and the design. Divide and separate the drawers whichever way you see fit to get the most out of your DECKED System. Install a few, or all of the accessories to help you amplify your pursuits outdoors or on the job.

What's included in the DECKED Drawer System

The final product has a 2,000-pound deck load capacity, with a whopping 200-pound storage capacity per drawer, and the entire system is 12 inches tall. It comes complete, free of additional charge, with a DECKED D-Box, a smaller modular tool and gear organization system. If you need to level up and get even more fine-tuned with the placement of your gear and tools, these boxes will get you there.




Plus, built with anti-corrosion, galvanized steel hardware, DECKED is heavy duty, and its weatherproof durability lets you work, drive, camp, or hunt under all conditions with total confidence.


Whether you’re into the outdoors, or you’ve just got to bring your organization to the next level, the Crossbox and D-Box accessories are your answer. The D-Box and Snack Tray (also included with your Tool Box) will keep your gear neat, separate, dry, and safe. DECKED is ergonomically perfect because it was inspired by the mission to make life easier for working men and women.


Not Your Grandad’s Tool Box


The DECKED Tool Box is made like a football helmet ––nearly indestructible, waterproof, tough enough to withstand anything you put it through, AND it serves as a secure and weatherproof area to store your work tools and the whole array of your gear and cargo. It’s also the only toolbox on the market that's easy to access with the ladder, won't ding, dent or rust, and looks like it came from this decade. It’s made from 100% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and high-impact injection molded resins that rest on a sub frame consisting of 40 pounds of steel and a 30-lb lid that stays open –– but only for you; it’s not only bullet-proof, it’s completely thief-proof. It’s so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry.

Truck with DECKED Drawer System, Tool Box, and Ladder

The Tool Box also comes optional with an integrated ladder that nests underneath the lid, which means you can access more than half of your storage from the side of the truck, without the hassle of having to crawl in the bed – those days are gone. The ladder is made from 6000 series aluminum that easily drops to the ground, takes up minimal space, and telescopes closed inside the DECKED Truck Tool Box. J-hooks attach to the bed tie-downs, which makes the DECKED storage system easy to assemble, install, or remove. It comes with install instructions that shouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete.


DECKED took truck storage accessibility to the future when designing the Tool Box and Drawer System. With its main plant headquartered in Defiance, Ohio, DECKED products are 100% made in the USA and offer a lifetime warranty on ALL of their products. Shipping through DECKED is free.


Or, you can purchase the Drawer System via Lowe's truck tool boxes, while both the System and/or Tool Box and all DECKED products and accessories are available through DECKED and, of course, via a wide range of other retail and fleet dealerships across the U.S. and Canada.


Then, after you’ve put it all together just the way you envisioned –– go ahead and climb behind the wheel of your truck, roll down your window, and roll up over that unbeaten path. You’ll have the peace of mind you’ve always dreamed of, not to mention peace and quiet, no more tools banging around in that truck bed behind you, and crank up that Garth Brooks and belt it out. You’re in control now.



DECKED plant in Ohio