Style Wars: The Lowe's Kobalt Tool Box Vs The DECKED Drawer System

Style Wars: The Lowe's Kobalt Tool Box Vs The DECKED Drawer System


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Everyone has personal preferences. Some guys drink their coffee black, some with cream, and never really consider it twice. We chalk a lot of decisions up to personal preference and that’s fine because some choices are just that simple. But what about when we make decisions with this attitude when there might be something more to the picture? What if something we could change the way we work and play if we changed the way we weighed a matter of personal taste? Many of us fall into old habits when it comes to storing our gear, but let’s take a moment and look past familiarity. This brings us to the Lowe’s Kobalt Tool Box and the DECKED Drawer System. These two tool storage systems presumably do the same thing, but there is definitely more than meets the eye. Using two very different methods of storage Lowe’s Kobalt truck tool box and the DECKED Drawer System have their own unique styles. Style might seem like a matter of taste, but sometimes it makes all the difference.


In this DECKED Drawer System and Lowe’s Kobalt tool box review, we will compare how these systems differ in the style of storage they provide: box or drawer. The trusty Kobalt tool box at Lowe’s has a more traditional, static, tried and true functionality. The DECKED Drawer System uses rolling modular drawers to bring tool storage into a new era. Let’s see if a new style of tool storage might be exactly what you’ve been sleeping on.


Old Faithful: The Trusty Lowe’s Kobalt Truck Utility Tool Box


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The Lowe’s Kobalt truck tool box is a tool storage system that sits at the back of your truck bed. They come in custom dimensions at a premium cost or in generic versions that allow the tool box to fit most pickup trucks. The Kobalt truck tool box Lowe’s offers comes in several shapes and sizes including a low-profile model and the classic full-size deep pull handle truck box. There are also a lot of accessories and other Lowe’s products to enhance the Kobalt Lowe’s tool box performance.


The crossover tool box is constructed of heavy duty diamond plated aluminum and steel for strength. The tub of the box is deep and made from one piece of metal for less welds and more durability. Auto-lift, gas powered shocks make the lid open easily so you don’t have to wrestle with it.


It can handle your bulkier gear like grinders, saws, and cables, but provides organization for your smaller items with a Kobalt tool box storage tray Lowe’s can provide you with. The patented integral ends of the crossover box provide extra stability when you’re driving from job to job, but they also hide a small storage pocket on the interior for loose odds and ends.


The tool box is also tough on thieves. The automotive grade dual locking pull handles (whew that’s a mouthful, sorry for the tech-speak) feature rotary latches keeping your tool box locked securely. A simple set of keys in your Lowe’s Kobalt tool box lock will keep greedy hands off your valuable gear and give you valuable peace of mind.


No one wants a clunky old tool box ruining the look of their sexy truck, but don’t worry. As stated earlier there is a Lowe’s Kobalt low profile tool box for a sleeker look to keep your truck looking good while keeping your tools safe. You can get the Lowe’s Kobalt tool box black or stainless or a variety of colors and finishes to match your truck just right. We are talking style after all.


Tool Storage’s New Style: The DECKED Modular Drawer System


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Every now and then something comes along and upends our preconceived notions about what’s possible. It’s easy to get accustomed to familiarity and stop asking ‘is this the best there is?’ When it comes to tool storage that game-changer is the DECKED Drawer System.


The DECKED Drawer System is a modular tool storage system that custom fits into the bed of your pickup truck or cargo van. It uses two rolling drawers to make for storage, making access to your gear easy. Your whole arsenal is always at your fingertips without having to lug crates and bins or climb into the back of your truck. Just pull a drawer and grab what you need.


The DECKED Drawer System has a payload of 2000lbs so you don’t need to stress about missing truck bed space – just toss whatever you want on top. Each drawer has a capacity of 200lbs so configuring your tool storage can be about what you want to add, not what you need to take out. All of this is built from a High-Density Polyethylene (think near indestructible plastic) and anti-corrosion treated steel so it can take a kicking and keep on coming. The whole system is weatherproof to keep your tools dry and dust-free. The drawers can be locked so your gear is easy to grab for you, but not for unwanted sticky fingers. The DECKED Drawer System keeps rugged jobs, nature’s elements, and would-be crooks all at bay with your tools tucked safely away in the bed of your truck.


The true ingenuity of a drawer style storage system comes with its modularity. The many DECKED accessories make it possible to not only stow tools in a more organized fashion, but to customize your truck bed layout for an optimal setup. No two men on the jobsite are the same and so why should their tool boxes be?


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By adding the desired DECKED accessories to your Drawer System the difference between box and drawer becomes stark. Components like the D-Box and Crossbox can be used in tandem as heavy duty tool kits. The smaller Crossbox comes with a removable tray insert for a lightweight, organized tool box. The D-Box, the Crossbox’s big brother, comes with removable dividers so you can fill it with larger items or dial it in for specific storage needs.


The aptly named Drawerganizer sits in the head of the drawer around the drawer handles so there’s no wasted space. It is a great spot for grab-and-go access to odds and ends.


The D-Bag is part backpack, part tool roll, part duffle, but fully versatile. This is the accessory for workers that are on the move and don’t want to head back to the truck every other minute. Despite being part soft panel bag, the D-Bag, like all the DECKED accessories, fits snuggly into the Drawer System. Everything is integrated and swappable so your truck bed stays as organized as a library.


Drawer-style storage isn’t just another toolbox system. If you’re open-minded it can change the way you work. The Lowe’s Kobalt tool box seems familiar, but is a drawer system the style of the future? Let’s compare.


To Box Or To Drawer? What Style Suits You?


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Lowe’s tool box Kobalt edition and the DECKED Drawer System are both made with basic goals in mind. They have to be durable and theft-proof to keep your tools safe. They have to be functional organizers to keep your tools stored neatly. They both have to make transporting your tools possible with the least amount of hassle. These standards can be said of any tool storage unit really, but in what other areas do these systems go above and beyond and in what other areas do they fall short? It’s a showdown of box vs drawer.


Durability and Protection:

When it comes to durability, Lowe’s Kobalt tool box keys in on strength in the design. It goes for brawny mass and brute force resistant metal. Constructed entirely in heavy duty diamond tread plate aluminum and steel the Lowe’s Kobalt tool box is a tough bin, no doubt. The box’s tub is built from a singular metal unit, foregoing any unnecessary welds and honing that strength. When it comes to thwarting thieves it's a lock for a Kobalt tool box Lowe’s guarantees – literally.

Each tool box has beefy locks and latches to keep your tools protected.


The DECKED Drawer System is no slouch in the strength department, though. It’s High-Density Polyethylene and anti-corrosion coated steel body keeps it standing in the face of harsh wear and tear. HDPE is a plastic that can take hell without caving. It's also weatherproof so rust and other elemental ailments won’t be a factor.


The Drawer System’s 2000lb payload allows for some rough stuff that the Lowe’s Kobalt truck tool box probably couldn’t handle. Each drawer has a capacity of 200lbs and rolls, not slides, on urethane sealed bearings, so they won’t bend. The arms on the Lowe’s Kobalt tool box lid leave one wondering if they will stand up to that kind of hammering. Maybe it's better not to find out the hard way.


Organization And Modularity:


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Keeping your tools in order is likely the most basic function of a tool storage system, but tool storage doesn’t have to be basic. This is an area where the Lowe’s Kobalt tool box lacks and the DECKED Drawer System goes to the next level. The contrast here is bold.


The Lowe’s Kobalt tool box does allow for large item storage as it has a deep tub that can hold heftier equipment. The removable organizer tray will store bits and pieces neatly and the two integral ends of the tool box contain storage pods for small parts. End of the day, it's old school, dig around for the right part, tool box.


The DECKED Drawer System couldn’t be farther from it. There’s no digging around for anything. If you want it, you got it. Everything is right where you placed it last in the drawers or further stashed in a DECKED Accessory. Don’t bother climbing into the bed for tools, let them come to you. Everything from the front to the back is available comfortably from the tailgate.


When it comes to customization and modularity the Lowe’s Kobalt truck tool box scores worse. It primarily relies on other Kobalt products that are not integrated whatsoever. Lowe’s stainless steel Kobalt tool box might keep your tools safe on the jobsite, but back at the truck it doesn’t interconnect with the truck tool box. Need to get all that gear from the truck to the site? The Kobalt rolling tool box Lowe’s might get you to where you’re going, but there’s no modularity. The Lowe’s Kobalt rolling tool box also can’t interconnect with the truck box. The Lowe’s Kobalt trailer tongue tool box might help some of these issues.


WIth DECKED, modularity is the name of the game. This is where drawer-style storage shines. All the components seamlessly go in and out of the Drawer System without any aggravation which will have you wondering why you ever dug through an old school toolbox in the first place.


The possibilities are endless once you start configuring your drawer layout. The DECKED  Accessories are marvels in their own right (definitely check them out), but if we’re just talking drawer vs box, there’s no need to discuss further. It feels like we know which system is walking away with this one.  


Go Deeper: The DECKED Drawer System Takes Tool Storage Past The Surface


DECKED Drawer System, Lowes Kobalt tool box, D-Box, lowes kobalt truck utility tool box, pickup truck, tools


There are comforts in the familiar, for sure. We have used some gear since we were kids and maybe it’s easy to fall into the trap of always going back – but this isn’t your grandad’s toolbox. The Drawer System brings all the elements of the classic style toolbox: the durability, the organization, and the mobility. In the end, the modularity of the drawers is what really makes the difference apparent. It's plain to see that the versatility of the Drawer System makes the Lowe’s Kobalt truck tool box look old hat.


Is your truck a Lowe’s Kobalt tool box truck or a DECKED Drawer System truck? Maybe it's just a matter of preference. Or maybe when we take a second look our old habits seem like they're meant to be broken. Of course style isn’t everything, but when it packs a punch like the DECKED Drawer System, it counts.