A Kobalt Tool Box Gets the Job Done

A Kobalt Tool Box Gets the Job Done

Finding the right tool for the job is the key to getting it done right. Tool boxes operate the same way: choosing the best tool box for your needs makes your work life much easier. If you’re looking for a Kobalt tool box, you’ll find a great lineup of boxes in all sizes and configurations. Whether you’re an auto mechanic, aircraft mechanic, or shade tree mechanic, you’ll find a Kobalt tool box that will serve you well.  

A Roomy Kobalt Tool Box for Every Use

Because tool users have varied needs, Kobalt tool boxes come in multiple versions. Here’s a snapshot of four larger models that serve the needs of tool fans in shops from coast to coast.

Kobalt Rolling Tool Cabinet

A Kobalt rolling tool cabinet is a no-nonsense tool garage on wheels. You’ll get drawers of different sizes and depths, making it easy to group your tools together. The cabinet’s flat top doubles as an onsite tool storage area and a work surface.

Kobalt Tool Chest Combo

A Kobalt tool chest combo combines the best of both worlds. You’ll get the mobile capabilities of a rolling tool cabinet plus the extra storage of a stacked tool chest on top. Together, it’s an unbeatable combination.

Kobalt Tool Chest Combo with Stacked Upper and Lower Storage


Kobalt Mechanics Tool Box

The Kobalt mechanics tool box has everything a good mechanic could want. The box offers 13 differently sized drawers with full extensions and soft-close mechanisms. Welded steel construction, and a durable powder-coated finish, make this handy box a must-have piece of equipment.

Blue Kobalt Mechanics Tool Box with 13 - drawer storage



Kobalt Jobsite Tool Box

The roomy Kobalt jobsite tool box provides plenty of lockable tool storage. The sturdy skids keep this rugged-looking box in one place. The flat top provides a convenient work surface.

Blue Kobalt Jobsite Tool Box with Four Skids for Secure Footing


Two Small (but Mighty) Kobalt Tool Boxes

The bigger tool boxes get all the glory. Their hefty proportions and beefy construction say they mean business. And, you can cram a lot of tools into these huge rolling containers. They’re worth their weight in gold.

But don’t overlook the smaller Kobalt tool boxes, as they also play a key role in getting the job done. Here are two compact boxes that are worth a serious look.

Kobalt Rolling Tool Box  

The Kobalt rolling tool box is a stroke of sheer genius. Chances are, the guy who invented this handy device was a mechanic or technician who got fed up with running back and forth to his big tool box for a hand tool or two.

No matter which tool(s) he brought back to his project, he always needed another one. And because he often worked in some pretty tight spaces, he couldn’t move the big tool box around the shop.

So, he mounted his small tool box on a set of rollers, and he moved it around the shop as needed. Fast forward to the Kobalt rolling tool box, which easily moves around the workspace and folds out for easy tool access. Hard to beat that.

Kobalt Portable Tool Box  

A Kobalt portable tool box provides compact tool storage that can go anywhere. These heavy-duty plastic or steel tool boxes come with handles for easy transport. The boxes are also lockable, so your tools stay where they belong.

Black Kobalt Portable Tool Box with Handle


Kobalt Tool Box Materials and Colors

Variety is the spice of life, and that certainly applies to Kobalt tool boxes. The Company manufactures these tool storage units from two durable materials. And because some users prefer unconventional colors, Kobalt offers some larger units in eye-popping shades you won’t forget.

Construction Materials

Not surprisingly, the stainless steel Kobalt tool box dominates the Company’s larger product portfolio. Available in multiple sizes and configurations, these sturdy storage containers can stand up to demanding use.

Several of the Kobalt portable tool boxes are made of heavy-duty molded plastic. Lighter than a stainless steel portable box, the plastic won’t ding or dent with normal use.

Standout Color Choices

Chances are, most mechanics and technicians choose a black Kobalt tool box. It won’t show dirt and grease, and it makes the dings and dents less noticeable. And if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, the black box should do the trick.

However, there’s something to be said for a Kobalt tool box blue and a Kobalt lime green tool box. If you buy one of these boxes, you won’t have any trouble finding it in a crowded shop. And if a sticky-fingered thief is trying to steal the box, they’ll have virtually no chance of staying under the radar.

Accessories, Parts, and Replacement Keys

High-fives for choosing a quality Kobalt tool box. Here’s hoping you and your new box have many happy years together. Of course, your satisfaction with the new tool box will depend on its clutter level.

Kobalt Tool Box Accessories (and Organizers)

If you literally throw all sorts of random gear into the box, and have to rummage endlessly for the tools you need, you’re defeating the entire purpose of your Kobalt tool box. You might as well throw everything into a paper bag.

Life will be much better with a Kobalt tool box organizer. In fact, a Kobalt silicone organizer insert will do the trick. For starters, silicone is practically indestructible. Also, this handy insert will nicely corral all those random bits that tend to migrate to the far corners of the box.

Blue Kobalt Silicone Organization Tray


But the Kobalt tool box accessories don’t stop there. Here’s just a sampling of what’s available:

Kobalt Large Plastic Tool Box Storage Organizer Chest

Multi-drawer Kobalt Large Plastic Tool Storage Organizer Chest



Kobalt Rubber Drawer Liner (in Kobalt blue, of course)

Blue Kobalt Rubber Drawer Liner





Kobalt Custom-fitted Tool Box Cover


Gray Kobalt Custom-fitted Tool Box Cover with Blue Letters

Of course, the only thing better than organizers for a Kobalt tool box is a DECKED injection-molded drawer divider. This thing’s literally in a class by itself, and it’s built to last.


Kobalt Tool Box Replacement Parts

Every piece of equipment will eventually need replacement parts. Although Kobalt manufactures some items in-house, others are available from third-party suppliers:

  • Tool Box Replacement Latch
  • Dee Zee Tool Box Replacement Pull Handle Latch
  • Dee Zee Tool Box Replacement Striker Assembly
  • Kobalt Tool Box Handle Endcaps (Set of 12 Pieces)

Kobalt Tool Box Replacement Keys

Everybody knows tool box keys disappear into a black hole. Come to think of it, that happens to all types of keys at some point. Good thing there are plenty of Kobalt tool box replacement keys on the market:

  • Replacement Tool Box and Tool Chest Key
  • Kobalt Series 8001-8250
  • Kobalt Series 801-810 and 901-910
  • Kobalt Series H01-H10
  • Kobalt Series BB01-BB10
  • Kobalt Series H700D-H750D

While you’re ordering those replacement keys, order two sets. You can never predict what the black hole will swallow next.

The Kobalt Iron-Clad Warranty

When you buy a product that requires some know-how and workmanship to make, you don’t want it to fall apart within a week. And if there’s something seriously wrong with the item, you’d like a no-questions-asked warranty that protects your interests. In other words, you don’t want to be stuck with the lemon.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sweat the Kobalt tool box warranty. The company offers an ironclad warranty on most Kobalt products made after May 1, 2016.

Nuts and Bolts of the Kobalt Warranty

For the original purchaser (you), Kobalt warrants that your tool box will be free from material and workmanship defects. In other words, it won’t be put together with duct tape and staples on a Friday afternoon.

If your Kobalt tool box just doesn’t cut it, bring it back to the store where you bought it. Of course, you’ll need a valid proof of purchase so Kobalt can make sure you’re not returning a secondhand tool box you bought at your neighbor’s yard sale.

If you can jump through this hoop, Kobalt will repair or replace the item free of charge. Some states may also give you additional rights. For more details, check with the retailer’s customer service department or call 1-888-3KOBALT.

The Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Now, here comes the legalese. Note that Kobalt’s maximum liability is limited to the item’s purchase price. In other words, don’t expect a $1,000 refund on a tool box that cost under $100.  

But wait, there’s more! The warranty does not apply to damage incurred during normal wear and tear. If a component fails when its useful life has ended, the warranty doesn’t cover that, either. If your Kobalt tool box suffers from improper maintenance or neglect, or you fail miserably at an unauthorized repair, the warranty is null and void.

As you might expect, we’ve saved the best for last. If you beat your Kobalt tool box with a sledgehammer, or otherwise misuse or abuse it, you won’t get a penny back. So don’t vent your frustrations against your boss on this innocent piece of equipment.

Searching for a Kobalt Tool Box for Sale?

Getting a Kobalt tool box is like receiving the best holiday gift on your list. Whether you’re on the hunt for a Kobalt rolling tool cabinet, tool chest combo, or a Kobalt mechanics tool box, you can’t lose.

Maybe you’re all set with the bigger tool box. However, you’d like to add a portable Kobalt tool box (or two) to your collection. Available in heavy-duty plastic or steel construction, these durable boxes can go everywhere you do.

Buying a New Kobalt Tool Box

If you insist on a brand-spanking-new Kobalt tool box, you’ll find one at big box stores (and maybe hardware stores) in your town. Maybe you’d prefer to get your Kobalt tool box at Lowes. If so, expect to choose between a tempting assortment of rolling bottom tool cabinets and tool chest combos, for starters.

However, if you’re searching for a Kobalt tool box Home Depot, you’ll come up short. It’s kind of a head scratcher, as Home Depot does not carry this popular brand.

Hunting for a Used Kobalt Tool Box

Fortunately, your chances of finding a used Kobalt tool box are good. Maybe your buddies are upgrading to a DECKED tool box, and they’d like to give their old Kobalt box a new home. If that doesn’t pan out, check the regional Craigslist ads. No matter where the box comes from, it should have a price tag that makes your wallet happy.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Your Kobalt tool box purchase should mark the beginning of a long, happy relationship. If you keep the box in good shape, and don’t vent your frustrations on it, this sturdy tool storage unit should give you lots of reliable service.

Discover the DECKED Difference

If you own a pickup truck (and who doesn’t!), and you’re tempted to move up to the next level, DECKED truck tool boxes have become the industry’s platinum standard. These rugged tool boxes are made of injection-molded plastic that won’t rust or dent. Keep them on your radar.