Read before you buy a Kennedy Tool Box

Read before you buy a Kennedy Tool Box

Read before you buy a Kennedy Tool Box


There are many tool boxes on the market, but not all of them are created equally. If you're in the market for a new tool box, take some time to have a look and analyze some of the top brands and models. There's a lot to consider when buying one, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here's your guide! The best part about tool boxes is that they're just as suitable for carpenters and mechanics as they are for homeowners. After all, you need a place to keep your tools and a tool box allows you to sort them in a safe space.


Tools that are appropriately organized last longer and get used more often. A well-made tool box doesn't cost very much unless you are done with good research. So before you make a final purchase, just make sure to compare the prices and quality of different sellers online and offline.


Factor in your budget

Tool boxes can cost between a couple hundred and several thousand dollars depending on the brand including some with high quality at affordable rates. While making a purchase, we would recommend not going too cheap, or you might end up with something that doesn't serve its purpose. Keep in mind a tool box can be a lifelong companion! Kennedy tool boxes cannot be avoided when it comes to affordability. They are a perfect balance of price and quality.


The image shows logo of Kennedy Tools


What size are you looking for?


Kennedy tool boxes come in different sizes. Not all people have the same purpose of buying a tool box, so make sure that you know your requirements before buying one. There are several configurations available, so you might have to check out the larger ones if you have large tools to keep in and a small compact box when you need one for daily home use. Make a perfect choice as per your needs and number of tools.


About Kennedy Manufacturing

Kennedy Manufacturing is a US-based tool manufacturer. They create top-quality equipment for different applications, and their adjustable foam products are simply the best available on the market today. They make all of their products right here in the United States of America, and everything is built with extreme care and precision to ensure the best customer experience.


They've been around since 1911, and have remained in business this long only because they take pride in what they make. Kennedy Manufacturing Company offers an exclusive lifetime warranty on all aeration products. They have a full line of tool chests and a carpenter-grade cabinet series, which is perfect for woodworkers. A piece of good news for woodworkers and gardeners! Kennedy offers a full range of woodworking and gardening tools. Also, Kennedy offers the best quality products at reasonable prices, so it's easy to see why most people use them every day. They pay attention to every little detail, ensuring that every product they make can withstand harsh weather, heat, and cold conditions. This has made Kennedy Manufacturing a leader in the industry.


Kennedy Manufacturing Company is based out of Van Wert, Ohio, and they make all of their products in your house. They are pleased to offer a lifetime warranty on their selection of tool chests, which is extremely rare in the industry today. Every piece of equipment that you buy from Kennedy Manufacturing is guaranteed for life, so when you make a purchase, you don’t need to worry about the longevity of the products.


Top 5 Kennedy Tool Boxes

Kennedy offers various tool boxes; however, we have listed down the best and most popular ones in the market. Check out these five best tool boxes they offer and stay tuned to know how DECKED can be a better choice .


1. 26″ 6 Kennedy Drawer Mechanics' Chest

This is a 26″ 6 Kennedy Drawer Mechanics' Chest


This is one of the best tool chests on the market today. Not only does it offer large storage space and an adjustable shelf, but you are also given a wide range of accessories with this tool box. What can be better than this? This Kennedy Chest has four drawers for your small tools, one for your hand tools, and one for your mechanical or electric tools. The drawers are all aluminum, and they slide easily on the track system. The body is made of alloy and has a durable rubberized finish to protect your tools. The telescopic handle enables you to easily roll this chest from one place to another. You can lock your tool box with the key for security. The large size allows you to put various tools in one single tool box, and the large drawers allow easy storage. If you need a large tool box that can carry several tools and accessories, this product is worth looking at.



This tool box comes with additional accessories to enhance its usage. Along with the tool chest, the tool box can accommodate an attachment of a storage tray. It provides an extra storage area and has the capacity of holding your small tools like screwdrivers or wrenches. The tray measures 11×20 inches, and it has an adjustable shelf on top so you can put your devices in the right place.


2. 29″ 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet

This is a 29″ 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet tool box


Yet another product to be noted. The tool box has a roller cabinet that’s designed for storing power tools and heavy tools. This roller carpenter tool cabinet has five drawers to easily store your power tools. This 5-drawer roller tool box has a durable construction that includes the actual box, the drawers, and the steel wheels. The drawers are lightweight aluminum with a rubberized finish, and they are all effortless to pull out because of their smooth action.


Since the cabinet comes with roller wheels, it is pretty easy to move around, making it perfect for any workshop. There are two drawers in the large tool box that can store bulky tools, and a small top drawer to store all your small tools. The bottom drawer is meant for large-sized tools, so you can easily store your large drills and accessories. The rolling cabinet is portable, you can take it from one place to the other.



This roller tool chest is very durable, and it has a large size that can easily adjust a wide range of tools. The power tool drawers are effortless to pull out, and they have comfortable rubber grips. You will love the large wheels that this box has. These wheels are strong enough for you to move the tool box without hassle.


3. 20″ 2-Drawer Portable Kennedy Tool Box

The image shows a 20″ 2-Drawer Portable Kennedy Tool Box


It is one of the most compact tool boxes in the market. It was designed for everyday users, and it is perfect for both professional woodworkers and DIY users. This portable Kennedy tool chest comes with two drawers and a large top compartment that can be used to store larger tools. There are removable dividers in this box that allow you to arrange things as per your needs. The drawers open smoothly and have comfortable rubber grips too. They are made up of high-quality aluminum. The compartment on the top has limited space; it is a great place to store your hand tools while they still stay inside the box. High-quality components are used to make the entire tool chest that ensures durability and protection against damage.



This portable tool chest from Kennedy is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable small tool chest that can store several tools. The size makes it perfect for carrying around, and the material ensures that your tools will last for years. This product comes with a warranty and is entirely made in the USA.


4. 21″ 4-Drawer Kennedy Roller Cabinet


This is a 21″ 4-Drawer Kennedy Roller Cabinet Tool Box



It is one of the best products from Kennedy and is perfect for anyone who needs more storage space for their tools. This roller cabinet has four drawer boxes that can easily be pulled out with a smooth action. The drawers are made up of aluminum with a rubberized coating to provide added protection and durability.


Compared to others on the list, it is a compact rolling tool box; however, it can store large-sized and heavy tools. The drawers are easy to slide, and they have comfortable grips too. The cabinet measures 21 x 19 inches, and it has a total weight of 25 pounds. You can quickly move this tool chest from one place to another because of the wheels that come with it.



It is a small tool chest, but it has all the features that you expect from a large tool box. The smooth drawer action makes pulling out drawers an easy task. You can arrange the tools in the boxes based on your requirements. A grooved tubular top handle makes it easy to carry this tool chest, while the wheels that come with it make it portable.


5. 5-Drawer Side Kennedy tool box Cabinet



Here's a 5-Drawer Side Kennedy tool box Cabinet


The 5-drawer Kennedy side cabinet is perfect for someone who needs added storage space. It is ideal for offices and workshops. This Kennedy tool box occupies less space as it stands tall and narrow and is best for someone who has a large range and variety of tools. The Kennedy side cabinet can be used in offices or any shop. It has a total weight of 102 pounds.

The product has a 5-drawer aluminum tray box, which comes with a lock to keep your tools safe. All the drawers are easy to pull and have comfortable rubber grips just like all of the above tool boxes.



The Kennedy side cabinet is a great place to store a range of tools from small ones to the ones that are extremely large. The box will keep all of themsafe. Also, the box has dust resistance. It is perfect for any workshop as it has a compact design that occupies limited space and stores unlimited tools.





Kennedy and DECKED


These were some of the top-rated Kennedy machinist tool boxes. Before moving on, we have some suggestions for you.


Knock-knock! A piece of good news for truck drivers and owners. If you're looking for tool boxes specifically for your trucks, then the DECKED collection is something you should miss! DECKED has come up with a new line of tool boxes and truck-related tools and accessories. The products are guaranteed to be durable. The truck tool box offered by DECKED is comparatively one of the best available tool boxes in the market today.


The features offered by DECKED are unmatchable. You can find some of the top features listed below:


The image shows a DECKED tool box for trucks


  • The large variety of truck tool boxes  including the crossover tool box, side mount tool box, chest tool box, storage drawers , and wheel well tool boxes
  • A tool box that’s water-resistant
  • 98% dust resistant
  • Use of ultra-durable resin material that prevents bending and breaking
  • Compatible with any vehicle
  • Prevention from rust and corrosion
  • Availability on the official website of DECKED as well as on many other online shopping platforms like Amazon and eBay
  • Top-level customer feedback and customer care mechanism
  • Best way to organize your tools
  • Durability, high quality, and ease to use
  • One of the biggest reasons to shift towards DECKED is its affordability.




Kennedy is an excellent brand for all tool users, whether professional or DIY. They offer great products that will efficiently serve you for years to come. All of their products are easy to use with other amazing features. But how can one avoid a DECKED tool box that offers way better features and customer care? Can’t believe my words? The best way is to try it yourself. Check out the amazing product line of DECKED today, before you make a purchase.








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