Go Beyond the Harbor Freight Truck Tool Box With DECKED Tool Boxes

Go Beyond the Harbor Freight Truck Tool Box With DECKED Tool Boxes

Go Beyond the Harbor Freight Truck Tool Box With DECKED Tool Boxes

Step into a new world with the DECKED by going beyond the Harbor Freight truck tool box. Technology has advanced, and DECKED is replacing your grandad's tool box from the previous century.

Using a Harbor Freight truck bed tool box is okay if you want to be bound to one place or limit your storage options. But you no longer need to confine your choices to a mid size truck tool box Harbor Freight product when there is much more available.

Science and engineering have made inroads into the humble world of storage prospects. DECKED is bold, it's beautiful, and it's made from materials from the future because we believe in moving with the times. We've brought tool boxes to the 21st century. 

Now you can move with the times and get into the DECKED realm of tool organization that offers excellent protection of your equipment, is easy for you to access but hard for thieves.

Forget the cheap truck tool box Harbor Freight plastic products. Instead, discover how we transmute plastic into something so durable it will outlast your truck—producing a product made for this century.

Image of the DECKED Tool Box with the free Snack Box on the left and the blue D-Box to the right, showing how much space you get from a 200 pound storage solution.

You Can’t Compare Grapes With Potatoes

You may love grapes, and you may drool over potatoes. They both have their place in the world, and both add value. You can even make booze from them like wine, brandy, and vodka.

Beyond this, there’s no comparing them in terms of flavor, color, shape, or nutrient content. One is a vegetable staple enjoyed by most. The other is a fruit—sweet, delicious, and juicy.

Because Harbor Freight’s focus is different from DECKED, comparing products is impossible. Harbor Freight makes tool chests on wheels, suitable for workshops, so there is no way it is convenient to use some of these products on the back of a pickup truck.

Harbor Freight also manufactures other tool storage items that are portable but often cheap.

So, you can buy a tool box for truck bed Harbor Freight that costs less than our product. But before you do, we suggest you find out more about the DECKED Tool Box.

It will be an enlightening experience that encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and into the Zen zone of a product that goes beyond the norm and plays around in the field of high-tech innovation.

Once you’re done reading, you may still love grapes and potatoes. However, you will hopefully appreciate how taking the familiar to new heights distinguishes the wheat from the chaff.

Reasons for Kitting Yourself Out With a Tool Box

This close-up image shows more detail of the Snack Box and D-Box full of tools and equipment.

You buy a tool box for several reasons. Some of these include:

  • Purchasing a quality, durable storage solution
  • Safeguarding your stuff from thieves
  • Protecting your gear from the weather
  • Help in organizing your equipment so that you know where to find it when you need it
  •   Using it for work and outdoor recreational activities
  •   Being proud of how it complements  you and your truck
  • Portability and productivity

As you'll see below, the DECKED Tool Box ticks all these boxes.

Plastic on Steroids

Many Americans know of and love the Harbor Freight plastic truck tool box. This brand has become a familiar face on the market, providing you with many options to store your gear. The Harbor Freight tool box truck products are fabricated from steel and aluminum. You will also find various fabric roll-out storage products under this brand.

But here’s one place where we can perhaps draw a comparison between our tub and a truck tool box Harbor Freight product. Fewer people know about the DECKED Tool Box and that we make it from h igh-density polyethylene (HDPE) industrial-grade plastic.

HDPE is like plastic on steroids. When you use it in its industrial form with injection molding and galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements in the lid, you have a tub that is built like a fortress.

Add these technologies and materials together, and you can see how savvy science and sexy engineering partner to create a tub that makes use of technology at its finest.

Steel is robust, but HDPE made with these processes is tougher. You can try jumping on the DECKED Tool Box, throw rocks on it, try to bend or break it, and you'll be disappointed. Nevertheless, it maintains its shape despite major abuse. We even tested it under intense heat and cold conditions but were defeated.

HDPE is impact-resistant and contains fiberglass for extra strength and long-lasting quality. All of this makes our tub virtually unbreakable.

The same cannot be said about fabricated steel and aluminum products. Such products have welding joins. Heating these metals to shape them creates weak points. Therefore, fabrication cannot be compared with injection molding when producing a tool box built in the present to last far into the  future while still maintaining its shape.

So, you might think that you want a truck bed tool box Harbor Freight variety, but why settle when you can protect your gear in a DECKED Tool Box fortress?

Impenetrable DECKED Tool Box Defenses

When you invest in the DECKED Tool Box, your gear is safe from thieves. And a squiz at the engineering of this tub reveals how close to infallible it truly is.

Image of a man inserting the armor security system key into the lock of the DECKED Tool Box.

Beyond the fact that its HDPE structure is so rugged, the tub and lid closure makes it a massive challenge for thieves. Try penetrating this barrier with a crowbar, and you'll come up short. Likewise, attempt to remove the tub from the truck bed with the lid in the closed position, and you will fail.

Thieves can try to force the armor locking system, and they will likewise be disheartened.

The DECKED Tool Box keeps your equipment safe from theft once locked. And it's simple to remember to secure your tub because the mechanism is on the driver's side of the cab.

Is the DECKED Tool Box security system infallible? Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that this is the case. However, we are confident that any attempt to gain entry to the tub will be so loud that thieves will look for an easier target elsewhere. Therefore, they will be unlikely to risk you waking up and challenging them with a piece of plastic or metal in your hands.

Can thieves gain entry to a 40 inch truck tool box Harbor Freight made of steel? It may take time, but if they can remove it from your truck bed, they’ll have all the time they need. If not, it’s more likely that they’ll be able to penetrate the barriers of a steel or aluminum box with fewer defenses than you find in our tub.

Keeps Your Gear Dry

Will the Harbor Freight pickup truck tool box keep your st uff dry? Maybe. But as we said, you can't compare grapes with potatoes, so we didn't do any tests.

DECKED tested the waterproofing of its Tool Box at their facilities. This image shows water raining down on the tub while the stander-by wears a raincoat.

However, we did our research, experimented with materials and designs, and developed a tub that keeps your gear dry even if you’re drenched to the core.

Debris and water stay out of the DECKED Tool Box . The reason for this level of waterproofing is the interface between the lid and the tub. An ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubberized gasket provides an additional barrier to water, together with a bub seal. As a result, nothing gets into the tub unless you leave the lid open and unlocked.

Further protection of the tub comes from the UV in the HDPE material itself. Your tub won’t fade or degrade. It stays looking new while ensuring your equipment is safe from the weather.

You may find the same true of the Harbor Freight truck tool box 72 or black truck tool box Harbor Freight storage options. Unfortunately, if these products deliver on this level of protection, the seams in steel and aluminum are likely to give you problems because they aren't as impact-resistant as HDPE.

They may also not be entirely as leak-proof as you'd like, as not all brands invest in sufficient engineering to create lid gutters.

You might find that the Harbor Freight truck tool box light is suitable for minimum storage needs but if you're looking for something more heavy-duty, then stick to DECKED Tool Box. Its modular storage system is excellent for organizing your tools, so you know exactly where they are at all times.

Accessorize Your Tub

Like many people who are not familiar with industrial quality HDE, neither are they particularly aware that we manufacture many of our smaller plastic tool storage solutions from quality polypropylene (PP).

Image of three D-Boxes on the tailgate of a pickup truck, with one open to show the contents.

We sell our DECKED Tool Box with free items to make it possible to organize your equipment how you want. The free D-Box rests on supports in the tub. You can pack gear into this box and store tools how you like with the separator. Below this D-Box, there is plenty of space to store other items (along the entire length of the tub).

On the left side of the tub sits a complimentary Snack Tray. This container has no lid, simplifying your reach to stuff you need often. When you want to load heavy cargo on the bed of the pickup, there are tie-downs connected to the base of the tub to secure it in place.

Moreover, the DECKED accessory range goes beyond the usual market offerings, making high-functioning survival kits available as one suggestion. Another idea is to stack a second D-Box into the tub or a Crossbox Desert Tan.

You can also use a   D-Rito Tool Roll  as a lighter-weight portable carrier to do your work. And by the way, the D-Box and Crossbox are as mobile as the other accessories, having easy-grab handles to transport tools directly to the work site when you can't get your pickup truck any closer.

No ot her tub has these advantages; not even a Harbor Freight carry truck bed tool box. Unfortunately, i f you want the same level of functionality, you'll probably end up buying a patchwork of storage options that don't work well together. No matter your decision, none of them will have the benefit of an integrated ladder either.

THE Integrated Ladder

By now, we've gone through the qualities that people most look for in a tool box. We've covered durability, security, weather, and waterproofing. We have also addressed the modularity of our tub, which contributes significantly to equipment organization.

Next up is the integrated ladder. And if you think that a Harbor Freight truck bed tool box for Tacoma can compare—think again. The only reason you should think about another storage solution is if we don’t make the DECKED Tool Box for your vehicle make and model.

Until then, set aside thoughts about the truck bed tool box - Harbor Freight, because you are about to find out w hy the DECKED tub is a premium choice.

We built an integrated ladder into our tub. Great, so what's that mean?

Close-up view of how to unfold the ladder from the tub to the ground.

It means you have a pre-installed optional ladder that takes up little space, doesn't block storage, and does away with gymnastics. No more do you need to hop on and off your truck bed to find tools. Instead, get the tub lid open with its torsion springs that prevent bruises; unfold the ladder over the truck side, and you're set.

Explore Your Options

Explore your options beyond the plastic truck tool box Harbor Freight offerings. Go beyond the Harbor Freight truck tool box Craigslist cheapies.

You have so much more in the DECKED Tool Box than you get from these products. So let your imagination run wild, too, and experience something other than what you expect to find in a good tool box.

With DECKED, you have the portability of a system that supports productivity on the go. You have the equipment to work and for recreation. Use it for construction, ranching, tactical and fleet management.

Enjoy life and premium organization on hunting trips while camping, fishing, Overlanding, or surfing—and look sexy whi le you’re about it.

A DECKED employee lounging on top of the Tool Box in a velvet maroon robe while drinking red wine.

Go Beyond What You Know

Explore life beyond the self-imposed boundaries you may have set yourself that limit work and recreational pursuits.

We also offer financial support so you can enjoy the convenience of the DECKED Tool Box easier.

Set your storage solution to look as good as your truck--order   online  now by clicking “Select Your Vehicle” at the top of the page.

The future of the 21 st -century Tool Box has arrived. Get with the program or go home!

After placing your order, join our DECKED Year of Gear giveaway  survey for the chance to win stuff that you really want.

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