5 Reasons You Should Consider the DECKED Tool Box Over the Harbor Freight Tool Box

5 Reasons You Should Consider the DECKED Tool Box Over the Harbor Freight Tool Box

5 Reasons You Should Consider the DECKED Tool Box Over the Harbor Freight Tool Box

Harbor Freight is one of the most established tool box producing companies in the US. Established in 1977, it is also one of the oldest in business. Headquartered in Calabasas, California, Harbor Freight prides itself in making a wide range of tool storage solutions. Even though the Harbor Freight tool box is remarkable in design and performance, there are several ways our DECKED tool box is better.

This guide will show you how our DECKED tool box edges out the mighty Harbor Freight truck tool box. Hang on because you are about to be shocked.

A Harbor Freight tool box

1. It Is Highly Secure

The DECKED tool box has better security features. As a tool box owner, you know how vital security is. You wouldn't want to own a tool box that cannot keep your tools safe. Most people get tool boxes to keep their tools safe and in good condition. Therefore, security is a great area of concern that DECKED seems to edge out Harbor Freight. The rolling tool box Harbor Freight indeed comes with various features that make it secure. The Harbor Freight tool box locks can guarantee security for your gear and tools when used appropriately. You also don't have to worry about the possibility of breakages due to its enhanced body. Even though these are good security features, they are nothing compared to our DECKED tool box.

The DECKED tool box comes with high-quality security features that edge out any competition. For instance, it is custom-built and specially designed to minimize the pry bar points. This means thieves will lack weak points to use their pry bars on the tool box. As a result, cases of tool box breakages are reduced, if not completely eliminated. In addition, all DECKED products come with a secret weapon beneath the smooth exterior. You will find a steel reinforcement that provides extra security for your tools in this area. It also guarantees stability for the tool box.

The Secure DECKED Drawer System

If a thief wants to take the DECKED tool box from its position, they will first have to open its tough lid. Do you imagine that is easy? Not at all! They will face a ruthless steel locking mechanism with a two-lock system. The tool box comes with two locks — one for you and your assistant. It is incredibly difficult to break into the DECKED tool box that thieves can only do so by stealing the whole truck. These excellent security features are better than those of the Harbor Freight 72 inch tool box. Therefore, when shopping for a tool box with excellent security features, you know where to look!

2. Better Tool Organization

Imagine having a tool box that cannot keep your tools organized. One of the uses of a tool box is keeping your tools organized and easy to access. Our DECKED tool box is a masterpiece for tool organization, and it beats the Harbor Freight 44 tool box by a mile. This doesn't mean that the truck tool box Harbor Freight cannot keep your tools organized.

The tool box comes with several features that will help keep your tools in good condition. For instance, it comes with drawers you can use to keep tools. This enhances the organization and makes it easy to access them. The Harbor Freight tool box allows you to keep tools according to sizes and shapes with these drawers. The smaller ones can be kept in different areas away from larger tools. By doing so, it is easier to pick out tools when working.

The dividers in the DECKED tool box make tool organization easy

On the other hand, our DECKED tool box has numerous features that make it extremely easy to keep your tools. For instance, its portability means you don't have to move around picking one tool after the other. We offer a superior suite of tool box accessories ideal for tool organization. With these accessories, you can store smaller items until you need them. We have also made it incredibly easy to organize our portable tool box. This is because our truck bed drawer system is specially designed to fit any location. Even though the Harbor Freight tool box accessories do a good job in enhancing organization, they don't do it to the levels of our DECKED tool box accessories.

First, we have the D-BOX system that is designed to fit perfectly into our drawers. It also nests excellently with the removable dividers we have installed on the inside. What makes the D-BOX a unique accessory is that it can carry up to 50 pounds. Two D-Boxes can fit into a short full-size bed system, while three can fit into a full-size one if you have sizable space. These D-Boxes are unique because they come with two grip points that you can use to carry. Besides, there are vertical, and horizontal carry handles that make the tool box portable. Even better, this drawer system is equipped with two dividers that enhance tool organization.

Another vital DECKED accessory is the CROSS BOX. This unique feature makes the most of every available square inch and plays a vital role in keeping your tools secure and dry. It is easy to pull it out from drawers with firm grip points mounted across it. Our CROSS BOX accessory can also sustain a 40-pound load capacity like the D-BOX system. This means that you can keep various tools in the storage system without worrying about space.

You will also find our Drawerganizer very helpful in tool organization. It is simply a tool-management masterpiece. This accessory is our little portable tool box within a bigger one. It is extremely easy to access and strategically located at the end of the DECKED drawers. This area is an excellent location to keep items like fishing lines, sunscreen, duct tape, and other tiny tools. As a result, it will be incredibly easy to access the tool box when looking for these items. You will also have an easy time picking them out.

The Drawer Dividers are another essential accessory in the DECKED tool box. Even though the D-BOX comes with two dividers, there are high chances that you will need more. The DRAWER DIVIDERS are 8-inch gems that allow you to precisely customize your drawers depending on your project. These dividers are an excellent pick for both cargo and full-size drawers. You can also use them on mid-sized systems. What gives these accessories an edge over the competition is that they are not just rectangles. From this, we can see that the DECKED tool box offers better tool organization than the truck tool box Harbor Freight. Our tool box has more advanced accessories that make it incredibly easy to keep your tools organized.

3. Highly Dependable

It is not a secret that our DECKED products are dependable in and out. For instance, the wheeled and rolling part of our DECKED tool box shows that you can carry it and use it anywhere. But how dependable is the Harbor Freight tool box? You don't expect a tool box manufactured by a company that has been in operations since 1977 to be unreliable. The portable tool box Freight is dependable to some extent. It serves its purpose fully, especially if your work doesn't involve many movements. This is the case because the tool box lacks extreme portability features that make movement easy. On the other hand, the DECKED system consists of two DRAWERS efficiently and firmly packed under an HDPE casing. This material is tough and guarantees durability.

Therefore, this effective tool box will instantly end the junk problems in your truck bed. It does so by using durable skateboard-style wheels that can smoothly glide open. You don't have to use a lot of energy when opening or closing the drawer. With most of our DECKED products, the motion gets attention. The tool box comes with advanced safety measures that prevent unnecessary injuries. For instance, the torsion springs we have attached on lids mean that you can't slam your fingers when operating the tool box lid. We have also installed wheels in the portable tool box for better stability. These wheels have steel support to keep the non-wheeled parts compact one sturdy. Even though these wheels can smoothly slide like butter, it is easy to park your truck in an inclined position without worrying about the condition of your tools. The well-designed sliding system will only open if you unlock it — it cannot be accidentally opened when driving your truck.

With our products, ease of movement does not mean loss of durability. Our engineers have designed the DECKED products to fit snugly and easily in your truck bed. This means that you don't have to use excessive force trying to install this tool box. We also give you an opportunity to confirm the size of the tool box before picking it. By doing so, cases of tool box misfits are avoided. Once the large portable DECKED tool box is installed, you can port your gear whenever you want to. With this in place, it is easy to install and use your tool box. You also don't have to worry about accessing your tools because it has been made easier. If you need to make renovations, it is also easy to uninstall the DECKED tool box. This makes our tool box highly dependable. No matter your needs, this tool box is here to make your life easier!

If you are looking for a tool box that will serve you for many years, the DECKED tool box is where you should look. While the Harbor Freight tool box comes with excellent features that place it among the best in the industry, DECKED performs better in dependability. This tool box will serve you in any circumstances, whether it is protecting your tools against theft or extreme weather conditions.

4. Comes With Great Accessories

The DECKED tool box is also better than the side mount tool box Harbor Freight because of its excellent accessories. It is equipped with highly advanced accessories that make your operations easier. In simpler terms, the DECKED tool box has you covered in almost every aspect. But what accessories does the Harbor Freight tool box have? Being a reputable company, Harbor Freight produces tool boxes with essential accessories. For instance, their tool box has a reliable drawer system that makes it easy to keep your tools neat. Thanks to this feature, you can easily arrange tools according to size. You can arrange them from the smallest to the largest or vice versa. With this setup, cases of injuries when accessing your tool box are limited. You also won't struggle to pick out smaller tools from the tool box. How is the DECKED tool box better than this? Let's find out!

The well-partioned DECKED tool box

As mentioned earlier, our DECKED tool box comes with high-quality accessories that make your operations easier. For instance, the incredible D-BAG fits precisely into DECKED drawers. It can also fit perfectly into our tool box. With this ability, you can keep a wide range of tools without worrying about space. Furthermore, this hybrid shell wonder is smooth on the insides and creates excellent storage conditions for your truck. Our D-Bags are unique, thanks to their versatility.

Like the rest of our storage system, these accessories can be worn as a backpack or toted like a briefcase. This is vital, especially when working in a remote area that trucks cannot access. Instead of carrying tools by hand, you can put them in this accessory and carry them wherever you need. If you find them heavy, you can tote the accessory like a briefcase. This goes a long way in saving you time and energy. We have designed the accessory in a manner that you can fit it with a shoulder sling, aluminum handles, and various carabiner attachment areas.

Similar to our portable tool box, our accessories are also portable. The bags come with smaller bags where you can keep smaller tools. Even better, our weather-resistant D-Bag has a removable duffel bag that creates more space. You can easily roll it up and keep it in the main compartment. Therefore, in terms of accessories, our DECKED tool box is miles ahead!

5. Perfect No Matter the Weather Conditions

Any tool box owner understands that weather resistance is a vital factor to consider when shopping for a tool box. Thus, what is the point of having a tool box that cannot keep your tools dry in extreme weather conditions? While most tool boxes are metallic, not all of them provide solid resistance against extreme weather conditions. For that reason, it is crucial to ensure that the tool box you choose offers reliable services in extreme weather conditions. It should also offer protection against water entry and humidity, factors that lead to rusting. If you are a regular tool box user, you increase the chances of corrosion by exposing your tools.

Even the Harbor Freight makes top-quality tool boxes; weather resistance is a major concern. This is not the case with the DECKED tool box that comes with outstanding weather-resistance features. We produce industry-leading tool boxes that will protect your tools no matter the weather conditions. The DECKED tool box is highly durable and robust. Its unique features make it stand out from the many brands of tool boxes available. These features made from state-of-the-art technology give the DECKED tool box a sizable advantage over competitors. Made from a high-impact polymer resin, this tool box provides strong resistance against anything mother nature throws at it. Therefore, you don't have to worry when it rains heavily.

The materials used to make the DECKED tool box guarantees maximum durability and reliability. This is because the high-impact polymer resin does not rust or dent, no matter the conditions. In addition, there is a unique injection molding that strengthens our tool boxes, making them waterproof and weatherproof. Even better, you will enjoy a wide range of defensive features that keep your tools safe. The intelligent lid design installed in the DECKED tool box automatically prevents water entry. This is a highly advanced technology that also prevents unwanted debris from accessing your tools. With these preventive measures, cases of corrosion and rusting are significantly reduced.

The uniquely designed rain gutter lid found on the top of our tool box does an excellent job of preventing water entry. This lid ensures that your tools remain dry and in excellent condition no matter how hard it rains. There is also sizable space inside the tool box for extra use. These features go a long way in providing weather resistance. As a regular tool user, you know the amount of damage that rust can cause. You might be forced to replace your tools, something that costs a lot of money.

The DECKED Tool Box: A Tool Box From the Future

From the remarkable features you have seen, it is safe to say that the DECKED tool box is from the future. While the Harbor Freight tool box has several exciting features, the DECKED tool box edges out in a number of ways. For example, the security question seems to get more answers from DECKED than Harbor Freight. Our tool box has excellent security features that guarantee maximum protection against theft.

In addition, our DECKED tool box is slightly better in the area of organization. While Harbor Freight comes with some unique features that help enhance organization, the DECKED tool box is a masterpiece. The many accessories our tool box comes with make it easy to organize your tools. It is also much easier to access it. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool box with unique and exciting features, choose DECKED.


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