A DECKED Tool Box is Anything But A Basic, General, Tool Box. Here’s Why…

A DECKED Tool Box is Anything But A Basic, General, Tool Box. Here’s Why…


A white truck with a DECKED Drawer System and DECKED tool Box mounted in the bed is parked next to an industrial windmill.



“You’re a tool. You’re off your nut,” yeah—we’ve heard all of the construction jokes and name-calling. We think you’re funny too, and at DECKED, we’ve got just one rule in regard to this: call us whatever you want; call us this, call us that, you could even call us late to dinner. But please—whatever it may be—don’t ever call us a basic, general, tool box. Because when it comes to form, function, and durability in toolboxes, we promise you—we’ve NAILED IT.

If We Were Drill Operators, We’d Make the Competition Look Boring


At DECKED, we set out to do something completely different. Our company was founded on the back of a lunch counter napkin, as a solution to a common problem: storage in the back of pickup trucks.


After seeing so many folks with DIY truck bed storage solutions made of plywood and half the hardware department, we knew we could do better for the hardworking men and women of America.


After more than two years in research and development, where we hammered out a few kinks so we could nail the delivery—the DECKED Drawer System was born. We just didn’t want to screw it up, so we really drilled down.



Two old fellas lean against a pickup holding coffee cups and smiling.

The hardworking men and women of America deserve better. They deserve to get DECKED out.



Today, that product has over 5,000 reviews with 4.95 stars, and we aren’t stopping there—next we created the toolbox’s toolbox, the DECKED Tool Box. One that is nearly indestructible, and is dent-proof, rust-proof, waterproof, and as secure as Fort Knox. A toolbox that is built to last, and is anything but a basic, general, toolbox. We are the Master of One, not the Master of None, and for us, general toolbox accessories weren’t good enough.


A Toolbox’s Toolbox


If Sly Stalone was a man’s man in Rocky, then a DECKED Tool Box is a toolbox’s toolbox in daily life. While other toolboxes may be handing in their too-weak notices, a DECKED Tool Box just doesn’t quit. And here’s why…


A close-up view of several DECKED tool Boxes stacked up in the warehouse.



Although the process of combining two pieces of metal together is riveting, it’s best left for things that are not toolboxes. Unlike the other guys, say, a Harbor Freight US General tool box, for example, our toolbox is never fabricated. It is engineered, and made from high-density polyethylene and high-impact polymer resin that we melt down in our facility in the Midwest and pour into molds—complete with steel and aluminum reinforcements—so the end result is a single piece for each the toolbox tub and lid. (It’s genius—we know…)


Creating our toolbox in this way, opens up our product to a whole host of other game-changing features, specifically, waterproofing and security.



A close-up view of a DECKED Tool Box with water cascading off of it.



The DECKED Tool Box keeps your gear dry, even when you’re soaked to the bone. We know that your toolkit (and fastidiously curated adventure gear) are among the largest investments you may make in life, and just like you expect the roof of your house to keep your investment dry in all weather, the DECKED Tool Box will do the same for your gear.


Since the tub and lid are each one piece the seamlessness of the unit doesn’t invite moisture in in the first place. In addition, the toolbox seals up tight as treebark when shut, with an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) gasket. And to top it off, a bulb seal keeps water wicked away when open.


We engineered an upstanding lip that acts as a rain gutter on the entire product, and we use anti-corrosion-treated steel and aluminum for long-lasting durability.


The DECKED Tool Box can outlast a Pacific Northwest wet winter longer than Bigfoot. Now that’s sayin’ somethin’...




The only risky business we take when it comes to security is watching Tom Cruise galavant in his undies in the 1983 flick of the same name. Our toolbox is riskless in the sense that it is super secure, but it also has a limited lifetime warranty.


The DECKED Tool Box is impossible to break into with a pry bar. In fact, it’s so tough, it makes crowbars cry because we designed it that way. The tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points, and the unit won’t be damaged if some idiot tries. (No guarantees on the outcome of the idiot though…)


A man tries with all of his might to pry open a DECKED tool Box with no success.



Other toolboxes project the illusion of security, but we guarantee that if you smash the heck out of an aluminum or steel toolbox—you (and its owner) will be sorry. In fact, “how to pick a US General tool box lock” is a popular search term, and a scary one at that.


Our robust steel armored locking mechanism, combined with a driver’s side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible. The DECKED Tool Box comes with two keys (hide one now!), and the lid must be open for the Tool Box to be removed from the bed of the truck.


For that extra warm and cozy feeling of safety and security, we’ve got your back (and in more than one way—more on this later), with a limited lifetime warranty on all DECKED Tool Boxes, Drawer Systems, and accessories.


There’s a perceived risk in buying any new product, and we aim to make the process riskless in more ways than one, and what’s more, is that we are proud to report that we’ve never denied anyone’s warranty claim—ever.


We’re so confident in our product, we easily offer this warranty without even breaking a sweat. There is a small bit of work on your end though because you must register your purchases. (Please don’t forget. There’s no warranty without activation.)


So, go ahead, beat the hell out of it. We promise our toolbox can take it. No one’s breaking into it, and nothing’s breaking down on it. Now only if we all could say the same about our trucks…



A construction worker in a yellow hard hat lifts a small portable Tool Box out of a larger one installed in his truck bed.



The folks who have to have everything ‘just so’ will appreciate this, and for everyone else, well, y’all are going to love this too because it pertains to free shit. (Everyone loves free shit!) The DECKED Tool Box is infinitely organizable and comes standard with our blue D-Box and Snack Tray.


The D-Box looks like a tackle box and is essentially a small, portable toolbox. It has a carrying handle on the top, and one on the side, like a suitcase. It nests within the DECKED Tool Box, in addition to the Snack Tray. We think the Snack Tray makes a great place to empty your pockets at the end of the day, toss your pennies for good luck, or hell, even stash your meat sticks with your sixer in the Tool Box, because folks, we’re here to make life easier. We’re not here to judge.



We bet you know a lot about the long haul. Long days, long roads, and even the long johns that get you through the long and brutal winters. Whatever “long” you are haulin’, DECKED is in for the long one too.



A top view of a truck parked inside a workshop where a lot of tools are smartly organized.



Whether you need to tie down large cargo in the bed, (we’ve added two tie-downs to the base of the tub on the tailgate side for that), or load the Tool Box up with a ridiculous amount of weight, our toolbox is built to last.


It can boss around 500 pounds without even a wince, and when loaded up to this capacity, doesn’t ever bend, flex, or sag—even in 180 degrees Fahrenheit or negative five.



We believe in accessibility. We’re an ergonomics company, after all. And though this ain’t your grandad’s toolbox, he sure would appreciate how easy it is for him to access the tools and gear inside of it.


That’s because we’ve created an integrated access ladder from 6,000-series aluminum that nests right inside of the toolbox—obstructing nothing, (except for the hateful glances and looks of jealousy around the job site).


The ladder is optional, but it is the ultimate back-saver and should be added on at the time of purchase. We say “should” when a “could” would work, because after a quick gander at our reviews you’ll see that it’s not just us who think the ladder feature is the bomb-diggity, it’s beloved by real-life folks as well. Real customers, with real jobs, doing really hard work. Make your life a little easier and get the ladder too. It’s honestly priceless.


A man in a white hard hat stands on the third rung of a ladder that extends from his truck bed tool box.



Installation is a cinch and takes less time than you trying to find “that one YouTube video” your kid watched three months ago and suddenly can’t seem to live without, or faster than your boss takes to explain something in person that could have been an email.


The Tool Box is a two-minute install with a bracket and bolt system. You just thread it in and use a power tool to tighten it down. We’re assuming you have one of those, right? We’d NEVER ask you to drill holes in your truck bed—we’re not jerks—so the system uses 4x clamps to grab the bed rail.

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At this point, you’re probably already sold on a DECKED Tool Box. Start your truck build here if you can’t bear another minute of us yammering on.


But if not, we challenge you to compare our work to a basic, US General tool box cart. (Spoiler alert: there’s absolutely no contest.) The US General tool box setup would work well for a garage or hobby shop, but it and other toolboxes in its class can’t compete with the low-profile, crossover, truck bed toolbox from DECKED.


When it comes to organizing your rig, protecting your gear, and saving yourself from worry and constant fear, select the right toolbox for the job. You wouldn’t use a Phillips when you need a flathead, just like you wouldn’t bring a bow to a gunfight.

A studio portrait of DECKED Tool Box with the lid closed. It's black and rugged looking.


We’re making a toolbox using materials from this century, and one that looks like it came from this decade. We know you want a toolbox that looks as good as your truck, and you’re damn right we’re gonna deliver on that.


And like we said before, call it a saddle toolbox, a crossover toolbox, a custom toolbox, or whatever it may be—just please—don’t ever utter the words “general tool box” when referring to our labor of love, because, we assure you, the DECKED tool Box is anything but ordinary. It’s extraordinary.


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