DECKED Tool Box - Ford Truck Accessories

DECKED Tool Box - Ford Truck Accessories

22 Drool-Worthy Ford Truck Accessories Every Ford Owner Needs


A black and white Ford truck parked on a dessert landscape with mountains in the background.

Photo by Jon Couch on Unsplash



Someone should make an app called Only Fords. It’d be like Only Fans, but for the Ford truck world. The market is certainly there for it, with Ford customers making the truck America’s best-selling pickup for 44 straight years. Can you imagine the drool-worthy content there’d be? Ford truck accessories galore, and no shortage of folks muttering an affirming “yes” under their breath or hollering, “dang, would you look at the grille on that one!”


Until then, you’ll just have to shop Ford accessories the old-fashioned way. Sigh. So, to lessen the blow, we’ve rounded up some great aftermarket Ford accessories, and even a few Ford truck factory accessories to get you started, in the truck bed, interior, and exterior categories.

Ford Truck Bed Accessories


Let’s start with Ford pickup truck bed accessories since the bed is arguably the most important reason why you wanted this masterpiece of a rig anyway, right? Although the truck bed is the perfect combination of “brawn and brains,” there are a few accessories that can help it achieve the ultimate peak performance.



A white Ford truck with a motorcycle and toolbox in the bed of the pickup.



Your grandma would never admit it, but she’s totally biased. She picked her favorite long ago and probably based it on behavior.


That’s how we feel about our DECKED Tool Box. We’d say it’s one of the best Ford pickup truck accessories in its class—hands down. And that’s not just because we make it. When something behaves, or in this case performs remarkably, it’s hard not to favor it.


Besides, what’s not to love about cool Ford truck accessories that are tough as hell, built like Fort Knox, and 100% waterproof?



A DECKED tool Box with water cascading off of it.


Yeah. We know. This ain’t your granddad’s toolbox— because it’s not 1973 anymore, (and that’s probably something your sweet grandmother won’t admit either.).


The DECKED-out features:


  • MADE from materials from this century
  • IMPACT-RESISTANT, won’t dent, ding, or rust
  • 100% waterproof and rust/corrosion-proof
  • MOLDED, not welded, using HDPE and polymer resin
  • ENGINEERED with steel and aluminum reinforcements
  • IMPOSSIBLE to break into
  • ROBUST steel armored locking mechanism combined with driver’s side lock
  • HOLDS 500-pound dynamic payload without an issue—even in extreme temps
  • NO GAS struts—torsion spring steel instead
  • OPTIONAL integrated access ladder that telescopes to reach the ground and is made from 6000-series aluminum
  • EASY installation
  • FASTEST way to #UnSuckYourTruck
  • BORN in the U.S.A.




A man prepares to climb a ladder that extends from the toolbox mounted in the back of his truck.

DECKED Drawer System


The DECKED Drawer System is about as boss as Bruce Springsteen, and we aren’t just saying that because we are life-long, die-hard fans. (Don’t judge.)


A white Ford Ranger with a DECKED Drawer System installed in the bed.


We make our truck bed accessories Ford-tough and our Drawer Systems possess all of the same durability, manufacturing, and materials features as our toolbox listed above. But the Drawer System? The Drawer System is the upper echelon of truck bed functionality and organization. It can replace a tonneau cover, or be used with one, and if adding heavy-duty rolling drawers the length of your truck gets you all twitterpated— then you need the Only Fords app. Just kidding. You need the DECKED Drawer System.


A black Ford truck with a DECKED Drawer System installed in the back. A woman sits on the edge as she makes notes on a computer. Large herd of cattle in the background.


Here’s why:


  • KEEPS your cargo dry and secure in all weather. Even that inclement b.s.
  • SECURE even when the tailgate is unlocked, or not lockable
  • UNRESTRICTED use of the truck bed footprint since the platform sits above the wheel-wells
  • 2,000-pound payload with tie-downs for hardcore carrying capacity
  • TWO full-bed length roll-out waterproof drawers rated for 200-pounds each
  • ACCESS items stored in truck bed without climbing in (thanks to the drawers)
  • LIMITLESS organization options
  • MODULAR accessories available that fit with the Drawer System
  • UNCOMPLEX assembly and installation
  • QUICK to remove and reinstall


A garage is filled nearly floor to ceiling on one side with stuff.

Does your garage look like this? A DECKED Drawer System will prevent you from having to load and unload your commonly used gear every damn day.


Tonneau Covers


We already reviewed 18 of our favorite tonneau covers, and the best tonneau covers depend on exactly what you’re looking for. With a range in bed lengths, Ford truck parts and accessories such as tonneau covers will vary too, and even more so when it comes to the type of functionality you’re seeking.


Here are a couple of highly-rated tonneau covers that we love and look great on Fords:





A white Ford pickup rear-view with a DECKED Drawer System and tonneau cover.

Ford Truck Interior Accessories


The insides of our trucks can say a lot about who we are as truck owners. There’s the meticulous and fastidious, the quick and slightly sloppy, the swanky and dressed to impress, and the most basic of cabs. (Not surprisingly, these are probably the types of fans you’d find on Only Fords as well…)


What we mean to say is that Ford truck cab accessories are highly personal, and there’s no telling what you’ll like. Since Ford is one of the most popular, (and dare we say best without starting a fight) trucks around, fortunately, there’s no shortage of pink Ford truck accessories, cheap truck accessories for Ford, Ford Harley Davidson truck accessories, and even old Ford truck accessories.


An older teal blue ford truck is parked in front of a house of the same color.

There are plenty of ways to make the carpet match the drapes when it comes to Ford f150 truck accessories. Photo by Zachary Keimig on Unsplash



Here are a few more too, that offer plenty of bang for your buck for your Ford interior:



  • DASH CAM W/ BUILT-IN WiFi AND GPS - With over 16,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, this dash cam gets top marks. With ultra HD video recording quality you get clear footage, even in low light.


  • E&G CONSOLE VAULT - Most truck owners would highly benefit from a small safe installed in their pickups. There are plenty of reasons why we may need to lock up our belongings when we’re on the move, so if safety and security are top o’ your list, then a hidden console vault is the way to go.


However, we do want to point out that with a DECKED Tool Box, or DECKED Drawer System, there’s no need for an additional lockable unit, because once you get DECKED, it’s like driving around with a giant safe.








A fatigue green Ford truck with a DECKED Drawer System in the back is loaded with accessories, ready for overlanding.

Ford Truck Exterior Accessories

These are some of the most sought-after, and also some of the most costly truck accessories Ford owners can buy because they are made to transform. They can take a rig from zero to hero just as fast as you can install them.



NERF BARS VS. RUNNING BOARDS - Aside from the dorky name, nerf bars provide serious functionality and get their name not from the toy, but from the racing world. “Nerf” is the term for when one racer bumps another in order to pass and the tubular bars installed on the race cars help prevent accidents.


These days, nerf bars have been co-opted by the truck and SUV world to make a vehicle look more rugged, and the nerf bar understood the assignment. Nerf bars are installed in place of a traditional, flat running board which usually has a dedicated stepping area with lots of tread.


Check out these rugged nerf bars that will go great with DECKED accessories. After all, if your truck is sexy, shouldn't your accessories be?





A fatigue green Ford truck is shown with one wheel entirely in the air as it four-by-four adventures.


BULL BAR - Bull bars, or grille guards are designed to protect the most vital engine parts. They originated in the Australian outback where ‘roo bars’ or ‘nudge bars’ were developed to fortify vehicles against wildlife, especially kangaroos. Nowadays, they are sometimes added for function (think cattle ranchers and police cars), and sometimes added for machismo, by maybe you and your friends.


Regardless, they make a front grille look mean, and for those older Fords that can use a little help with this, a bull bar is an easy way to make your truck look as fierce as you feel.





a closeup view of a newer-model Ford bumper.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash



DECALS - Decals are an inexpensive way to customize your pickup. Whether you want some bling, zing, or something in between, it’s easy to find vinyl graphics or have one custom-designed to suit your taste.


These Ford logo decals jazz up a 2021 truck tailgate and come in 28 different colors. These OEM Ford truck accessories are even official Ford truck accessories and are made in the U.S.A. Now that is a spec we can get down with.


PERFORMANCE TIRES - If you have an extra bazillion dollars to spend on trickin’ out your truck, new wheels and tires are for sure the way to do it. Depending on what your style of adventuring is, or how lifted your truck is, you’ll want to look for deep treads and tires that are rated for your type of traversing, whether it be rocky, muddy, snowy, icy, or all of the above.


Ford has a Tire Finder on its website if you want to locate dealers in your area, but most importantly, pay attention to the details of the tire and find one that performs as well as Marlon Brando in The Godfather.

A close-up view of swanky-looking black rims for a truck or SUV.

Photo by Kool C on Unsplash



FENDER FLARES - Fender flares serve the same purpose as a nerf bar, and it’s a very important one too: to look cool. The best fender flares are injection-molded, (like our stuff) and made from polypropylene. To save a little cash, you can find cheaper, ABS plastic ones, but, remember, you get what you pay for.


There are riveted-style fender flares and sleeker ones. The finishes vary too, and the rugged finish looks great on burly rigs. You could opt for a smooth finish and these are a nice moderate choice, and since some of the smooth finish flares are paintable, you could always slap some bed liner on it if you don’t feel hardcore enough.



Aside from decals, another one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to #UnSuckYourTruck is to add aftermarket lighting. You don’t need official Ford pick up truck accessories for these, and there are a lot of options readily available online.


A front view of a Ford truck that is black with red accessories.

Photo by Muhammad Amaan on Unsplash


LED LIGHT STRIPS - These light strips are waterproof, have an on/off switch, and have a two-year warranty. They are awesome for mounting under the lip of the bed rail or in the top of a canopy to illuminate the entire truck bed. They complement a DECKED truck bed system like a 10-gallon hat on a cowboy.



Now that you’ve scrolled through our list and perhaps made a few selections of your own, (ahem, you can get both the DECKED Tool Box and the Drawer System in an eight-foot bed, cough cough), you may soon be all DECKED-out now and nowhere to go…


It’s too bad that the Only Fords app doesn’t exist yet, because as a Ford truck lover you’d for sure find your people there. But, just as surely as we jest, we know that you’re looking for Ford truck accessories that fuel your adventurous lifestyle and customize the look of your pickup because you and your truck—well, you’re going places. Important ones, like fishing, hunting, overlanding, camping, or even the sometimes dreaded job site.


A man in a hard hat ascends a ladder that extends from a toolbox mounted in the back of his work truck. 


Truck accessories, and especially ours, can be viewed as time-saving and personal possession protecting, and that’s nothing to joke about. We know at DECKED we aren’t curing cancer or sending folks to the moon, but we are improving lives, one safer and more organized truck at a time. In doing so, we’re preventing wear and tear on bodies and making way for people to perform their best because we aren’t building a premium or elite brand, we’re making products for the people.


Just like truck accessories enhance the look of your rig, the DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer Systems also enhance your quality of life, and that is a value that we think is priceless.













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