Considering DeWALT RollerTool Box? Here’s why you should purchase DECKED instead.

Considering DeWALT RollerTool Box? Here’s why you should purchase DECKED instead.

Having a place to store your tools is one thing, but if you need to move heavy gear from one location to another, you'll need a portable/roller toolbox. A built-in system for portability makes it easier to use handheld boxes and those that don't have wheels or a way to transport them.

Don't worry if heavy metal tool bins on wheels look cumbersome for your needs. Whether you need a roller suitcase or a massive metal box, plenty of solutions are available.

Types of Portable Tool Boxes

When you think of roller tool boxes, the picture of a fire-engine red metal tool box may come to mind first, but times have changed, and there are now far more possibilities. Here are a few examples of common styles that you'll probably find useful:

Metal tool boxes: These metal cases are large, durable, and suitable for shops. They can be rolled around easily, but they aren't ideal for moving from worksite to worksite or from home to worksite.

Rolling cases: These handy boxes provide the same level of protection as standard hard-case tool boxes, but with the added convenience of wheels.

Stackable boxes: Multiple containers can be stacked on top of one another and rolled out on a dolly-like wheel setup using stackable, locking in place, and pack-out boxes.

Rolling bags: If you enjoy the design of a tool bag but need additional mobility, search for one with wheels. This allows you to drag it as well as carry it.

Rolling carts: Rolling carts are a little more substantial than a regular cart. Tool carts frequently include drawers and closed bins on the top so that your tools aren't left out in the open.

DeWALT RollerTool Box—DeWALT ToughSystem Tool Box

DeWALT Rolling Tool Box—DeWALT ToughSystem Tool Box

DeWALT's 23-inch broad roller toolbox isn't too big or little, and it's even better with wheels and a long handle attached to make it much more convenient. There are two separate compartments within its 18-inch deep interior: a wide, open area for cordless drills and hammers and a top organizing tray for screws and treatment.

An ultra-durable contractor-grade wheeled storage system like the DeWalt Tough System could be a suitable middle ground.

That tiny, lightweight case is what makes the DeWalt roller tool box, the Tough System is the finest option. There is plenty of room in the interior of this bag, as well as a top handle. This means that the contents of the toolbox won't shift or roll about when you're carrying it.

The DeWalt Tough System includes a workshop racking system for storing the boxes for roughly one hundred dollars.

The DeWalt roller tool box, the ToughSystem is the best option for value and quality. It costs a little more than DeWalt's previous TSTAK system. Again, don't allow a product's price to be your sole deciding factor. DeWalt roller tool box is a well-respected tool manufacturer that stands behind every one of its offerings.

There are a lot of different parts to the DeWalt ToughSystem system. A ToughSystem collection can also be supplemented with 14 separate components, ranging from toolboxes to support brackets.

In the ToughSystem by DeWalt, the containers are held in place by brackets attached to a freestanding metal support. The ToughSystem's main support structure is its carrier or framework. A bracket design allows you to remove the bottom container while keeping the rest of the components attached to the bracket. DeWalt ToughSystem's most popular components are examined in this report.

  • DeWalt DWST08210 ToughSystem DS Carrier: The DeWalt DS Carrier, like a dolly or hand truck, is used to transport tools. Though it has a more specific function, it's still valid. In addition to the strong metal frame, the carrier features two rugged plastic wheels and an ergonomic handle. Adjustable height folding brackets allow you to fit different parts, organizers, or bins into your toolbox. Other DeWalt ToughSystem components are held in place by a central locking system.
  • DeWalt DWST08204 ToughSystem DS400 Extra-Large Case: Starting with a DeWalt extra-large case is the best way to keep heavy-duty tools like circular saws and pneumatic nailers safe and secure. It's built of heavy-duty 4 mm structural foam plastic, but it's surprisingly light for such a durable product. The IP65 rating on this case means it can withstand up to 110 pounds of weight without leaking.
  • DeWalt DWST08201 ToughSystem DS150 Small Case: Add this compact case to your ToughSystem collection if you have small objects that require excellent protection. Additionally, it is built of the same structural foam plastic as other DeWalt boxes, and it has the same water-resistant qualities. Up to 66 pounds of tools or fasteners can be stored in the DS150.
  • DeWalt DWST08205 ToughSystem Tote: It's a must-have accessory for your ToughSystem attire. Bulk storage of materials like wires, tie-downs, and even spray cans is made possible by this product. Side grab handles on the DeWalt high-impact plastic tote make it easy to carry and slide into the carrier brackets. Small parts organizers can also be stored in the tote.
  • DeWalt DWST08202 ToughSystem Organizer: Keep a ToughSystem Organizer on hand for organizing small connectors and fasteners. Using the interior partitions, small tools can be safely stored within a DeWalt organizer. The top of this component is transparent, making it simple to see. Plastic construction weighs 7.5 pounds and can hold up to 44 pounds of weight at its heaviest point.
  • DeWalt DWST08290 ToughSystem Two-Drawer Shell: On steel slides with ball bearings, this DeWalt ToughSystem component is a toolbox with two deep drawers. DeWalt ToughSystem components allow you to stack drawers on top of or below another. You can put anything you want in the drawers and get to it quickly and easily.

What's so special about the Tough System?

 Dewalt Tough System Tool Box

To begin, there is the rough exterior. Using a 4mm thick outer shell, DeWalt's tools can resist falls of up to 9 inches.

Stress testing of the handles has been done by lifting the box over 2000 times with a 50lb load in it. DeWalt says there have been no problems. It has been stress tested over 1000 times with no known failures in the hinges, as well.

In addition, a water/salt solution was sprayed on the metal hinges and locks for 24 hours without causing any corrosion or change in appearance.

Aside from all of this, the ToughSystem boxes are rated IP65 for protection against dust infiltration and water jets.

That's a tough one.

The DeWalt roller tool box has added some intelligence to the exterior to go along with the durability.

For example, DeWalt's portable, modular storage system allows the system to be stacked. The system is stackable, cartable, and lockable because each toolbox has eyelets for a padlock. Stack the boxes one on top of the other and secure them with the yellow catch. It's also possible to use an optional heavy-duty cart to transport them.

Take a look inside these ToughSystem containers.

There are three versions of DeWalt tool boxes available in three distinct sizes.

The DS150 is the smallest of the lot, and it's also the most affordable. However, it is more of an organizer box than an actual toolbox because of its dimensions (158mm by 336mm by 550mm). However, you may remove the included inserts and carry your tools in them.

Then there's the DS300, which is a bit larger. In addition to the IP65-rated casing and rubber seal, this 35-liter bag features a durable exterior and an extra-large interior. In addition, it comes with a retractable tote tray that can accommodate up to 60 pounds of gear.

The DS400 is the granddaddy of them all. We now have a tool box with a 55-liter capacity that can hold loads up to 60 pounds, as well as an IP65-rated exterior and a solid but intelligent interior. Although it comes with the same tote tray, it also has an additional vertical organizer that can be removed.

DeWalt’s new line of power tools claims to be rugged on the exterior but smart inside. After intensive research among professional power tool users, a new line of tool boxes from DeWalt has been developed. These new tool boxes are rugged on the exterior and clever inside. The boxes are built of 4mm thick structural foam plastic, feature hinges and handle that won't break off in a hurry, and can stack together or be slotted and locked into a multipurpose cart.

Cons of DeWALT Rolling Tool Box—DeWALT ToughSystem Tool Box?

  • With the TOUGHSYSTEM, you must unlock the two clips on either side and pull up with both hands. It's not a big deal, but it's worth considering. The inability to access any bottom box WITHOUT first having to unlock and remove any boxes attached above is a key drawback of the TOUGHSYSTEM being locked in by the body.
  • Objects can escape trays despite the lid mechanism.
  • On the roller box, there are no designated strapping points for transport.
  • Rust is more likely to occur because it isn't watertight.
  • You'll be surprised at how cumbersome this box becomes if you start adding tools to it. It has a big storage capacity, but it's easy to lift to 80+ pounds. When using this product, it may be required to get a dolly if you need anything that can handle everything.
  • The DeWalt roller tool box is a hefty 14 pounds on its own. This is one of the bulkier designs you'll find for portable systems, but it's not overbearing.
  • There is an organizer insert in the XL variant, but not in the smaller designs. Even though it arrives pre-assembled with the necessary brackets, the item itself cannot be purchased from the manufacturer.

Now don’t lose heart because there is another much better tool box in the market. DECKED Truck Tool Box is the better option.


Read on to find out.

DECKED is a safe haven for your tools

DECKED Drawer System

Your high-priced tools aren't going to get dirty and rust if they're left in a rainwater puddle. Tools don't have to suffer because you're drenched to the bone. Your DECKED Tool Box has everything you need to get the job done while you're out in the weather.

As a result of their fortification, these devices can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

A few truck tool boxes are made out of metal, though. The dented aluminum toolbox rate is 50 percent higher than it should be, which is outrageous. That is, of course, pain and disappointment to deal with. After a long wait, your toolbox finally arrives, only to reveal a large ding in it. That's a bogus ding, I'm afraid. You didn’t earn that ding.

The DECKED Tool Box uses high-impact polymer resin, galvanized steel, and aluminum reinforcement. How do you explain it? When the lip and tub are one-piece, water has difficulty entering. Because it's impact resistant and won't dent, ding, or rust, the DECKED Tool Box protects your tools from the same fate.

DECKED is anti-thief

A large part of why we think our Tool Box and Drawer System are more durable and secure is because of the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies such as injection moulding and cutting-edge materials and research.

Fortunately, thanks to its polymer and metal construction, the DECKED Tool Box is impenetrable with a pry bar. Even finding a place to put the pry bar is a challenge because of the way the door is constructed. Then they start poking around, but they seem to be unable to get a handle on things. During this moment, your tools are resting peacefully, dreaming about their next assignment.

A determined criminal may, however, make it to the tub, thus it has been strengthened with steel to make it more secure and solid. The lock is made of steel and is decked up in a stylish cloak. To open that gate, you're going to need a big dragon (or pry bar). It's possible that you'll need to change the lock on this truck toolbox, but it may not be necessary.

As long as they don't get caught, they can just grab the entire toolbox and figure out how to go inside later. Because the lid must be opened in order to remove the Tool Box from your DECKED Truck, this will be a problem. What's the trick to opening the lid? That's when you start to realize the problem. It's so hard, a crowbar would weep..

DECKED is well-organized

Not being able to find anything in your toolbox is the worst feeling in the world. You need a place to find your tools and keep them secure and warm.

Our DECKED Tool Boxes come with a D-Box that hangs within the tub for convenient access. Also, don't worry. We didn't forget to include a gasket seal on the D-Boxes. In addition, a tiny Snack Tray is included for storing smaller tools, other equipment, and, of course, snacks. It has a name for a purpose.

As a worker, you understand how critical everyone on the job site performs their responsibilities, including your toolbox. It’s like having a toolbox of your own! A pre-installed tie-down system on the tailgate side of DECKED Tool Boxes will assist you in securing any other items you may be transporting in the tub.

The most excellent aspect is that the lid opens and closes with ease. Aside from protecting your fingertips, the torsion springs do a great job. After a long day of work, your hands are already sore enough without being pricked by your toolbox.

DECKED is easy to install

You get two keys! We just wanted to be clear in case you needed new keys. You have a backup. Just don't lose keys. They run out!

If you have one of those big vehicles, DECKED understands you have to climb up to get to your toolbox. That's why there's an optional, easy-access Integrated Ladder for regular-sized trucks. This nesting step ladder slips neatly out of the box with no issues with your tools. They are the most vital component of this whole operation.

DECKED integrated ladder.

The integrated ladder is composed of 6000 series aluminum and is light enough to hold you while you climb around.

However, the integrated ladder is optional! You don't need a fancy aluminum ladder to get into your truck, you reason. But it's always possible. If you change your mind or your truck grows, you can purchase the integrated ladder separately.

All of that means nothing if your truck toolbox is a pain to load. The DECKED Truck Tool Box installs in 2 minutes. To install DECKED's bracket and bolt system, just thread it in and use a power tool to grip a bed rail. No need to drill. Just use 4 clamps to hold the bed rail.

DECKED has several accessories

In addition to the D-Box, we've got Drawer Dividers for those drawers if you want to get organized. There's also the Drawerganizer, a combination drawer, and organizer, which humans may have picked up from a distant galaxy.

Smaller truck toolboxes can be integrated into the bigger ones using a CrossBox. When was the last time you thought about putting a toolbox inside of another toolbox? It's finally here, my friend. This is about time travel, warp speed, and toolboxes in toolboxes. Maybe there's a smaller toolbox hidden inside? Currently, we don't have that, but we have a pretty excellent tool wrap.

While you're contemplating us (and we thank you for doing so), you might also want to look into the DECKED Truck Toolbox Accessories, as we know many people are interested in Husky truck tool box accessories as well. Besides cross boxes and drawer dividers, consider the Piecekeepers if you're taking the work truck out for the weekend. When working at a distant job site, you might want to bring along a few classic rifles and shotguns to take down some whitetail deer. It doesn't matter how you use it; what matters is that you use it.

There are drawer lock replacements on the site if you need them. A disaster supply kit could be useful. We also have those. A roll of tools? The D-Rito Tool Roll is a weather-resistant, compact bundle that's easy to carry.

Order your DECKED Tool Box today when you've finished weighing the pros and cons of the DeWALT Rolling Tool Box. Because you deserve the best and even our service will leave you satisfied with your purchase. However, obtaining a toolbox that matches your truck’s appearance and has everything you require will offer you even greater delight.