How DECKED Tool Boxes Redefine The Ideology Of Craftsmanship

A man organizing his DECKED Tool Box in the back of the truck.

How DECKED Tool Boxes Redefine The Ideology Of Craftsmanship


As artisans ourselves, we have always been interested in the relationship between craftsmanship and craftsman tool sets with boxes. The best craftsmen can produce beautiful pieces of products with great precision and attention to detail. To do this, they need well-crafted tools that are both precise and reliable.


A well-made toolbox is essential for any craftsman. It is a place to store all of your tools and supplies, and it should be well-constructed so that it can withstand the rigors of daily use. A good craftsman tool set in a box is like an extension of the craftsman's workshop, and it should be designed to meet their specific needs.


At DECKED, we never sacrifice quality for expediency. Thus, we created the ultimate Tool Boxes designed by true artists who understand every intricate and in-depth aspect of craftsmanship. As a result, our DECKED Craftsman Tool Set Boxes are everything you need to hone and bring your craftsmanship to perfection.

Craftsmanship Is Beauty, And Our Sexy Tool Boxes Look As Good As Your Crafts

An opened close up view of the DECKED Tool Box

We at DECKED believe that the quality of a product is not determined by how quickly it can be made but rather by what its makers put into their work. Therefore, our Tool Boxes are made from materials from the future and injection molded from high-impact polymer resin to provide you transportation solutions for your special tools for years down the line—just like your favorite pairs of clothes! That you love wearing when crafting.


The designs and quality of DECKED Craftsman Tool Set Tool Boxes will make any craftsman proud as they represent thoroughness in design and quality. Every detail matters because nothing should distract us from one's true goal or passion, which could very well wind up being this scientifically beautifully futuristically crafted Craftsman Tool Box top set. Moreover, this also happens to have some great storage options, exactly what you need to make sure you never have less space for all your instruments.


The aluminum and steel-reinforced resin lid are strong and durable, and corrosion-resistant. In addition, the Tool Box can be easily assessed with the built-in optional ladder system. The lid is supported by torsion systems comprising gas struts and steel springs that allow its smooth operation to add more to your convenience.


The chest lid is made of high-impact polymer resin combined with EPDM gaskets and bulb seal, making our Tool Boxes so waterproof that they will keep your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.


In addition, the Tool Box Tub includes a removable tray that can be used to store small items and tools. The Tub also has built-in partitions to keep your tools in place.


The box's design is both innovative and classic in that it looks as sexy as your truck. In addition, the storage capacity of this product is unmatched by other brands in its category; you can store up to 500lb of tools within the box itself.


With the DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System, you won't have to worry about the tools being either locked or loosely stuffed in a drawer, as it features full-length drawers and a tray for better organization.


Our lock set for a craftsman tool box is as secure as it can get, it’s foolproof. In addition, the trays can be removed so you can get access to all of your tools without having to empty the entire chest first.


Our Craftsman Tool Box Set features are as sexy as your truck, unlike the other brand you were probably searching for.

Craftsmanship Is Uniqueness, And Our Tool Boxes Are From This Century

Our DECKED Tool Boxes are as unique as the craftsmen who use them. We refuse to make anything that isn't tailored perfectly for the needs of our customers—and what could be more perfect than a DECKED Craftsman Tool Box Set designed by the artists themselves?


The DECKED Craftsman Tool Set Boxes are perfect for every artisan and those who appreciate great design and attention to detail as it brings beauty into your daily life and ease your work. They’re an ideal choice for a craftsman mechanics tool set with a toolbox as well.


Even if you aren't a craftsman, you are sure to appreciate the quality that goes into every DECKED Craftsman Tool Set and Box.


The high-build quality of our Tool Boxes comes from the high-density polyethylene material blended with fiberglass, which also makes them as tough as nails. In addition, the injection molding technique used to manufacture these Tool Boxes makes them almost unbreakable and 100 percent dent-proof, rust-proof, mother nature wrath proof, and thief-proof.


All fear the wrath of mother nature, but DECKED Tool Boxes even challenge the element. We don't bluff; we have tested it, and our Tool Box set for a craftsman is living proof (not literally)!

DECKED Craftsmanship Beliefs

At DECKED, we have an uncompromising belief in the value of handcrafted goods. We believe that every craftsman deserves to be recognized for their artistry, and every DECKED Craftsman Mechanics Tool Box Set is created to idealize our beliefs into reality.


We are proud of what we do because it allows us to connect with people worldwide who share our love of beautiful things.

Craftsmanship Is Heritage, And Our Tool Boxes Are Made For The Future

DECKED Tool Box with four mini tool boxes on the top.


Our Tool Boxes are manufactured using the material from this century. It's the future of craftsmanship. That is why the DECKED Craftsman Mechanic Tool Box Sets are in a league of their own in terms.


DECKED Craftsman Pro Tool Box Sets are made with your needs in mind. Therefore, you will appreciate the superior quality that comes with every set. We want you to have the best, and that is why we refuse to cut corners when it comes to our Tool Boxes!


As mentioned (and we’re proud of the result), each DECKED product is made from high-impact polymer resin reinforced with galvanized steel and aluminum. As a result, our every product is super strong, durable, rust-proof, dent-proof, and most importantly, it's thief-proof. That's why we keep saying our Tool Boxes are easy on the eyes, tough on thieves.


Our Tool Boxes are the best in terms of quality and terms design. We want you to stand out from the rest, and that is why we have designed our Tool Boxes to be unique and different from anything else on the market. Our Tool Boxes are designed so that the DECKED Tool Box adds a special touch for every craftsman. To each its own!


The DECKED Tool Boxes are the only toolboxes in the market that come with an optional pre-installed ladder system that allows you to assess your tool more easily than ever before. The ladder is made from 6000 series aluminum and is attached to one end of the Tool Box in a nesting manner.


DECKED doesn't compromise on the sleek looks or practicality of the design. We literally serve the best of both worlds in our Tool Boxes. Our in-house craftsman's unique innovation and creativity are what sets us apart from the rest.

Craftsmanship Is Humanity, And Not Even the Devil Can Trespass Our Tool Boxes

A man carrying a DECKED Tool Box kit to the back of his truck cargo bed.

With a market filled with cheaply-made and poorly designed Tool Boxes, it can be hard to find the perfect one for your needs. All you might get in the market are kids' craftsman toolbox top sets that even kids refuse to use. However, at DECKED, we refuse to produce anything but the best Craftsman Multi-Tool Box Sets for our customers.


That is why each of our Tool Boxes is made by hand (it's injection-molded, but by hand was looking too good in this statement) in Defiance, Ohio, USA and comes with a Lifetime Warranty, making it the only toolbox you will ever need.


The locking and docking system of our Tool Boxes outshine every competitor. The installation process of any of our Tool Boxes hardly takes 4-5 minutes, and it does not even require drilling. Our Tool Boxes need only a strong tool to install the Tool Box with the rail and attach it with the supplied bracket and bolts.


Unlike other craftsman toolbox locksets, DECKED Tool Boxes have a locking system at the driver side which can only be opened with the provided key set for Craftsman Tool Box given with the purchase. The locking system keeps the lid so tough that it'll make a crowbar cry and retire from its wicked purposes.

DECKED Craftsmanship Principles

Our people are our biggest asset, and we understand that DECKED would not be where it is today without them. Likewise, our craftsmen take great pride in their artistry because they know how important every product is to our customers and us.


We believe that when you purchase a DECKED Craftsman Tool Box and Tool Set, you are buying a piece of craftsmanship and heritage that will last a lifetime.

Common Characteristics Of Craftsman And DECKED Tool Boxes

There are a few key characteristics that all craftsmen share, and these same qualities can be found in DECKED Tool Boxes.


First, craftsmen have an attention to detail. Whether they are creating a piece of furniture or repairing an engine, they take care to make sure everything is perfect. This level of precision is also seen in the design of DECKED Tool Boxes.


Each box is built with a unique, modular system that allows owners to customize their storage for the exact tools they need. The product has also been rigorously tested in extreme conditions and comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.


Second, craftsmen are passionate about their work. They love learning new techniques and experimenting with different materials. The team at DECKED is the same way – they are constantly innovating and looking for ways to make our product even better.


In fact, the company was founded on a simple idea: to find a solution to the storage problem faced by most craftsmen. And they continue to live up to that goal every day.


Third, craftsmen have a respect for tradition. They know that if something has been done well for centuries, there's probably a reason for it. DECKED Tool Boxes are a perfect example of this philosophy.


The modular design may be new, but the idea behind it has been around for hundreds of years. For example, shipbuilders have utilized tool chests with removable trays since the 19th century to help them stay organized while working on boats and other vessels.


Finally, craftsmen are always looking to the future. They know that new products and technologies will continue to emerge as time goes on, so they constantly improve their craftsmanship. DECKED is no different when it comes to this. It's a young company with big dreams for the innovative future of tool storage.

How Our Craftsman Ideology Motivates Us

As craftsmen, we believe in our work and products. We take pride in what we do, which is reflected through the care and precision of every item we create.


Our passion drives us to be better - whether it's by developing new materials for tool storage or improving existing designs with state-of-the-art technology. We respect the history of our work, and that's why we take inspiration from traditional craftsmen when designing new products.


Finally, we're always looking toward the future! Our goal is to develop innovative storage solutions for builders everywhere to make their lives easier. We're motivated by the craftsman ideology, and we know that it will help us achieve great things!

Lightning Short Overview Of The DECKED Craftsman Tool Box Set

DECKED Tool Box with a blue coloured lid.

Let's quickly look at what makes DECKED a must-have Tool Box under every craftsman's belt and truck!


  • It is injection molded (not welded) using high-impact polymer resin reinforced with galvanized steel and aluminum so that it won't dig, dent, or rust, and it is impact-resistant as well. Our Tool Box is impossible to dent but easy to love.


  • It has a lid that is tightly sealed when it's closed due to the EPDM gasket, and the Tub has an upstanding lip that gets concealed by the top. It makes it 100 percent waterproof so that it keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.


  • The locks are at the driver's side in our Tool Boxes, which can only be opened with the provided key. When locked, it is impossible to intrude into it or remove it from your truck's bed. Its locking and docking system are tough; they'll make a crowbar cry.


  • In addition to your Tool Box, you also get a handy D-Box and snack tray that stays in the Tub in a nesting manner. Finally, the Tie-Down hooks on the Tub base at the tailgate side allow you to secure large cargo. All these features step up your game.


  • It can be purchased with an optional adjustable telescopic ladder, eliminating the need to crawl and rummage through the tools. The telescopes go inside the DECKED Tool Box and hence, takes up very little space and makes it extremely convenient. 


The Bottom Line

We at DECKED love to hear from our customers, and we never lose sight of the fact that you are a key part of this company. We hope our craftsman Power Tool Box Set will continue to make all your projects and crafts go smoother because we are interested in what you create, and we know what you create is beautiful. We appreciate the beauty!


Do you need a toolbox that can keep up with your craftsmanship? Do you want something as beautiful as it is functional? If so, our DECKED Tool Box is the right fit for you.