Better Built Tool Box vs. DECKED Tool Box: A Detailed Review

Better Built Tool Box vs. DECKED Tool Box: A Detailed Review

Better Built Tool Box vs. DECKED Tool Box: A Detailed Review

A tool box is of much importance to anyone that uses tools. It helps keep tools safe and prevents cases of theft or misplacement. Given the importance of tool boxes, there are many tool box makers in the industry. However, does it mean that every available tool box is good for you? To answer this question, you need to evaluate different factors. For instance, its safety features, its costs, and the kind of material used to make it. It is also vital to consider a tool box's brand.

If you are looking for a compatible tool box for your truck, you came to the right place. We will assess and compare two of the industry's top tool box makers: Better Built and DECKED. Even though both of these brands are local-based, only one of them is perfect for your truck. Interested to know which one it is? Read on.

Better Built Review

You have probably come across Better Built products while looking for a truck tool box. Better Built is an established tool box maker that has been in operation for over two decades. They have outlets in several parts of the country.

Having been around for that long, Better Built produces reliable tool boxes that can be trusted. They also make a wide range of other products, including truck beds and drawers. These products come in various shapes and sizes.

The Better Built Tool Box


  • They have a variety of tool boxes with different designs and styles
  • They are lightweight


  • Some accessories make accessing tools inside your tool box hard
  • Some tool box shapes make it challenging to store some tools
  • Their steel tool boxes can get rusty in extreme weather conditions


DECKED emerged from scratch to become one of the top tool box makers in the country. With this visionary idea conceptualized in a local diner, DECKED prides itself in making satisfying products. These products result from many years of thorough research and dedication, ensuring they solve all your tool storage problems.

The DECKED Tool Box

DECKED bases its work on three key elements that make a tool box outstanding. They include accessibility, security, and organization. This brand has been around for close to a decade, setting new standards in the tool box manufacturing industry.

Besides, DECKED makes versatile products that every working man and woman would be proud to use. The DECKED tool box ensures efficiency and easy accessibility, making it an excellent option for you. The fact that DECKED is rated among the top tool box makers in the country should not surprise you. This brand has worked its way up, producing some of the best tool storage products available. Its mission is to make your life better, and that is what DECKED has been doing since 2013!


  • It is easy to maintain and install
  • It is compatible with a wide range of truck beds
  • It is secure and durable
  • It can come with decent and organized grab-and-go drawers
  • DECKED prides itself in having one of the fastest shipping times


  • It does not have many luxurious accessories

Better Built Vs. DECKED: The Comparison

The build-up is over, it is now time for the main comparison. You are about to find out which tool box is ideal for your truck. We have made a comprehensive comparison between these tool boxes based on what customers find necessary. Read on for a comprehensive review.

Weather Resistance

You would not want to purchase a truck tool box that lets in water or humidity. Luckily, most truck tool boxes are made of metal, meaning the chances of water entry are minimal. However, metal is a leading catalyst of corrosion and rust. Thus, you should go for a high-quality tool box that protects your tools no matter the weather conditions. Therefore, how do Better Built and DECKED tool boxes compare to weather resistance? Let us find out!

The Better Built truck tool box is made of reliable materials capable of withstanding various weather conditions. It has unique features that prevent moisture penetration. If you have delicate equipment like firearms that could be damaged by moisture, the Better Built tool box is an ideal place to keep them.

There is also the Better Built tool box tray wrapped in protective liners. These liners prevent any cases of rusting, keeping your tools in excellent condition. Its designers also included a bulb seal on the drawer closures to keep out water. Even though the rubber bulb does an excellent job of preventing water entry, it is not airtight. This means that your tools could be overly vulnerable to light snow, dust, sand particles, and mist. Luckily, the brand realized this setback and designed other accessories to prevent water entry. However, these accessories can be costly because they come separately.

Therefore, if you want a completely weather-resistant Better Built tool box, you will have to spend more. Besides, the weather-resistant accessories could be inconvenient because they weigh more. This could make the tool box slightly heavier.

When it comes to total weatherproof tool boxes, DECKED is the real deal. Thanks to many years of research behind its design, the DECKED has all the features needed for weather resistance. The tool box also comes with several accessories to keep your tools in position. You should get the DECKED truck tool box if you are looking for a heavy-duty tool box that water cannot penetrate.

This tool box gives you value for your money, with its engineer covering every possible weak link. DECKED understands how destructive mother nature can be, and they have designed a tool box to put up a solid fight. The DECKED drawers are fully waterproof, preventing water entry at all costs. This tool box is also made of HDPE material that is highly durable.

Furthermore, the material does not rot, ensuring that your tool box lasts for a long time. Cases of degradation are also unheard of with the DECKED tool box. Also, all the hardware is treated with extreme rust inhibitors. This treatment is vital because it prevents rusting and corrosion.

The in-built UV protection feature also makes DECKED products outstanding. With the in-built UV protection, the tool box won't crack when hit with hot sun rays or heavy rains. Perhaps, this is why the DECKED tool box lasts for so many years. Therefore, opt for the DECKED tool box because it will not dent, ding, or rust, no matter the conditions.

The Weatherproof DECKED truck tool box


One of the main functions of a tool box is keeping your tools secure. You wouldn't want a tool box that can't guarantee the safety of your items. Therefore, it is vital to thoroughly assess the security features when shopping for one. Better Built and DECKED produce some of the best tool boxes when it comes to security, but how do they compare?

As expected, Better Built is a reliable tool box if you are looking for safety. It comes with a Better Built tool box lock that prevents unauthorized entry. This helps keep your tools in excellent condition. The tool box also has a solid, double-cylinder hinge that keeps thugs at bay. The lock is made of tough material that makes it hard to break. However, the lock system only locks one point of the tool box — around the middle section. This design is common with most of the Better Built truck tool boxes. However, they have other tool boxes with two locks. These tool boxes offer better security because they are hard to break into.

While the two locks enhance security, users experience challenges opening and closing the tool box. The two locks are so close together, making it hard to maneuver the tool box. You can choose your preferred tool box depending on your needs. However, the double-lock Better Built tool box tends to cost more than others.

If you are talking about tool box safety, DECKED should be right at the center of the conversation. The DECKED tool box has been built with your tools' safety in mind. Made from a high-impact polymer resin, the DECKED tool box offers the highest standards of safety. This material is so hard that even beating it with a hammer won't impact it. As if that is not enough, the DECKED tool box has drawers enhanced with a galvanized steel subframe. This material is extremely difficult to dent, no matter the circumstances. Once your tools are locked away, no one can access them. The 100% recycled HDPE used to make this tool box is one of the toughest materials available, protecting your tools against various risks.

In addition, the DECKED tool box features a unique strength-to-weight ratio. Therefore, you can keep several tools in this drawer without worrying about space or safety. The stainless steel used on every hardware in this tool box ensures maximum efficiency. With this setup, your tools will be secure from all the possible risks.

There is also a two-point locking system that prevents forced entry. The first lock is based outside the tool box, while the other is in the drawer system. This means that you have to open two locks before accessing your tools. Any thief planning to break into your DECKED tool box will spend the next several weeks to finally break into it. The tool box is equipped with several accessories that help enhance security.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

It is essential to have a tool box that won't give you a difficult time when you want to access your tools. No matter how sturdy or huge your tool box is, if it does not make your work easier, it means it hasn’t provided you with real value for money. Therefore, how does the Better Built tool box and DECKED tool box compare when it comes to ease of use?

Better Built has a reliable design that makes access easy. It also has tool box trays and offset drawers that come in various sizes to enhance usage. Unlike most brands, the Better Built drawers move in an L-shape. This makes the glide pretty smooth.

The DECKED tool box is designed to make it easy for you to access your tools. It comes with drawers that give you access to the truck bed. This is a sizable space that covers a typical wall-to-wall truck bed. The space on top of your DECKED tool box can also be used for several functions. For instance, you can carry the extra load on top of your tool box. This flat load surface can sustain up to 2,000 lbs.

If you are a truck operator that transports various items, you will find this tool box very helpful. The presence of dividers in the tool box also encourages better tool accessibility. You won't have to struggle to access various items due to storage. Even better, the DECKED tool box is very easy to open and close. It slides on the truck bed very smoothly.

The fact that there are no tracks and slides prevents the drawers from bending. Therefore, the tool box can easily roll open no matter the weight of your tools. In fact, the heavier your tools are, the easier it is to move the tool box. You can easily slide it open and access any tools you are looking for.

Tool Box Organization

A good tool box should make it easy to organize your tools. Therefore, there is no point in spending money on a tool box that doesn't make it easy to organize your tools. However, even though enhanced tool organization is expected from almost every tool box, the ability varies from one tool box to another. This is why you should thoroughly analyze your options when choosing a truck tool box. Without a doubt, Better Built and DECKED have some of the best tool boxes when it comes to tool organization. But which tool box is better? Let's find out!

According to various Better Built tool box reviews, side-mount models enhance tool organization. If you tend to use your tool box on a regular basis, this model will work excellently for you. It makes it easy to get in and out of the tool box. The Better Built tool box also allows you to mount it on either side of the tool box for extra storage.

According to the Better Built tool box website, a standard-size tool box holds several items. There is also sufficient storage for smaller tools. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a larger tool box that holds more items. While their tool box is large enough to hold several items, it doesn't have internal organization shelves. This means that tool organization heavily relies on your abilities.

You need to put in significant efforts if you want to keep your tool box organized. When it comes to tool box accessories , Better Built has several to offer. Remember that you can always get Better Built tool box replacements parts on their website if you are in need of any. While most of these parts are pricey, not all of them enhance tool box organization. However, they are uniquely designed to improve your ability to get in and out of the tool box.

Knowing some of the accessories that come with the Better Built tool box will help you make the right decision. One of the common Better Built tool box accessories is the divider found in its storage unit. If you need extra space to keep your items, these dividers will come in handy. They also help provide extra storage surfaces.

With the dividers found on either side of the tool box, they make the Better Built tool box extend to the back of your truck. This might be a challenge, especially if you intend to use your truck for load transportation since the extra space it takes means you won't have enough storage area. As a result, you will have problems arranging your items. The risk of them falling off your truck also increases.

The DECKED engineers spent an incredible amount of time designing an efficient tool box. This tool box aims to provide cutting-edge solutions to solve common problems that users experience with tool organization. It comes with a wide range of unique features that make it easy to organize your tools.

Also, DECKED has a remarkable storage unit called the DECKED D-Box. This is surely a game-changer in tool box organization. It is a large, lockable, and weatherproof storage unit that can withstand any kind of pressure. No matter what you throw at it, this storage unit will take it. Therefore, you can be sure of the safety of your tools once you have locked your tool box. Its unique shape also makes it easy to store your tools. In simpler terms, this drawer system is the answer to all your tool box organization problems. It has a well-partitioned outline that you can use to store tools of different sizes.

A well partioned DECKED tool box that makes it easy to organize your tools.

This feature comes in handy, especially if you have smaller tools. You can keep them in a unique spot inside the tool box, away from larger ones. By doing so, you eliminate the struggle of accessing smaller tools in a disorganized tool box. Trying to pick smaller tools from such tool boxes can be risky — you could easily sustain cuts if there are sharp objects in the tool box.

Therefore, why worry when you can avoid all that with the DECKED tool box? The wide range of accessories this tool box comes with makes it incredibly easy to organize your tools. Furthermore, it comes with another storage unit known as the CROSS BOX. Even though it is only half the size of the D-Box, this accessory has a very solid structure.

Also, the enhanced locking system means that no one can get into the drawers without your permission. The tool box is generally made with rigid material that helps enhance security. No matter the weather conditions, your tools will remain dry all the time. You can choose to fit the DECKED CROSS BOX inside the drawers for maximum compatibility. Combining these two storage units helps create more space.

Most tool box users complain that their tool boxes make it hard to store irregularly shaped tool boxes. This isn't the case with a DECKED tool box. With innovative accessories, you can store tools of any shape inside your tool box. The tool box also comes with the DECKED innovative Drawerganizer that directly fits in front of the drawer. This accessory fully utilizes the space wasted around the tool box locking mechanism. Through it, it is easier to organize your tools and keep them in good condition.


The DECKED tool box is by a margin the better tool box between them. From the comparison, you can see that the DECKED tool box edges out the Better Built tool box in almost every field. The DECKED tool box has better and more enhanced security features than the Better Built tool box. It is also made of better materials than Better Built's. The DECKED tool box is made from a high-impact polymer resin that guarantees durability. Even hitting it with a hammer won't break it. Also, the medium-density materials used to make Better Built tool boxes are weaker compared to those used to make DECKED tool boxes. Therefore, if you opt for the DECKED tool box, you can be sure of many years of service.


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