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Find The Best Hunting Backpack For Any Adventure

Find The Best Hunting Backpack For Any Adventure


Any outdoorsman knows preparation is key when it comes to hunting. Whether you’re hunting elk, bow hunting, following a trail, or just transporting your gear, one of the most important things to do before heading out is choosing the best hunting backpack for your trip.


But there’s a lot to consider when you’re hunting for a backpack that’s fit for the job. What if you need a backpack that can do more than carry a gas stove and a knife?  What kind of backpack is durable enough to carry all your equipment and keep it safe and dry? A thin rucksack just isn’t good enough.


It’s time. You’re ready to start your search for the best hunting backpack on the market. Let’s get started with a rundown of the features to look for in a hunting backpack.


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What To Look For In A Reliable Backpack

What’s the difference between an average backpack and the best backcountry hunting backpack you’ll find? Surprisingly, there’s a big difference. Ready to wave goodbye to your sad old bag (the rucksack, not the wife!)? Look for a hunting backpack that can boast these features.



Whatever your prey, you need a heavy-duty hunting backpack ready to go. If you’re going to be stalking through the woods for hours, your backpack needs to be reliable at every moment. There’s not a lot worse than a broken arm strap or a hole in the bottom of your bag when you’re miles away from your truck in the middle of a hunt.


Sure, it needs to be comfortable but that should be standard - find a backpack that can endure bad weather, scratches, and can withstand being stuffed full of gear and hauled around. The key indicator that a hunting backpack is going to last more than a minute is the material and zip system.


A large, sturdy zip is a good sign that you’re dealing with a reliable backpack. A hardshell backpack will also offer you ultimate durability.


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Whether you’re camping out on the hunt or just hiking up to your favorite spot, your backpack needs to be able to weather…. well, any weather.


Ever had your camping gear drenched while you’re out on the trail? It’s no fun. Now imagine a backpack that you can rely on. Look out for a bag that is waterproof or at least weather resistant. It can be tempting to just leave it to chance, let your backpack get soaked, and hope whatever you’ve got inside isn’t wrecked.


Or you could just get a hunting backpack that’s designed to keep your stuff dry as a bone even if you’re wet to the bone.


Smart Design

Feel like your backpack is hurting your back, one vertebra at a time? Don’t lug a flimsy pack around like a dead animal on your shoulders. The best hunting backpack feels effortless. Look out for padded, wide, and durable straps.


These days a good hunting backpack will give you carry options and ergonomic design, ready for any camping trip or hunt.


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Nobody wants to go back and forth between your truck and your camp spot. The best backpack for hunting has a generous capacity, giving you the pack space for an extra beer, or two. Or survival gear - your choice.


The best hunting backpack is going to carry more than any fanny pack, that’s for sure.


Want your tools, hunting gear, and supplies to stay organized? Look for a backpack that can keep your items in place, safe, and easily accessible. One of the most functional features you’ll find in a well-organized backpack is pocket options.


Big pockets, small pockets, you want them all. The more choice you have, the easier it will be to find a place for every piece of equipment you want to carry with you. If you choose a bag with a collapsible panel like the DECKED D-Bag all the better, as you get more functional space without the bulk.

The Best Hunting Backpack Brands


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What is the best hunting backpack and where can you find it? Whether you’re searching for the best budget hunting backpack or even the best military hunting backpack for hardcore excursions, you need to know which brands to trust.



Talk about made in the USA. Goruck hasn’t been around for the longest time, but they’ve definitely made a splash in the world of tactical hunting backpacks. These packs are tough. The company was founded by none other than a Green Beret, so you know durability and toughness are built-in with every product they produce.


Since their launch, Goruck has amassed a pretty good fanbase, with buyers in love with the Rugged 1000D Cordura material that goes into their heavy-duty backpacks. Their Rucker 3.0 backpack isn’t cheap but it comes with lumbar support designed into the pack, making it a great choice for pain-free hiking.

Triple Aught Design

Triple Aught Design is a go-to brand for streamlined, subtle backpack design. This company was born and bred in Dogpatch, San Francisco, so you know it’s 100% made in the USA. These guys focus on performance over looks.


A great hunting backpack doesn’t need to shout about its versatility or durability. Let the sturdy shell, multiple organization pockets, and weather-proof material speak for themselves.


If you live adventurously, you need a pack that can withstand it all. Go scale a mountain or wade through a river, and know you’ve got all your gear at your fingertips with Triple Aught Design’s modular options. Check out their Axiom 24 pack for a sturdy mid-size hunting backpack.


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We all know the Home Depot is a reliable place to grab your home improvement tools and materials. If you’ve ever wandered the aisles of your local Home Depot, you’ve probably come across their in-house brand, Husky.


Husky holds the standard for budget, durable products. Whether you’re a tradesman or adventurer, you can find some useful and robust gear from Husky.


While their range is usually focused on tools and professional gear, a lot of their products can be used for adventuring instead of working. The Husky 18” Pro Backpack is a fantastic budget hunting backpack option. At just $60 this spacious backpack would make your hunting and hiking trips easier - and look cooler too.


DECKED was created when the founders saw a gap in the market for dependable, hard-wearing storage solutions for the average American. Focusing on truck storage and all the accessories that branch out from that, at DECKED, we focused on delivering trustworthy, made-in-the-USA drawer systems and tool boxes. Since 2013 we’ve been giving trade professionals, overlanders, adventurers, and organization enthusiasts the best in durable and secure storage systems.


The DECKED D-Bag is a must-have for hunters and backpackers. With a removable duffle bag for wet or dirty items, and a removable tool roll, this backpack is made for getting dirty while keeping your gear pristine and organized.


Why’s it perfect for hunting? Well, the DECKED D-Bag is designed to store and carry tools, big and small, keeping everything where it should be, and protecting expensive equipment from the elements. No tools? No problem. Your hunting knives, fire starters, and flashlight can easily fit into the tool roll and internal pockets for a fuss-free way to haul your gear to your next hideout.


Your Options At Decked

So now you know your options, let’s talk specifics. At DECKED we know you need something reliable and well-made that will last the years - and the miles. Here’s what we can recommend…




Items inside a DECKED D-bag


Bet you never expected to love a D-bag. We all know one, but not everyone owns one. The iconic DECKED D-Bag is designed to fit perfectly into the DECKED Drawer System for truck bed storage. But pull out your trusty DECKED D-Bag and you’ve got a versatile, heavy-duty hunting backpack that has impressive capacity and smart ergonomics.


The hard shell hybrid backpack comes with built-in pockets, detachable straps, and multiple carry options. This is a backpack built without the BS. You get the strength of 900-denier TPU coated ballistic grade nylon so you can hunt, hike, bike, and explore without wasting a thought on whether your gear is going to be safe and dry.


The DECKED D-Bag is something special, if we do say so ourselves. Your new favorite D-Bag features:


  • Weather and life resistant construction and material
  • Glove-friendly oversized zip pulls
  • Standard tool roll and duffle bag
  • No rips, tears, or snags with the reinforced lid and tough fabric
  • Aluminum handles on both ends to grab easily
  • Side panels that expand and collapse for intuitive space options
  • 42 liter volume

DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

This is for those wild guys out there - the ones who wander, explore, and need a kit they can rely on. While the DECKED D-Bag is impressive, we teamed up with Uncharted to bring you something even more practical.


This DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit backpack brings together the D-Bag with a fully equipped emergency kit from the folks at Uncharted Supply Co. This must-have kit contains the knowledge of a team that knows their survival gear inside and out.


Be prepared for the unexpected, with a pack that’s created to keep 2 people alive for 72 hours in an emergency. Uncharted’s Seventy2 Pro kit fits perfectly into our D-Bag, and it’s a match made in hunter’s heaven. Who hasn’t had a sticky situation while out in the sticks?


Get geared up to go with the DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit, especially since it features all this great stuff:



  • Easy to read instructions
  • Weather resistant
  • All the benefits of the D-Bag with a reliable emergency kit packed inside
  • First aid gear
  • Essential tools
  • Air and vision emergency kit
  • Zeus portable power stations/jump starter
  • Emergency shelter and warmth aids
  • Food and water supplies


Whatever your plans, get prepared, get safe, get storage with one of the DECKED backpack options. If it’s a rugged, versatile, and multi-use backpack that you’re hunting for, you know there’s a D-Bag made just for you.