DECKED at Overland Expo West

DECKED at Overland Expo West

We are fresh back from Flagstaff, AZ for Overland Expo West. After a fun week in the Arizona sun [...and snow] It's time to sit down and reflect on all of the cool rigs/stuff that we saw!

Road trippin' down through the Arizona desert was a highlight of the trip. 

Cliffs with water

No shortage of views here...

Big bus

We made it into the Overland Expo late afternoon on Wednesday and we were able to walk around and check out some of the early birds at the show. This guy took an early lead for most "Expedition Vehicle that we are most lusting over. 

Grey armoured truck

Then we saw this guy!

Grey bus

And our minds continued to explode!


Despite some cold temps on Friday, Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day and the crowds turned up to check out the latest and greatest offerings in camp/expedition gear. 

People walking at Overland Expo

These guys brought the rolling beer cart. 


We liked the look of this Jeep.

Side view of Jeep

Dometic had their Jeep on display along with their ever so popular lineup of electric coolers and refrigeration system. 

Front view of vintage car

Rear View of Jeep Gladiator

Speaking of Jeeps, the Wayout Gladiator was there with the DECKED system on display. 

DECKED in Jeep

Side view of new electric SUV

Rivian was a big hit at the show. We have been looking at this thing online for months and it didn't disappoint. Little known fact. Two of the engineers on the Rivian truck were engineers on the original DECKED system. Their signatures are even on the bottom of the drawers. 

Rear view of DECKED

No shortage of DECKED systems at Overland Expo West

Side view of truck with stickers

Side view of old truck

Big fan of this one! All the way from Germany.

Side view of Ram truck

A toned down EarthRoamer? I'll take one!

Front/side view of red and white Ford truck

GFC  was there. If you want one, you better get in line. 

Man and dog overlooking canyon

Little detour on the way home was well worth the effort. 

That's a wrap on Overland Expo West. We will see you next year, if not sooner. 

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