DECKED Announces Nationwide Dealer Network

DECKED Announces Nationwide Dealer Network
DECKED's dealer network is now 23 partners strong with over 70 locations nationwide. To keep up with our growing dealer network, see our Find A Dealer page. Stay tuned for more dealer announcements in the coming weeks. KETCHUM, IDAHO (Feb. 11, 2014) – DECKED, manufacturers of full-sized pickup truck bed storage systems, today announced their initial network of retail dealers located throughout the country. With more than 68 dealer locations it will now be easier than ever for truck owners to purchase a DECKED system from a local retailer. Dealers stock several different DECKED systems and accessories, allowing customers the ability to purchase DECKED systems on the spot and take advantage of professional installation. "The network of dealers we have built is terrific because of their strong reach and influence in the truck aftermarket and sporting goods communities. We feel they really understand what DECKED is all about. DECKED transforms the bed of a full-size pickup truck into a more functional and useful space, allowing for the perfect balance between work and play," said Lance Meller, Vice President of Sales for DECKED. "We are excited to announce this growing list of dealers who have come on board to support the launch of DECKED." Several of the major DECKED dealers include:

As DECKED dealers, they will have the ability to sell and install all DECKED products and accessories. New dealers are being added every week by DECKED’s dedicated full time sales force. A full list of dealers can be found on the DECKED website.


DECKED is an innovative full-sized truck bed storage system that incorporates two waterproof bed-length drawers which roll out to provide easy access to tools, equipment or gear. The deck of the storage system is built from 100% recycled HDPE and steel sub frame providing a 2,000 lbs. load capacity. The drawers can hold up to 200 lbs. each and are lockable to provide secure storage. The system is waterproof and the deck can be configured to accommodate tie downs or rack systems. The DECKED system can be mounted in nearly every full size pickup truck made since the late 1990s, is easy to install, and mounts to the truck bed’s existing tie downs with no drilling required.

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