Get The Most Out Of Your 72-Inch Truck Tool Box

Get The Most Out Of Your Truck’s 72 Inch Tool Box


Construction worker at a construction site finds tools stored in the tool box in his truck bed



No matter what trade you’re in, you depend on your work truck to be a mobile office, toolbox, taxi, billboard, waste hauler, tow vehicle, hiding spot, and lunchroom –– and let’s face it, on some days, it’s all those things at once. If you’re anything like most contractors, your challenge is to maximize the functionality and reliability of your company vehicle while minimizing anything that can cause you incovenience, delay, or unnecessary hassle.

So when it’s time to pick out your 72 inch truck tool box, you have to be loyal to the most practical, most durable, and most accessible system for your needs. Having tool boxes with the ability to organize and transport everything from the smallest parts, to large tools, and that can also hold up under your heavy equipment and cargo, is often a do or die proposition for all contractors. This is because of so many different factors, like the space constraints so often imposed by working conditions, or by rugged environmental factors, or simply the logistics of the task at hand, whether you’re a roofer, an electrician, a water treatment specialist, or a jack of all trades. When you have a job, no matter if it’s in a rural area or an urban one, it’s not always practical to arrive on the site without having all of your equipment neatly put away and ready for any situation or surprise that might spring up at you.

Putting On The Miles Means You Need Your Stuff With You

 Photo of the back of a pickup truck driving up a long country road

If successfully transporting crews, equipment and materials to a work site is the lion’s share of the job for a work vehicle, then no doubt you’ve probably been putting on some miles on your truck. In fact, in some rural areas, your truck might even serve an area roughly 250 miles in diameter, regularly taking jobs from town to town toward opposites sides of the state border. Some contractors even rely on their trucks to travel up to 500 miles one way. You can bet that they have little cause to utter the words “walking distance.” The result, when all’s said and done, is that your company truck could travel an average of up to 100,000 miles a year. What all of this means is, you might practically be living out of that pickup truck or van all week. It means you need your stuff at your fingertips, at all times. The best 72 inch truck tool box will do that for you.

Back In The Day, Custom Truck Tool Boxes Were DIY


So in the old days, when your granddad used his pickup truck, it used go something like this: for maximum efficiency, you’d have to go out and purchase your own lumber and aluminum, and also get a bunch of heavy duty industrial materials to craft your personal, custom-built DIY 72 inch tool box combo, or you’d go through all that to beef up your cargo capacities so you could haul more of your roof shingles, TPO rolls, a full lift of insulation padding, or your other critical equipment.

Or maybe your uncle or your dad used to buy a generic toolbox retail or a Home Depot 72 inch tool box, then he’d  tinker with the locking mechanisms designed to secure them to the truck bed, and if he was really crafty, he’d build brackets that would bolt on to the truck bed to hold the boxes in place during transport.

But now, instead of all that extra effort, you’ve got a pretty wide array of top-notch and mid-level tool box manufacturers that offer plenty of a la carte options to choose from –– so you can customize your system to your exact needs and get the best 72 inch tool box for the money. One of those top brands, DECKED, is even located right here, in the great U.S.of A, and manufactures 100% of products from the original plant found smack in the heart of this country. With its main plant headquartered in Defiance, Ohio, DECKED makes products you can seriously count on, and provides you with a lifetime warranty on the 72 inch Tool Box and every product that comes out of its tried and true factory.

Photo of the DECKED Headquarters in Defiance, Ohio



Not Your Granddad’s Toolbox


But you live and work in this century, and the good news is that you don’t need to mess around with any of that insanity. Each DECKED Drawer System is custom made to go with your truck like a form-fitting tool boot. CAD engineering data is used to match this 72 inch tool box with the sidewall topography of your truck bed for a perfect fit. That way you won't have any wasted space and the DECKED system is a stable, wall-to-wall platform.


The system fits most full-size and mid-size trucks, and now, it even comes in a real beaut that fits your 8-foot long bed. It includes installation instructions that should be a piece of cake for you and usually don’t take more than a few hours to complete, especially if you’ve got your buddies there, hanging out and lending a hand. You won’t need much help, but we know things come up, so if you do run into any issues at all, our free tech support is always available and ready to help. Plus, you should know that if you change vehicles, you can easily move this system over to your new truck or cargo van.

The engineering of this 72 inch tool box and system hasn’t been surpassed by any other brand and it’s made to withstand any harsh environments and tough stuff that any tradesman or truck enthusiast will put through every day. The drawers themselves open by grabbing a strong handle which releases the drawer, giving it a way to roll out smoothly. It’s so smooth, it takes no maneuvering, and once you’ve got it open, you’ll be surprised by the organization you’ll have. In fact, you can divide and separate the drawers in any configuration you want to maximize the heck out of your system. Install a few, or all of the accessories to leverage the convenience and get the most efficiency out of your work day.

The truth is, in this business roughly half of all new aluminum tool boxes show up dented. You won’t ever pay for dents with DECKED. Your 72 inch tool box will keep looking brand new, season after season.

Photo of a DECKED Tool Box

Here’s what you should always expect from every DECKED Box:


  • Engineer all boxes to hold their structure –– no matter what
  • The DECKED Truck Tool Box is constructed with high-impact, injection molded polymer ASA and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resins
  • This means you get bulletproof protection against any kind of punctures
  • Built with anti-corrosion, galvanized steel hardware, and aluminum for long-lasting durability
  • Impact-resistant means it won’t ding, dent, OR rust, in any geography or weather conditions
  • The gas struts are made with a torsion system powered by spring steel, and torsion bars last forever
  • A 30 lb lid that stays open


Fits Like A Glove In Almost Any Full Size Truck Since The 90’s


Photo of a man posing and smiling next to his pickup truck


If you’ve ever ordered a new tool box, only to realize it’s just a tad too long for your truck bed, or too tall for your tonneau cover, and you’re a bit wary, then worry no more. DECKED has thought of everything to make sure you get the most out of your 72 inch tool box, and there’s even a box that’s versatile and compatible with the 8-foot Drawer Systems. In fact, the DECKED System fits just about any full size truck and cargo van since the late 90’s.

Find all the details you need about construction, weight, and dimensions of your 72 inch tool box and DECKED System here.


So Tough, It’ll Make A Crowbar Cry


Another factor to consider, no matter what environment your job sites are located, is security. When you are on a ladder, 12 stories up, or you’re deep in it with loud machinery all around you, and you’re wearing your protective ear and eye gear, you need to be absolutely sure that your property sitting out in your vehicle is safe at all times. And, while you should always outfit your truck bed with premium tool storage equipment, there are still ways to reduce costs. With DECKED, you can order all the products from a dealer, while also making sure the your 72 inch tool box and accessories are simple and relatively fast to install by yourself, saving you from having to shell out additional hard-earned dollars on labor charges.

In fact, it’s because all tool boxes should provide you with foolproof protection against theft, that DECKED has engineered its 72 inch tool box and its entire system so that it’s pretty darned close to a high-security bank vault.  The Decked Truck Tool Box is constructed with high-impact, injection molded polymer ASA and HDPE resins that shield it like Fort Knox against dings and punctures, along with anti-corrosion steel hardware and aluminum for long-lasting durability. It also features seamless, waterproof engineering and a robust locking system to safeguard your most valuable tools and gear not only against theft, but also against corrosion and the most rugged environments.


Here are just a few safety and security features to put your mind at ease so you can put 100% of your focus on your job while your 72 inch tool box that’s safely sitting in your vehicle that’s parked at the site. With the DECKED Truck Tool Box:

  • Not even a thief’s pry bar can break or damage it
  • The Tool Box tub is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security
  • A robust, steel armored locking mechanism combined with a driver side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible
  • A tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points
  • The lid must be open for the Tool Box to be removed from the bed of the truck
  • Comes with 2 keys

Photo of the DECKED Tool Box and System closed up in a truck bed


You’re Looking At 2,000 Pounds Of Payload Capacity


Bring your ATV, your equipment, your TPO Rolls, your roof shingles, or your full lift of insulation padding. This system will hold it, up to 2,000 lbs. The DECKED SYSTEM has a 2,000-pound deck load capacity and a 200-pound storage capacity in each drawer. Altogether, the system is 12-inches tall, and it’s made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene that all rests nicely on a sub-frame made up of 40 pounds of steel. So load it up, and abuse the heck out of your truck, like the Good Lord intended!

Photo of a tractor with a fork attachment lifting a heavy pallet of material on top of the DECKED System


No-Hassle Access

If you want the best 72 inch tool box around, make sure you can reach it without having to climb or contort yourself.

DECKED features an integrated ladder that nests under the lid, the Tool Box lets you easily access over half of your storage from either side of your work truck, so you never have to jump in and out of your truck bed to access items by the cab. The Ladder takes up hardly any space within the Tool Box and is engineered with a telescoping design so it can easily be folded in and out of the truck, even while wearing protective gloves.

It comes standard with a Decked D-Box, a smaller modular tool and gear organization system that rests on an integrated hanging system within the unit. The ladder is totally optional and you can also order it separately whenever you need it. It drops to the ground without a hitch and is a piece of cake to climb.

Some highlights of the Ladder are:

  • Optional adjustable nesting step ladder slides right out of the box
  • Ladder doesn’t obstruct anything within the toolbox
  • Drops to the ground, even on a lifted truck
  • Made from 6000 series aluminum
  • Ladder can be purchased separately
  • Easy to climb into your 72 inch tool box, even while wearing work gloves


You can read more information here on using the integrated ladder.


Photo of a contractor at a construction site climbs his DECKED ladder to access his truck bed tool box


Ready For Your DECKED Tool Box & System?

Your truck ain’t for laughs. It hauls important stuff –– heavy stuff –– for your clients, your subs and your loving wife, plus tons of smaller parts and tools. So it’s time to bring your truck bed, your 72 inch tool box and your whole organization into this century.

Order your DECKED toolbox today! It comes pre-assembled, with free shipping. Invite your buddies over to come over and look at the install instructions. Because we love to roll around in the finer details, we even thought of these financing options to make your life simpler.

And if you’re ready to start your DECKED Drawer System build today, you’ll never have to run out for a Home Depot or Costco 72 inch tool box to customize your DIY box and drawer system, again. Not while DECKED’s around, and you can bet that we’ll still be here, engineering our finely-crafted boxes that fit like a glove in any mid-sized or large truck bed, for a good, long while.


Photo of boxes of product inside the DECKED factory with an American flag