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Brandon Parscale: F8 Trailers

Brandon Parscale, founder of F8 Trailers, knows a thing or two about living a 2-tailgate lifestyle. Inspired by farmers in Oklahoma using their broke-down trucks as trailers, Brandon developed a universal chassis that turns full-size truck beds into bad a$$ tow-behind trailers. Unlike any other trailer on the market, F8 Trailers come pre-equipped with a DECKED system and Leitner Designs bed rack – making it the perfect trailer for Overlanding, construction, or really anything except hauling 100 head of Angus steers.

F8 Trailers’ motto is “Go. Do. Be Limitless” and we couldn’t be more on-board.

Brandon Parscale F8 Trailers
“I wanted to have a trailer system that could keep my camping and hunting gear ready without it being in my drive rig.”

Sound familiar? Ever find yourself day-dreaming for more organized truck space, even if you already have an 8′ King Cab bad-to-the-bone rig? Brandon one-upped our “1 drawer for work, 1 drawer for play” philosophy by creating a “1 DECKED system for work, 1 DECKED system for play” trailer apparatus. Now, instead of just driving around with just one DECKED system in your truck, you can pull behind a trailer with ANOTHER DECKED SYSTEM!!! Kudos Brandon, now we can all experience 4-Drawer-Galore. 🙌

> F8 Trailer DECKED drawer system
“Back it up. Hook it up. Roll out.”

Amen, brother. Turkey-chasing, dirt-road-ripping days and star-gazing, whiskey-sipping nights are right around the bend. What better way to prepare for your hunting and Overlanding trips than getting your truck bed(s) and drawers prepared for anything and everything that the world throws at you. And in the 2020s we’ve already seen grocery stores with no toilet paper and murder hornets, so who really knows what’s next…

> F8 Trailer DECKED Drawer System
“There’s nothing more fun than putting together truck bed accessories to suit the way you want your truck to look and function.”

Brandon took the words right out of our mouth. We’re big truck nerds that don’t just settle for accessories that just look shiny (ok, maybe a few). What we really want are accessories that enhance our work and lifestyle. That’s why we created DECKED, and that’s why we stand behind clever folks like Brandon Parscale inventing clever products like F8 Trailers.

> F8 Trailers DECKED Drawer System
“I love the thought of seeing F8 Trailers going down the road knowing that they’re helping out other people and companies.”

Be sure to follow the F8 Trailers Instagram to see Brandon’s latest trailer builds, ask him questions about the process, and get on the list for one of his versatile DECKED out trailers!

> F8 Trailers DECKED
> DECKED F8 Trailers Brandon Parscale

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