Build of The Month: Necessity Is The Mother Of Intervention

Toyota Truck Customized Bed Storage


In our quest to make the best truck storage solutions on the market, we've seen many folks completely addicted to modifying their vehicles to better suit their needs. Few of these truck mod addicts hold a candle to DECKED's very own Jordan Lanning.

As one of the engineers responsible for developing DECKED's products, Jordan doesn't have an "off switch" when it comes to truck bed storage ideas. He is hopelessly addicted to modifying his rig for more efficient storage, maximizing his daily driver's utility from work to weekend. 

He spent five years in the Army as a member of the famed 10th Mountain Division specializing in mountain warfare and survival techniques. His experience transfers over to his Tacoma and we're pretty sure he could survive an apocalypse with just the contents of his truck at his disposal.

Jordan's obsession with fabricating the perfect rig has affected all of us: extreme jealousy of his build, feelings of inadequacy in our own rigs, and a constant fear of what he'll do next to up the ante. From transporting material prototypes at work to chasing big game in the backcountry and camping with his family, Jordan's Tacoma has rightfully earned him the recognition as DECKED's Build of The Month. 

Toyota Truck Storage System
Jordan drives a 1996 Toyota Tacoma. Instead of settling for the DECKED mid-sized Drawer System, he cannibalized one from a Ford Service Body truck for the full sized drawers. He fabricated a fully custom roof rack, sliding cargo shelf, extra tie down points from spare parts, and extra storage space in virtually every available inch leftover in his truck bed. 
Toyota Truck Storage System
Jordan designed, welded, and installed his roof rack himself. It's made from 80/20 Extrusion Aluminum to save weight while maintaining durability and structural strength. Trips into the backcountry can bust a tire at the worst possible time, so he left a cutout section for a spare 33x10.5" General Grabber Tire. A permanent Pelican case lives on top and provides a safe home for his rifle and bow, keeping them free from weather, dust, and sight-loosening vibrations in the bed.
Toyota Truck Bed Storage
On the underside of the rack, Jordan stores Ironman Recovery Tracks in case he gets stuck in a tough spot. He built another level of storage options in the form of a custom slide-out tray, complete with a DECKED Tool Box handle poached from the engineering room for good measure. He stores his tent, camp cooking supplies, a small chainsaw, and sleeping pads in the black box fixed to the tray. A 5 gallon gas tank ensures enough fuel to get himself out of a sticky situation.
Toyota Truck Bed Organization
 Since Jordan's DECKED Drawer System was designed for a Service Body, extra space enables him to store more equipment around the perimeter of the system. He installed extra DECKED Jimmies around the edges of his Drawers and welded a chain between them to allow more anchor points for ratchet or river straps throughout the length of the bed.
Toyota Truck Bed Organizer
Jordan fitted a diamond plate cover over the gap remaining between the edge of the Drawer System and the cab of his truck, complete with a fold-back hinge and clamps to keep it open when needed. Here lives his recovery equipment, an axe, ratchet straps, and chains to keep Murphy's Law at bay. 
Custom Toyota Truck
Finally, a toggle switch drilled and installed directly into the plate at the end of the tailgate ensures cargo visibility at night. He wired it from the battery along the frame rail to the end of the drawers and routed it directly through the existing channels under the Drawer System to keep it out of the elements. Lights installed throughout the roof rack illuminate the entire bed and eliminate the need for a headlamp when working out of the truck.
Toyota Truck Bed Organizer

We hope seeing Jordan's tricked out Tacoma will help truck modification addicts bring their game to the next level. This intervention should serve as inspiration towards what a rig could be with the right engineering knowledge and elbow grease. 

*The DECKED Drawer System featured in this build was  not  installed in the designated vehicle and has been heavily modified. Any modified DECKED product is no longer eligible for repairs/replacement under warranty.

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