February Build Of The Month: Cardiff Snowcraft

February Build Of The Month: Cardiff Snowcraft


The Cardiff Snowcraft Van is fueled by stoke.

Utah-based Cardiff Snowcraft makes snowboarding equipment for the most demanding terrain imaginable. Their company rig is a 2020 Ford Transit XLT van, customized to carry boards, tuning equipment, demo gear and a stoked-out crew on backcountry trips, product demonstrations, and MTB rides.

We caught up with Cardiff heavyweight Brett Stahl to hear how they use it and where to find them next.

 > The Cardiff Snowcraft Van onsite at a local retailer

The Cardiff Snowcraft Van can be seen around Utah, from the backcountry to the resorts. Primary uses:

  • Demos
  • Classes
  • Visiting & training shops and dealers
  • Cardiff Crew team rides - on boards in the winter, on bikes in the summer

"We believe everyone should feel the freedom of a mountain experience, the van's main use is to go from demo to demo, getting people to feel the Cardiff Snowcraft difference. We spend our weekends up the local canyons - Brighton Resort, Snowbird, Powder Mountain, and Woodward, Park City - getting new to experienced riders on a Cardiff."

A Cardiff Snowcraft demo at a Utah ski resort

"Cardiff Snowcraft introduced Backcountry Essentials Classes this year and have been able to get boards tuned for riders out of the back of the van prior to getting new splitboarders on the mountain safely, efficiently, and with the right gear."

Parking lot tunes made easy thanks to DECKED.

"The Cardiff Crew also uses the van for team rides - in the winter that is on Snowcrafts and in the summer it’s on mountain bikes. Before heading into the office, pros like Bjorn Leines and Neil Provo round up the crew to take a few laps in the backcountry. The van isn’t just about efficiency, it's also about one space to come together and have some fun."

The Van in summer mode.

"We use the DECKED Drawer System to contain all of our tools and booth kits for demos. We keep a little bit of everything: screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, and tape measures for people's stances. In the other box is our snowboard tuning kit. In that we have brushes, files, wax, Brillo pads, gummy stones, diamond stones, and an iron to take care of any board issues that occur on slope. We also have 3 drills, one equipped with a buff attachment, to do full-on slopeside waxes. In those drawers we have feather flags, banners, snowboard straps for the tents, lock box for credit cards, and sand bags. Pretty much everything we need from snowboard to splitboard demo events. On top our boards, tents, and other equipment stow perfectly in one organized system."

DECKED provides great organization.
"Everything needs to be efficient, turn-key, to help keep the boards pristine and ready for their next ride. It’s all hands on deck for those events, we can’t be constantly stopping to ask where the screw driver is, or a spare set of screws. Having a designated home with easy access is a game changer."


2020 Ford Transit High Roof XL, Work done by Utah Local Team, The Diesel Brothers

- Automatic airbag system on rear axle
- Roof rack
- Metal front bumper
- Custom front, side, and rear LED light bars
- Custom wheels and Toyo All-Terrain tires.
- Custom vinyl wrap, applied by Vinyl Wurx
- Designed by Founder and Board Designer, Sam Bawden - echoes the linework found in our boards


If you're getting rad in the Wasatch Range, keep your eyes peeled for the Cardiff Snowcraft Van and get ready for some high fives.

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