Build Of The Month, April: Chivas Gets Lost

Build Of The Month, April: Chivas Gets Lost

There are plenty of Ram trucks out there, but Chivas Sotelo (that's @chivas_gets_lost on Instagram) has one of our favorites. Chivas is always on the road, whether he's rubbing elbows with us at overlanding events or finding a remote campsite in the mountains and deserts of the American West. Soak up the details on Chivas' truck "Pee-Wee" and thank your lucky stars you aren't filling up his tank today.

Chivas' Power Wagon poses up to its axles in water

Does your rig have a nickname?

Pee-Wee… get it… hahaha

Pee Wee squeezes through a tight gap

What's the purpose of your build?

Being able to go to remote places and not worry about getting stuck. I built it for our camping trips and everything outdoor-related. From weeklong adventures in Moab to single day fishing trips close to town.


Pee-Wee's front bumper

This Ram Power Wagon makes an excellent mobile base camp

Any custom mods or details you're proud of?

Not so much custom stuff. Everything I modified gets used. I try not to clutter my truck and still keep it a clean look. I work on everything myself so it’s always fun to add something new.

Chivas living up to his Instagram handle and getting lost

Closeup of Black Rhino wheels

Other aftermarket additions you can't live without?

That is a very tough question. Mostly everything I have and bring with me is a necessity. You never know what you encounter out in the wild and should always be prepared. If I had to pick, I would say a winch. It might be the least-used part but when an emergency occurs, it can mean the difference between life or death. That would be the most important part that will save your life or others.

It's hard to beat gathering a few friends around a campfire

How do you keep all your gear organized in the rig?

With DECKED of course! Without a nice storage system, there’s no way I would be able to keep my recovery gear and camping gear nicely organized.

> A DECKED Drawer System helps keep a camp organized

The age-old question: What's in your drawers?

My right drawer holds recovery gear, survival gear, and tool sets. My left drawer is empty until I go on camping trips. I use that side to store small items and expensive items so they're hidden and locked away.

DECKED Drawer Systems provide organized storage without restricting bed use

How has DECKED changed or improved the way you use your rig?

The DECKED system is one of the most important mod in my truck. Not only is the product amazing, the guys that work for the company is even better! Also it’s American made!

Easy access to cooking gear thanks to a DECKED Drawer System

If you won the lottery, what would you add next? Or scrap it and buy a ______.

Depends on how much the lottery is I guess haha. I would probably pay off my Ram and take a long road trip. If it was a large amount of money, I would buy a Earth Roamer and travel in it.

 > 3/4 view of the front bumper

Detail of the front bumper and lighting accessories

Side view of front suspension

Detail shot of Hardkorr 9" LED lighting

Full Build List

2021 Ram Power Wagon, 75th Anniversary Edition, Anvil Grey

Expedition One front bumper
Hardkorr 9” dual round LED lights
Hardkorr LED fog lights
Factor55 winch flatlink
Carli front diff skid
Trigger 6 Shooter 12v power distributor
ARB dual air compressor
NH Overland compressor mount
F ox 2.0 IFP shocks for Thuren coils
White Knuckle rock sliders
AVS window Ventvisors
Wilco aluminum bed rack
AreaBFE rooftop tent
AreaBFE awning
Rotopax fuel and water containers
Vic Offroad traction mats
DECKED Drawer System bed storage
ALOffroad Trailgate panel
MyMedic first aid kit
Black Rhino Arsenal wheels
Gladiator Xcomp tires

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